Our Semi Annual Reminder Why Mike Glyer of File 770 Is A Total Scumbag

Oh look, it must be time for our semiannual reminder that Mike Glyer needs to keep my name out of his whore mouth.

Some of you might not know who Mike Glyer is, and if that’s the case you are the real winners.

To be fair though, it is pretty easy to go through life having never heard of this wretched slug of a man, since he’s never actually created anything of worth in his entire miserable existence, but he does run a shitty gossip column website called File 770 which is supposedly about sci-fi/fantasy publishing, where he tears down people who actually create things. His target audience is basement dwelling losers, social justice warriors, and bitter failed/wannabe fiction writers. That’s the nominal humans at least. In reality 97% of his much bragged upon internet traffic came from Chinese bot farms, and this motherfucker was actually dumb enough to post the screenshots proving his own traffic was fake while attempting to brag about it.

So yeah, we’re talking epic stupid here.

Several years ago this gigantic anal polyp fixated on me, because I refused to bend the knee to traditional left-wing establishment publishing (as all “proper” authors were supposed to do) and I had the audacity to demonstrate that their awards were politically biased bullshit. Hilarity ensued.

Anyways, that was a long time ago and everybody else involved has since moved on with their life. But sadly, Mike Glyer has no life. He has a soggy waifu pillow covered in bacterial cultures and a terribly shitty website. Whenever he gets desperate for attention, he’ll cut and paste something out of context from my blog, make up some passive aggressive reality-challenged bullshit, and then whine like a little bitch when I inevitably respond.

Remember when you were a kid, and there was that one dumb ass bully who would pick on people, until somebody socked him in the mouth, and then he’d run to the teachers whining about how he’s the real victim? Yeah… Sadly, Glyer never grew out of it. Mentally, I mean. Physically the dude looks like a rotting sperm whale carcass washed up on a beach.

As a public service, I’m the guy who sticks dynamite in the whale (That’s such a classic video).

Don’t be fooled by his tears of gravy. Glyer is no victim. The real victims are the hard-working writers he lies about for rage clicks (I’m basically immune to internet lynch mobs, but less established authors are not).  The thing is, if he doesn’t want me to beat him like the world’s fattest pinata, all he has to do is keep my name out of his whore mouth. It’s simple really.

So I’ll make fun of him. My fans have a good time. And then after a few days of weeping gravy from his blubberous eye creases, China Mike will realize thousands of people are laughing at him, and then he’ll skulk away… Usually for about six months, because that’s about how long Glyer’s early onset dementia takes for him to forget about his last public ass kicking.

Which brings us to today, when I saw this screen cap posted to the Monster Hunter International: Hunters Unite fan page on facebook.



I posted: what a skeezy, two-faced, snide little bitch of a man Glyer is though. He takes something that was obviously a funny compliment and cancerously twists it into me insulting Brad (and he conveniently cuts out the line right before it where I praise Brad’s talent and say why I think he was a great choice)

And if I respond to this whore slug colostomy bag of a shit heel scum leech in public, he’ll feign innocence, claim he said nothing insulting, and whine about being the victim.

It’s basically typical Glyer sophistry, selectively quoting my last blog post. Note how he cuts off the first part of the paragraph, where I said: This year my friend Brad Torgersen was the writer guest of honor, which was pretty fun to watch. He’s earned it. He’s extremely talented, has supported LTUE for a decade, and he just won a Dragon Award. 

So I very clearly articulated why I though Brad was a fitting Guest of Honor for this convention.

And then see how this bipedal form of herpes sticks in his little passive aggressive bit at the end, so that what was clearly meant as a compliment to Brad actually means that I was trying to belittle my friend.

Only this dumbfuck can’t even get his snide jabs right. We weren’t dogs. We were the people campaigning to end Puppy Related Sadness. The name just stuck. But Glyer’s just fractally inept. Like you drill down on one of his fuck ups, and you find that it is made up of millions of tiny fuck ups. I wasn’t zinging Brad. I was genuinely happy for him.

Seriously though, anybody who can get a bunch of fifty year old high school mean girls to disinvite themselves from an event, so the rest of the attendees don’t have to listen to them screech and reeeee and suck all the light, joy, and happiness out of the universe, IS DOING THE LORD’S WORK.

So in case I wasn’t clear enough for the dimwitted dregs of File 666, I’ll slow it way down so they can keep up. BRAD DO GOOD. YAY. Now shut up and eat your paste, losers.

But anyways, as you can see, typical Glyer. He’s too much of a spineless chickenshit to ever actually come out and insult anyone (until you get him good and riled up, like you can see in some of the links below where I agitated him until he totally lost his shit). Instead he’ll do that fake civility nonsense, where it’s okay for the lefty to open with all sorts of insults and accusations as long as it’s worded in a sufficiently nebulous manner, and the instant anybody responds with honesty like a rational human being should, he’ll whine about “tone” and “civility”. You know, the usual.

He always calls me “vulgar” after these exchanges, but I take that as a compliment, because I’d rather be blunt and clear, rather than a mealy-mouthed, disingenuous, gossip mongering, back-stabbing, tax collecting, worm tongued, fucking parasite.

Oh, and he is the very definition of a parasite. He makes nothing. He’s just latched his slobbery bung hole onto the publishing business and coasted along… That worked so well for him for so long that writers even started making the mistake that his dumb ass opinion mattered, and that his sabotage could actually harm them. Turns out not really. Because like most parasites, all he does is suck.

I’m not exaggerating how badly this guy fails at everything.  If Glyer decided to go all Bernie Bro and drive through a Republican voter registration tent, he’d get his mobility scooter high centered.

So when I saw this screen shot posted to my fan page, I faced a dilemma. I am bound by honor and the Code of The Manatee to respond… However, Glyer’s lame and I’ve got books to write. So I asked my daughter if she thought I should write this blog post. She said “No, dad, beating up Mike Glyer is animal abuse.” Which is a valid point, only I don’t know if technically a sea cucumber counts as an “animal”. So then I asked The Lovely Mrs. Correia, and she said, “You already wasted all your productive time today arguing with communists, you might as well have fun.”

Truly, she is a wise woman.

Then I tagged Brad, and wrote this:
“Hey Brad Torgersen is it worth me reminding him in public that he is supposed to keep my name out of his whore mouth? Or will that just cause annoyance for you?”

Brad responded:
Fire for effect, Lar. Fire for effect. Personally? I find it absolutely hilarious that Glyer needs to keep poking at Sad Puppies ALL THESE YEARS LATER for the sake of relevance.
Like, damn, he needs a new hobby!

Meanwhile, I have my Niven Dragon, which is worth more than all of Glyer’s shiny marital devices combined

Well there have it, and now this blog post exists.

I’ve had the occasional nice, merciful person think I’m too hard on Glyer… until they read up on his past history, and then they too want to put up a Glyer proof fence around their house. If you would like more examples of Glyer’s shifty, malicious fucking over of various authors, check out the following links. (plus, I put some pretty good insults in some of these!):






And the thing is, that’s not even a fraction of his transgressions. This piece of flaming dogshit lives to fuck over careers. If dueling were still legal someone would have spilled his gravy a long time ago.

From my multitude of encounters with this semi-mobile Lilypad, I know that tomorrow he will either post another sanctimonious whinefest about how mean and vulgar I am, or he’ll slink back to this fungus cave to shove hamsters up his ass or whatever it is he does for the next six months until he gets up the gumption to post more dumb shit about me. Here’s hoping for the six month break.

Man, this business really needs like a groundhog or something, so if the groundhog sees his shadow, we won’t appear on Glyer’s bumblefuck website for a season. But if the groundhog doesn’t see its shadow, China Mike will be making up weird shit about us again tomorrow. That would be super handy, because then I could schedule my blog posts in advance. Because unlike Mike Glyer, I have a job.

EDIT: as an added bonus, here is an example of just how incredibly ignorant, yet bafflingly smug Glyer’s target audience is:

This particular brainiac is all like DERP DERP I hAvEn’T HeArD Of iT! DEEEEEEEERP.

Yeah… Well dumb ass, that says a whole lot more about how ignorant you are, than the quality of the event, because some of the most successful writers in the country, both left and right, have been attending for decades, and praising it as one of the best writing conventions in the country.

I saw Brandon Sanderson, who sells Stephen King levels of books, on Saturday. Great guy. Too bad he didn’t know he was wasting his time at something that wasn’t a *real* writing conference.  Also got to hang out with L.E. Modesitt, who is an amazing man.

Ironically enough, SFWA president, and icon of tolerance, Mary Robinette Kowal was LTUE toast master, attended for many years, and praised the event, up until she recently all of a sudden discovered that it was a bastion of hateful hatemongery and started to trash it. And several other regular attendees decided to boycott too.

Literally nobody missed them. 😀

But then again, there were a ton of other people there. Which isn’t too shabby for an event Random Anonymous Internet Asshole #9876428 has never heard of before!

And you might be wondering why I have this screen cap? Well that’s because my fans learned the hard way a while back to always screen cap the dumb, mockable File 770 comments, because when somebody says something really embarrassing or awful, Glyer will hurry and delete those, and then gas light the people who saw them by claiming those posts never existed. He’s classy like that.

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I went on the PEG Show

99 thoughts on “Our Semi Annual Reminder Why Mike Glyer of File 770 Is A Total Scumbag”

  1. I used to think you were being too harsh against Glyer. And then I saw him pull his gaslighting “we never said that” bullshit with my own eyes, back during the “not a real gamer” debacle, and now I understand.

    1. Thanks Larry for taking your precious time and using your notable literary skills to kick the living shit out of idiots like this. Your sacrifice allows me to live my life Facebook free for this I’m truly grateful and so ???? s my wife.

  2. Well said.
    When I hear you describe Glyer, I get the same expression on my face as when I once watched that video of a guy running through a petting zoo, taking off his shoe, then licking the bottom of it.
    Why Mike? Why!!!

  3. Glyer’s like that two faced little lying snake you knew in junior high school, the one that pretends to be your friend so they can find the really embarrassing things to pass on. Then joins the ‘cool kids’ in laughing at you.
    And then has the sheer gall afterwards to pretend to be your friend again.

      1. Most likely, it won’t affect those bots in any way, as some other factor will probably keep said bot army going, so I wouldn’t be banking on that.

  4. That is what I call quality entertainment. Larry have you ever thought of creating a madlibs style form letter response for this sort of thing?

  5. Why does he keep doing this to himself? I honestly don’t understand how this level of masochism on Glyer’s part can possibly be good for his health.

    I mean this seriously. I don’t understand how a person holds on to this level of vitriol without dying of an ulcer. You wouldn’t bother with him if he just shut up left you alone. I may be as exasperated by that part of his stupidity as his continued lying and gaslighting.

  6. I am an acknowledged word nerd. But I always get new stuff when Larry goes of on the rectal prolapse du jour.

    The phrase for today is “Fractally inept.” Can you say that children? Sure you can.

    Welcome to Mr. Correia’s Neighborhood.

  7. I remember jumping into File 770 (years ago) assuming it was a big ol’ get together o’ fandom and fellow nerds to geek out with abandon.

    My nose is STILL crooked after slamming into that brick wall reality put in my way.

    1. Chris,

      Pravda 770 represents the leftover residue of the Futurians, from 80 years ago. People who were explicitly left-wing politically, and wanted to use both Worldcon and the genre as a whole to proselytize the (they thought) coming scientific soviet world state. Look up the so-called Exclusion Act, when Sam Moskowitz tried to keep the Futurians from usurping Worldcon for their purposes. Many of the Futurians went on to become influential authors or editors. Everything we have seen in the Sad Puppies era is just another playing out of the classic old political rancor.

      There is another side to old fandom. A sane side. What might be deemed FIJAGDH in the vernacular. People who love the field without becoming assholes about it. They are not represented by Pravda 770. Mike Resnick is a far better example. Dare I say, a champion of all that was good and worthy in the old fandom?

      Pravda 770 is now just a sad realm of unhappy left-wing carpers who think they have any sway at all in the industry and in fandom anymore. When in fact much of the industry — and the fandom — got up and walked out on the Pravda 770 folk a long time ago.

      “We kicked the barbarians out!” they might claim.

      No, you fools, you just walled yourselves in. To the Science Fiction Ghetto.

      1. This is exactly it. They’re a weird, faintly diseased type of hanger-on that wants to have the greatness kind of rub off on them by proximity.

        I’m thinking of that Steve Vertileb guy who’s whole shtick is standing next to famous and/or accomplished people and having his picture taken.

        I’m a fan of science fiction. I like reading it (or I did until recently anyway), I like thinking about it, these days I like writing it.

        But I am not a Science Fiction Fan, in the mold (dare I say mould) of Vertileb or China Mike. Because ew.

        1. Of course, they aren’t fans, but Organization Men. The SF part is just happenstance, a small group that just happened to be available for takeover.
          The important thing is the Organization. Maintain the power structure, moving up in it, keeping any outsiders down, enforcing a culture of Groupthink- that’s the important thing .

        2. Steve Vertileb…the guy who writes essays about older films and helped make documentaries about some famous genre films? Or am confusing him with somebody else?

          1. He’s some Elder SMOF frequently seen in selfies with various writers and actors at WorldCon and other cons. He’s all over the China Mike Hive of Scum and Villany.

            I am perhaps being a bit unfair painting Vertileb with the same brush as Mr. Prolapse, in truth I’ve never heard anything ugly/bad about him. He’s just a weird guy that runs around all the time getting his picture taken with celebs. Nothing super wrong with that, but not the kind of fandom I’m interested in.

    1. If he was a Bigfoot Hunter, I’d imagine the Big Dude looking down on him and grunting “You don’t come here for the Hunting…Do you Boy????”

  8. Considering what Brad did for me during LTUE–despite being a keynote speaker, guest of honor, and sitting in on several panels, he still went out of his way to help some random fan he barely knew from the Internet (which, while it may well be a slow Tuesday for him, meant a -lot- to my fiancee and I)–I kinda take this one personally.

  9. Love ya Larry, sorry to see you waste some of your productivity on this moron, rather then over there fighting communists lol

  10. At a guess, I suspect that he thought that if he didn’t mention you by name, Larry, that he was technically following the whole “keep my name out of your whore mouth” thing, trying to play rules lawyer about it like anyone with more than two neurons to rub together would miss the intended target.

    Which is kind of stupid, but… well, Glyer. 😛

  11. I actually recommended Larry’s site on Facebook outside of the Usual Circles today: if somebody comes ’round for High-Quality Snark, then THIS is the place to find the Comstock Lode of it!

  12. It cannot be emphasized enough — how spectacularly unprofessional it was of Mary Robinette Kowal to throw shade on LTUE. Not just as an author. Not just as a past guest and toastmaster. But also as the President of SFWA. You don’t go to Twitter and play Mean Girls like that. Even people who did not like Sad Puppies have been muttering that Mary fairly disgraced herself. And for what? Cool points with the other Mean Girls??

    What Mary and the Mean Girls don’t realize is the whole world can see this happening. LTUE is a very well regarded, very renown, very centrist event. With decades of history. It invites editors and authors from across the speculative spectrum. Both in terms of style and content, and also in terms of politics. LTUE does this deliberately. It’s not a petty Mean Girls game of, “I hate Person A, and Person B is friends with Person A, so I have to hate Person B too!” That is not what LTUE is about, and never has been. And this is also not how a SFWA President ought to conduct herself. And people notice this. Even people I am sure Mary assumes won’t care. They’re un-thrilled with this.

    But I am not surprised. As Larry has said before: Mary tried (and failed) to boss LTUE around the way she thought she could boss LTUE around, then she decided to throw major shade on LTUE. Which is a filthy white glove to the face of every single volunteer who has ever worked to make LTUE a hospitable home for all of us who’ve attended these past ten years. Mary especially.

    Bad manners. Bad politics. Bad professionalism.

    But hey, Mary doesn’t have to care. She got high-fives from the other mean girls. Several of whom have also been past guests at LTUE and who took the opportunity to parrot Mary and cast shade on LTUE. Again belittling the hospitality and effort which has been extended on their behalf by an all-volunteer organization with deep roots in the field.

    Sooner or later the Mean Girls will discover that simply being “woke” is not a license to endlessly ill. Your politics do not make you a good person. Your actions do. And character counts. Far, far more than either Mary or the Mean Girls realize.

    1. Mary Three Names has the charisma of wet socks and the leadership ability of a stump. There’s no point to SFWA anymore.

    2. I did a little investigating, and it appears MRK wants to create the shitshow in SFF that is currently going on in Romance, instigated by Courtney Milan.

      1. Well if anybody can finally manage to put SFWA in the grave once and for all, it’s Mary.
        I actually feel bad for Cat Rambo. I feel that she did honestly try her best.

    3. The thing you have to remember is that the clique that took over SFWA is just a tendril of the Self Selected Elite that convinced themselves that they should be running everything; the Progressive Left. And Self Selected Elites don’t take well to being to being ignored or told to bugger off. The Plantation Aristocracy plunged the country into the Civil War when it looked like they couldn’t control things anymore. The European Aristocracy had all kinds of hairy cat fits over the rise of the Industrialists, and are one off the MAJOR forces behind the ‘everyone lived in a rural paradise until the Bad Factory Owners came along’ drivel we still get handed today. And the Progressives are no better. Trump gets elected and starts to fight back instead of waving his legs in the air like a Good Republican and they completely lose it. Their marching in the streets like the SA, totally getting their Fascist Freak on, and expect us to sympathize with them.

      Well despise and sympathize rhyme, and that’s as close as it’s gonna get.

      Larry and the Puppies broke from Teh Narrative, and that’s an Unforgivable Sin. SF fandom seems to be breaking from Teh Narrative, at least in spots, and the Progressive ninnies are beside themselves. See, following Teh Narrative is all they KNOW. They’re scared to death of trying to move forward on their actual merits because they fear (with some reason) that they don’t actually HAVE any.

  13. Any day I visit the Monster Hunter Nation and get to read a Mike Glyer post is a good day for me – guaranteed belly laughs. Go get em, Larry!!

  14. Too vulgar ? Since English is not my native tongue I learn a lot, being entertained at the same time. Just love it.
    And: You are selling books (that we love) and make money with it. Guess he’s jealous, since you are such a politically incorrect person and get away with it. Which is the reason your books sell and I love’em.

  15. Sea cucumbers do indeed count as animals. They’re somewhat related to the starfish and sea urchins. However I should point out they they are considerably more desirable than ChinaMike, being merely toxic if you eat their gut, and otherwise harmless. As detritivores they clean up a lot of shit, not something you can say about ChinaMike.

    My own guess at species would be Trichinella spiralis based on behavior and the effect the parasite has.

      1. I presume you mean that as ‘parasite of humans’. As much issue I might have with the species from time to time, his being human is not something I would care to propose.

          1. We all know looks can be deceiving. After all, with horns, hooves, and tail, I have this somewhat demonic look… but… well I at least try to be Not Evil. Sometimes, I even succeed a little.

  16. As soon as I saw the title i couldn’t help but react with “oh damnit, cant that pustule keep his mouth shut? Again??”

  17. This is a real masterpiece. I absolutely love every single line.

    I mean, “gigantic anal polyp”…superior, uber-advanced name-calling skills, right there. Kudos.

  18. Larry you are the Lord of Insults and Microphone Glycogen with his Filex 789 site deserve everything they get.
    I’ve watched the drama unfold for years and I know exactly what kind of scum sucking oxygen thief he is.
    Bravo Larry, Bravo !

  19. Why do I get the feeling your idea of dueling pistols is a matched pair of compensated Kimber Custom Shop Super Match IIs with Trijicon RMR optics?

      1. Indirectly. I’ve read and enjoyed a few stories, and will probably grab Orvan’s collection when I get to a point I’m ready to pick up another series.

        But I am really and truly a fan of any SF writer who can piss off the SJWs so regularly and so thoroughly.

  20. China Mike was turned down for the role of Baron Harkonnen in the upcoming Dune remake… because no one would believe the Baron was that excrably ugly.

  21. Love the Vile 770 smackdown… A few more of those and you’ll have enough for a book of them, bet THAT will sell!!! 🙂 And yes, LTUE was MUCH more peaceful this year without them, although they apparently had their little ‘writing class’ starting on Sunday at $750 to attend… One wonders how many they got?

    1. $750?!? Man, I am in the wrong business. Screw writing, I should TEACH writing. 😀
      The last time I got roped into teaching a creative writing class, I insisted on getting paid the absolute minimum the college would allow, so as to keep the tuition cost down for the people taking the class. Off the top of my head every single symposium or presentation I’ve ever taught on writing, I’ve either done it for free, or if it was mandatory they pay something, I donated that money back to the convention.

      1. Larry… it’s usually true that those who can’t do something, teach (or at least teach for a living). Authors who are able to make a good living out of writing do indeed sometimes get roped in to pass that on, pay it forward, as it were. But really, authors who make a reasonable living writing (and therefore by public (dollar) acclaim are fairly good at it, usually don’t need to charge a lot to teach the subject – or spend much time or derive much of their income from it.

        1. One of the reasons I was able to finally publish my first book is your MGC website, Dave. Another big reason is Larry’s website, this one. So go you guys.

          Tell you what, I’ve learned a lot more those two places than I ever would at a “symposium” put on by Mary Three Names and her mean girl club.

          On the other hand, all that I’ve seen coming out of the SFWA and related “author resource organizations” is reasons why certain people (like myself) aren’t allowed to play.

          By their deeds ye shall know them.

  22. Oh Larry, I do love to read your stuff. Novels or these gems, they brighten my day everytime. Thank you sir! You are one amazingly talented author. These gems are the frosting on the cake. It deeply gladdens my heart that someone will actually stand up to these wastes of oxygen. It is rewarding on a deeply spiritual level to watch these failed human rejects become so “shocked” that someone is actually calling them on their bullshit! I can only say thank you sir, thank you! Please keep up the wonderful work!

  23. While I was reading Larry’s take down of one of Cthulhu’s lesser and more mediocre minions, the song “Monsters” by Shinedown
    was playing in my head and it awesome. For me, it just worked.
    Actually, I think the song would be good on a MHI soundtrack.
    Anyway, Thank You Larry for everything you write. You’ve never failed to entertain me from your books to blog posting. Keep on doing what you do.

  24. “I find it absolutely hilarious that Glyer needs to keep poking at Sad Puppies ALL THESE YEARS LATER for the sake of relevance.”

    No kidding. The end of Sad Puppies was the worst thing that ever happened to Mike Glyer and his parasites.

      1. Not no-one. But yes, folks taking the Mickey out of the puppy-kickers and insisting on being addressed correctly were (and are) rare.

        The default was simply to yield the nomenclature to the vile-progs, because… It’s easier? Because we aren’t kawaii widdle puppies (Vox Day instinctively got it right with the Rabids, but then that cat took it off on his own idiosyncratic direction, like he does. )

        C’mon: The Campaign to End Puppy-Related Sadness had the Beautiful-but-Evil Space Princess, the International Lord of Hate, et al. for Pete’s sake. We DEFEND puppies from the grey-goo pod people!

        We’re the Campaigners.

        No credit to me, despite being Madame Word-nerd, for figuring it out too late to do anyone any good. As usual.

        But live and learn: Never, ever, ever let these goobers take your language or redefine your terms for you. This is a battle-ground you own.

        1. *grin* Remember, it doesn’t matter what we truly intend, because they absolutely HATED A.S.P.s

          It was, to them, EVIL AND MALIGNING, proof of our HATEY HATE.

          …Really, I coined it coz I got tired of typing ‘Anti-Sad Puppies’ over and over again.


          So yeah, don’t let them take your language. They’ll translate in their head anyway, and you’re the ‘bad guy’ forever.

          They forget what usually happens when you’re the ‘bad guy’ no matter what you do.

      1. Working in deniability is second nature for abusers. “I only asked a question,” or “I only linked some one else”, “I didn’t actually use your name,” or “I didn’t actually SAY that you were insulting Brad.” Or else “I just link people and claiming that I only do so when it puts them in the worst possible light and I absolutely ignore everything else while I currate some outrage for my fans doesn’t excuse your incivility.”

        And of course, he does it to the little guys. Authors just starting out. People without enough of a public presence to combat it.

        “But I linked you and gave you publicity and now you’re all uncivil.”

        Be real. We all know toxic people who somehow manage to never be at fault, ever. It’s part of the package.

  25. I wonder why you’re so reticent about your feelings, Larry. Or is that if you shared, your back lights up bright blue while you blast a stream of pure death-ray through the server?

    The Big Guy in kaiju would be pleased.

    Just thinking … could they be sued for false advertising, since File 770 settings means we can’t read, write, or access it?

  26. I would never have heard of this guy if you had not mentioned him. I spent about six minutes looking him up and reading whatever stuff he wrote just because you mentioned him. and promptly forgot about it. You write good books. engaging books. I would never have run into your books if some reviewer/fan website had not mentioned them somewhere else.

  27. First off, With all the china contact, shouldn’t Corona Mike be in quarantine?

    Second off, that poor waifu-pillow has a restraining order on him, and is getting counseling. Be nice.

    Third, truly your wife is a wise woman.

    Finally, No one believes the groundhog.

  28. Another epic sh*t-kicking by Larry! ~:D You would think Mr. Prolapse would learn after a few of these, but it seems that while beauty is only skin deep, stupid goes all the way to the bone.

  29. “Seriously though, anybody who can get a bunch of fifty year old high school mean girls to disinvite themselves from an event, so the rest of the attendees don’t have to listen to them screech and reeeee and suck all the light, joy, and happiness out of the universe, IS DOING THE LORD’S WORK.”
    Dex has been on me to get into MHI for years. Then he linked this magnificent piece of literary whale carcass demolition.
    Stay strong, little credit card! Daddy has a new fandom…

  30. I admit to be an intermittent SF reader. Prefer hard Sci-fi when I do. I have never heard of Mary Robinette Kowal, or Mike Glyer. I have heard of Larry Carrera and Brad Torgersen. So there you go. P.S. love your blog!

  31. I actually owe a debt of gratitude to China Mike. I blundered onto his festering cesspool of a blog in the early days of the Sad Puppies’ rebellion. (Someone had posted a link to it: I forget who it was.) I innocently posted a question, since I knew nothing about the controversy. Instead of answering the question rationally, Mike’s noxious followers instead vomited forth a series of overblown tirades. They insulted me for having the temerity to question their unsupported claims and accused me of being a bigot.

    Their irritating and fact-free attacks, completely supported by Glyer, instantly clarified what sort of people they really were.

  32. Mr. Corriea, you are a true word-smith! My Better Half and I both love your writing. MG just needs to sew up his pie hole, or better yet, a blast from my past, just eat shit and die.

    However, you do great work and we eagerly look forward to more.

  33. All this time after the HUGO thing, this nut is still going at it with you? Wow, you must have hit a nerve. Pious social justice warriors are so crass, unkind and idiotic. I’s sad.
    Anyhow, what I mostly got out of this is DofW will be out near Oct, which is my birthday as well, so YAY.

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