Further Examples of why in my Opinion, Mike Glyer is a Scumbag and File 770 is Evil.

If you are short on time, you can skip all the background stuff I wrote and read this link from John Ringo instead. It’s the important part.

Now for background. Recently, bestselling author John Ringo was scheduled to be a guest at ConCarolinas, but had to drop out after his presence upset a social justice lynch mob.

Of course, nobody had any actual first hand reasons why Ringo made them “unsafe”. It was all the typical lies, temper tantrums, and bullshit. People who actually know John from cons either A. Have no problem with the guy. or B. at worst think he talks too much on panels (that’s what moderators are for).

But SJWs don’t need proof. They just need to declare something makes them feel unsafe, and thus is super bad, and has to go or else. They’ve got emotion and outrage. So they pitched a big bitch fest.  It was all the usual accusatory stuff, misogynistic, homophobic, racist etc. (and their examples? Nothing from real life, just a couple of his FICTIONAL characters bad behavior from among the thousands of fictional characters he’s written).

As S.M. Stirling said: “There is a technical term for someone who confuses the opinions of a character in a book with those of the author. That term is idiot.”

Ringo bailed out rather than put up with their dramatic nonsense. The ConCom handled the announcement in the worst way possible, trying to make the perpetually offended crowd happy (that never works). So they lost a big draw popular bestseller with 7 million books in print to try and appease about two dozen random assholes nobody has ever heard of.

Get Woke, Go Broke.

But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about the disgusting cesspit of File 770. Because whenever SJWs beclown themselves by making up crazy accusations, they can never admit they’re wrong, instead they double down. And true to form, they did the same thing reporting about Ringo.

This is my personal opinion on File 770, and it’s dishonest, disingenuous, scumbag operator, China Mike Glyer:  https://monsterhunternation.com/2017/06/13/a-monster-hunter-nation-opinion-piece-mike-glyer-is-a-scumbag/

Part of Glyer’s shtick is while he pretends to be an honest reporter, he lets his crackpot denizens lie their asses off, while deleting comments from people who disagree with his established narrative. So his horde of psychos gather together, make shit up, opposing views (or people who were actually there) get deleted, so that the insidious narrative can go forth, to fuck over that author for the rest of his career.  But don’t worry, he only does this to authors who don’t toe the right political line.

After the ConCarolina’s thing, the lies there were so egregious that John Ringo actually lawyered up, and his guy gave them a cease and desist warning.

You really need to read John’s link, because it is so perfectly demonstrative of the fundamental dishonesty of these people. In this particular case, they took something that in reality was actually really sweet, and twisted it into something obscene.


Oh yeah, and the gang of jackbooted thugs in that slander? It was two guys, Chris and Doc, the t-shirts were made that morning as a joke, they were wearing sneakers rather than jack boots, and the hair cut was required by the US Army.

I hope Ringo sues them. I’d love to see him go all Hulk Hogan on their Gawker ass.

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146 thoughts on “Further Examples of why in my Opinion, Mike Glyer is a Scumbag and File 770 is Evil.”

  1. Actions need to have consequences. Where is the Narn Bat Squad when you REALLY need them ??? (evil grin)

      1. Although they could be wide-ranging–I once saw them show up on a Robotech newsgroup.

  2. I am fortunate that when the denizens of Pravda 770 tried to get me in trouble with the Army (in 2015) the Army yawned and said, “You’re who?” If ever they tried the same shit with my civilian employer (I assume they did) word did not reach me. Probably for the same reason: Pravda 770 is a place for small people with small grievances, who want to pretend like they’re big.

    I used to think I could reason with Glyer and Co. The events of 2015-2016 disabused me of the notion. And I am no longer surprised when that crowd of bored, closeted people — who enjoy taking shots at those of us who work and produce things for a living — devote their time to telling lies and trying to bring down better people.

    1. I keep hoping they’ll try and get me fired for something.

      In my career, that’s the golden ticket. 🙂

  3. But Larry, if you keep writing posts like this, Glyer will never link to you again! 😉

    On a more serious note, it appears that the offending comment was deleted, presumably by Glyer (I don’t know if there’s a self-editing feature on Vile since I’ve never posted there). I know from the past that Glyer has quoted from John’s FB page, so it’s likely he saw Ringo’s rebuttal and decided to cover his butt.

    1. You can edit them up to 5 minutes after posting. After that it would take an administrator/mod there to do it. And it was up for several days before being removed.

    2. But this subsequent comment from the same person is still up:

      “Jim Hague on April 27, 2018 at 8:58 am said:

      I’ll say this – ConCom handled it superbly, low-key and in no uncertain terms. Ringo was in a positive fury because he couldn’t LARP his Ghost series out, and spent the rest of the con either in his room or in the company of ‘Ringo’s Roughnecks.’

      Also getting punked by Steve Brust…but that is a tale for another day.”

    3. “But Larry, if you keep writing posts like this, Glyer will never link to you again! ????”

      To which I’m sure Larry would respond, “Promise?”

          1. Fuck you, Random Anonymous Asshole too chickenshit to use a real name or email. We’ve already seen it don’t work that way.

            I’m happy to never mention that fat fuck ever again, but he keeps linking to me and he keeps slandering my friends. If he would fuck off and quit facilitating internet lynch mobs against my people, then I’d be happy to forget he exists. Until then, go fuck yourself.

        1. So far you’ve got your wish. Not even a gritted-teeth, not-naming-any-names pout this time.

        2. That’s an insult to honest, hardworking whores throughout the galaxy.

          To “drop a Glyer” needs to be a foul euphemism for something.

          1. I will use it to replace ‘poop soup’ for very bad times on the throne.

    4. it appears that the offending comment was deleted,

      The libelous comment was posted on 4/27. Later that same day, BALLOT attorney Benjamin Blatt posted a comment calling out the falsehood and demanding a retraction & apology. ChinaMike Gliar did not pass that comment out of moderation.

      Two days later, I noticed Mr Blatt’s post about this at https://facebook.com/100004319747545/posts/1005821129571869 and I archived the Vile770 post and its comments (archive links in the Facebook comments)—Mr Blatt’s call-out was not visible but “Jim Hague’s” libel still was. I cannot tell for certain, but it does not seem that ChinaMike removed the comment before John Ringo’s post went up this morning.

      In other words, the post was up for three or four days beyond when ChinaMike knew it to be libelous, time during which ChinaMike chose to leave the libel in place but remove the correction from the moderation queue. That behavior, of course, kills Mr Gliar’s protection under the DMCA Safe Harbor clause.

      1. Is the person who made the libelous statement one of the ones who started the ConCarolinas complaints?

  4. I’ve already offered to pay $50 for legal expenses if he does sue. Not much I know, but I can probably do that every month it goes on. I’d been following as it developed and I really think he should.

    1. If there is a GoFundMe or something like that for this I’d be more than happy to contribute.

      I’d rather my favorite writers actually be writing, but I’m really sick of seeing Leftist get ahead by slandering people.

    2. Alas, with my lawyer, $50 is exactly 7.5 minutes. But he’s worth every penny.

  5. Here’s the archive of the original comment:


    What’s really hilarious is how pathetic the whole libel sounds. It’s pure Straw Ringo. If John actually behaved like that, his fans would have noticed, and believe me, NONE of them would have been okay with that.

    But what’s even funnier was a FenCon concom member commenting on Ringo’s post, telling him that they had no complaints about him and he was welcome back any time. 🙂

        1. It is gone now, but they are discussing its removal in that thread. Still no answer about why they never let the notice from the lawyer out of moderation and/or deleted it.

  6. It’s amazing the lengths SJW’s go to make everyone around them miserable so they can feel good about themselves.
    I hope John takes every penny he has.

    1. I doubt Chinese bot farming is particularly lucrative, or that the accusers have produced much of any value in their tiny lives. Useful human beings don’t showcase their pathologies.

      Sadly, all the defendants would likely be considered judgment proof.

  7. Agree that John should sue. At some point these vile cretins need to be forced to own their actions.

  8. The fact that those fools didn’t get the SFnal hat tip show how far they are from actual fandom. Or what used to be fandom.

  9. John Ringo is a heavy weight. If Vile 770 feels they can slander someone like him with impunity, then how do you think they will treat any up and comer who doesn’t have John’s or your audience.

    As John said, this could get expensive, but I would bet that if he crowdsourced his legal defense fund he could offset those costs pretty quickly. I’d donate.

    1. I talked about that in the Mike Glyer is a Scumbag link above. He goes after light weight authors and screws them over all the time. And he’s done so for years with impunity.

      1. Damn, I am tempted to write just to be hated by such idiots. I couldn’t get better recommendations than having such dolts as enemies.

        1. Sounds like fun, but then you have to deal with slime like Clamps and Cammy the rest of your days.

          1. Probably for the attempt by Mad Genius Club to unmask his identity. The Hugo votes are so predictable once you realize there’s a large group of people voting solely for what they think will make Vox and Larry and Dave go “REEEEEEE!!”.

          2. More like I’ll say “See? I told you so.”

            I don’t really get how they think they are sticking it to me, by continually proving me right.

          3. Like putting in serious time, effort and money to prove you right.
            Imagine if the Tor clique had put the same effort into, I don’t know, trying to actually write good books and make money?

          4. They don’t call themselves Mad Genius’s for nothing. I would seriously NOT want to be on their bad side. Highly intelligent, inventive, among the best writers on the planet, knowledgeable on most, if not all, media forms? It would be safer to drink a gallon of hemlock.

    1. It’s making me want to get all of the Ghost series, and his other books, in one go, if I could. I will, however, buy the last Memoirs book as soon as it comes out.

  10. What nobody seems to have considered here is what *Miriam’s* reaction to this is likely to be. Frankly, I’d rather have John furious at me than her.

    1. Mind you, this is the women whose doctor changed her prescription and accidentally made her into a high functioning psychopath. With her single mindedness and knowledge law enforcement procedures, she was making up a kill list of pedophiles in her area, and she would’ve gotten away with it. After she checked herself into a mental hospital, the hospital had to have John Ringo come and take her home because during the group session, she was making great headway into converting the rest of the group and some of the staff into her psychosis reasoning.

      1. High functioning psychopath? Sounds more like someone we need running this country and cleaning up the swamp.

          1. John told the story on his blog, with her permission. Happened before they were married, and as he says “and I married her anyway.”

          2. Oh, alright then.

            Mind, I have no issues with the death of pedophiles. The idea of a kill list of (what apparently are known and proven) pedos in her area? Is not insane.

            Indeed, it’s the sign of clearest sanity for me.

          3. The insane part is how completely out-of-character it was for her. (I remember reading that post, too.) I agree with you on the idea that real pedophiles would benefit society by their death. But as a Christian, I’m forbidden to act on such thoughts myself: “Justice is mine; I will repay,” says the Lord. And Miriam is (and, I believe, was at the time this happened) a devout Christian, so taking such vengeance on herself instead of leaving it in God’s hands was completely out of character for her.

            Oh, and one detail that would bother me, depending on circumstances, is where did that list of known pedophiles come from? If it’s well-filtered, that’s one thing, but if it (say) might have included someone who was 19 at the time he was dating a 17-year-old and who got convicted of pedophilia by an overzealous prosecutor, then acting on such a list could be bad since it could have included some innocent people in it. I don’t remember enough details of John’s blog post to know one way or the other how well-filtered that list was.

          4. Robin, you know me. Don’t get me wrong, pedophiles – true pedophiles – destroy lives. Those who end up on that list because of relationships get THEIR lives destroyed, stupidly. I wouldn’t consider a 19 year old dating a 17, or even 16 year old, and maybe even 15 ‘pedophilia’ – they’re in the teen range, of ‘likely to meet in high school’ social circles.

            (Depending on the time of year, I’m 4-5 years older than my husband. I met him when he was 18; met him in meatspace when he was 19.) There was a time when people were much saner about the concept of age-range appropriate relationships; I’m not really sure how or when two teens with an age gap who have a relationship, or have one age into 18 suddenly = the older one is a pedo, even if they were dating before; or a 19 year old falling for the younger one = pedo. A careful vigilante pedo hunter would likely not just rely on conviction because of the overzealous prosecutor you mention.

            Considering too, how there’s different ages of consent depending on state in the US, it’s always been a matter of ‘how do you sort that?’ puzzlement to me. 16 seems to be a common one – but the most often cited age-gap-ends-on sexual offender list is the 16/17 year old with a 18/19/20 year old. (I don’t live in the US.)

          5. Yep; we’re 100% in agreement, including about the sentence “A careful vigilante pedo hunter would likely not just rely on conviction …”. The one thing I don’t know is whether Miriam, in her altered mental state, was being that careful. OTOH, since she was doing detailed planning including how to get away with it, she probably was also being extremely careful about target selection. It’s a moot point, thankfully*, since she recognized the problem and checked herself in to psychiatric care.

            * I say “thankfully” because if she had gone through with it, given her strong Christian convictions, the guilt would likely have haunted her for the rest of her life, and it wouldn’t have been worth her having to carry that guilt.

          6. Logic would dictate that if one is planning to get away with a crime, one pays lots of attention to the details.

            And that’s about as coherent as you’ll find me for the rest of maybe the next week or two, so I hope you forgive me closing here. I am *wiped* by RL.

    2. The fact that Hague dragged his wife into this is what makes me the maddest. That’s the lowest kind of low.

      1. Agreed. No wives. No kids. If you’ve got a beef with a guy, man the hell up and take it to him personally. Anything else makes you look like a wuss.

        1. Oh, believe me. They go after the spouse and kids specifically because that’s the kind of thing that makes one think twice about ‘is this worth risking my children and spouse?’

          NOTHING is sacred to these scum.

    1. BALLOT, the Baen Authors’ Legal Litigation Offense Team (“Offending you isn’t just a job, it’s a higher calling.”) is already handling this. Benjamin Blatt is also MadMike’s lawyer, and the fellow who actually asked the ATF about the fleshlight-mounted SigTac SB15. (There’s some fun back-and-forth in the comments to John Ringo’s post between Tom Kratman and Blatt.)

          1. Oh thank you, and …Goddamnit. I hate my brain. It now reimagined the whole damn thing as “Bukkake Blaster 9000! BLOW A LOAD RIGHT IN THEIR FACE!” (subtitled: ‘give them both barrels. My hus’band is not helping – I mentioned my horrible mental images.)

          2. Husband delights in making the horrible mental images worse most of the time, and most of the time, he is the recipient of “OH GOD WHY DID MY BRAIN DO THAT TO ME?!” – not just from me, but also our friend and housemate, who is probably worse with the mental images. This exposure gives him plenty of ammo to use on coworkers.

            (Housemate will give a pithy, delightfully hilarious and crass description of how screwed up / spectacularly retarded something is, then pause, and wince in regret as his mind gives him the mental image.)

        1. See https://reddit.com/7pih9t for a discussion: the original author of the idea and Benjamin Blatt both join the conversation. Low-quality scans on the correspondence, terminating with

          FITSB respectfully declines to respond to your inquiries regarding the SigTac SB15 pistol with the Fleshlight attachment.

  11. Oh please, Ringo, go after Glyer’s site. It and its ilk are nothing but stains on the book industry and wretched examples of humanity as a whole. Watching them “cut” material from some of my posts to twist them around into something else was infuriating, and the moment I started reporting their linkbacks to my host as “spam.”

    Which would technically be a lie, perhaps? Spam is more nutritious, even on the web.

  12. I read John’s post this morning. I don’t know why, but it pissed me off worse then these lying jerkwads usually do. I think a gofundme for legal fees would work out real well. I’d contribute just to see Glyer, Vile 770 and this slanderous little scumbag fried in the courts.

    It’s time to bring the hammer down hard. I support honest discussion. Disagreement is often valuable. Lies and slander are a different category. Those who promote them should be punished. Hard.

    1. This x1000. The only way these people are going to stop doing crap like this is if they have to pay for it.

      Since the majority of us have jobs it’s not like we can put on black masks and hoodies so we can hang out with signs in front of the people chanting meaningless BS slogans. . .

  13. I hope he does sue. This sleazy crap is never going to stop until there are some very in your face consequences evident. Make an example of them, and it should happen a lot less.

    1. Oh, they’re still going on about the Puppies, a month after we got a Puppy-free Hugo ballot, while accusing us of not letting go.

      1. Of course they are. We live rent free in their heads forever.

        I do love the list of nominees though. It’s like they extra doubled down on the usual suspects. And I’m just over here going see? I told you so. 😀

        1. My question is how much did the Hugo revenue drop without Puppies actively encouraging people to vote? and, of course, the ridiculous amount of press the campaigns generated.

        2. And it’s Straw Larry that lives rent-free in their heads.
          Considering what a jerk Straw Larry is, that’s just stupid.

        3. I was at WorldCon 2017 in Helsinki. You’re definitely in the heads of the Hugo crew. Someone’s speech (I forget whom) was sci-fi fandom as space journey and made a reference to the “avoiding noxious gases of the pup-oids”. It was a good reminder of how inclusive the Hugos are.

          I think it’s mostly limited to the US & UK readership though. All of the Fins, Swedes, and Estonians I met were just excited that WorldCon made it to their little section of the globe.

          EDIT: Left out the word “speech” in the original comment.

      2. File 770 is a good place to check in on what is going on with the Hugo Awards. I guess it is about that time. As I recall 770 won a Hugo award itself.

        If you guys put up a discussion thread I will be check back in here as well. I have not read any of the contenders this year although I have read the authors in the past. Always nice to see what others think.

  14. Yet another example of Liberal Privilege. These people (if I can even still call them that) believe they can say and do anything because they believe they fall on the correct side of the political spectrum. They’ve even managed to cause more free-thinking people on that side of the spectrum to begin to flee. I will have to share this in a few places, John’s and Mariam’s story outweighs the SJW B.S. I own most of your and many of John’s books. Yes, even the now infamous Ghost book. Interestingly, the keyboard SJW jockey who slandered Ringo, hated that book so much that he or she read most of it, because the BDSM stuff was no where near the beginning. I am guessing the slander was born out of pure jealousy of John Ringo being a superior and more accomplished writer. Maybe they should have asked for pointers instead of immediately lighting their bridges on fire. Anyway, along the lines of Get Woke, Go Broke, I am going to Stay Sane, and buy more Larry Carreia and John Ringo books.

    1. “These people (if I can even still call them that) believe they can say and do anything because they believe they fall on the correct side of the political spectrum. ”

      So far, they have no reason NOT to believe that. After all, they’re able to say things like this and not get sued; they’re the ones who can still go to any con without having to take into account of whether or not it’s worth the chance of getting mobbed / falsely accused with no real recourse (see also Jon del Arroz), and on, and on.

  15. I hope that John does not sue the guy and stops at a cease and desist letter sent by an attorney via certified mail.

    The expense of a lawsuit is just the tip of the iceberg. When you get involved in a lawsuit it sucks away your time and you keep revisiting the situation which keeps your anger level high. I’ve not gone to court multiple times because the time and energy spent to win was less than the gain. And by “not gone to court” I mean consulted with an attorney, had them go over the paper trail, and give me an assessment of my odds.

    Living well is the best revenge.

    I have a personal motive in that I would like John to write stuff instead of spending his psychic and emotional energy on a lawsuit. Furthermore, I doubt if Glyer has any assets to speak of. Last, a cease and desist letter via certified mail establishes a marker that if the behavior continues it is easier to establish actual malice.

    1. Mr Ringo certainly has the money, and the cost could be offset or outright paid for by crowdfunding. I’m retired and on a very small social security stipend, but I’d donate. The cost of NOT suing is far greater, and Mr Ringo will not be the only one to bear the cost. These morlocks must be stopped.

    2. It’s not about making money, it’s about getting this guy to stop. Ringo isn’t the first that he’s gone after and won’t be the last. It’s that Ringo is one of the bigger names he’s dared to attack in such a vile manner and Ringo has the time and funds to do something about it.

      Normally, like a typical bully, Glyer goes after smaller authors, newer authors who can’t fight back. His goal is to destroy the careers of people who write things he doesn’t agree with or people who think the wrong things. He does it so he and the people like him can feel big and heroic for stomping down on people who cannot defend themselves. The thing is, this time he attacked someone who can defend himself and I’m all for Ringo going after him to the fullest extent that the law will allow. It’s the only way to stop guys like that.

    3. Until this piece of fetid shit is sued out of existence, he and his noxious, libelous, fuckwitted cuntweasel friends won’t stop. John needs to sue and sue hard.

    4. I believe many are missing the point. You cannot get back the lost productive time from waging a lawsuit nor the residual anger from having to relive the situation.

      1. The lost time isn’t the point. You’d lose time slowly strangling the asshat who raped your daughter, too. But it’s time well spent, and for the betterment of the community at large.

    5. One also needs to consider tomorrow’s time saved by spending a small amount today.

      Then think about the quantity of future Mike Styer nonsense that could be curtailed…

  16. I have been on the fence about picking up some John Ringo novels – not for any good reason, just spoiled for choice with his prolific output. Monster Hunter Memoirs will be my entry point.

    This story, and his excellent post on Facebook sold me – if nothing else, maybe some of the money I put down will go to his legal fund for the prosecution of Vile 770.

    But my favorite bit was referring to this as “vile calumny”. I’ve had an epiphany on where so many of these people who provide such wonderful fisking fodder went wrong.

    Got a job as a columnist, try to do the job as a calmnist, perhaps more than a few end up on becolmtasone mists as they succomb to their SJW – squirrely jealous wrath.

  17. Thank you. I have me an idea. And if it works, sometwo or something will be pleased. And to say something infinitely smarter than a lingering 770 comment: Moo.

  18. Tee, where do I go to be hated by imbeciled?
    Guess I better start writing – and it doesn’t even matter what!

  19. Jon Del Arroz is filing a lawsuit in response to being banned from WorldCon last year. Conservative backlash?

      1. You think by this time, Jon del Arroz doesn’t have Scalzi’s measure? Read his post again, this time with the perspective that Del Arroz *expects* Scalzi to reject that offer. But when you hold out an olive branch and it’s slapped away by the other guy, you demonstrate to everyone watching that you’re the better man. Keep in mind what Larry often reminds people: arguing on the Internet is a spectator sport. Del Arroz has set a trap for Scalzi, and Scalzi won’t be able to avoid running right into it.

  20. I’d hate for John Ringo to have to spend the money on a lawyer. And yet I also hate to see people like Glyer get away with stuff like that. People think they can get away with anything nowadays–just look at the comments on YouTube videos–and sadly they’re usually right. I’m not one to tell Ringo how to spend his money, but it sure would be nice for someone to reap a real reward for their bad behavior, something so devastating that it prevents them hurting anyone else again. And especially someone like Glyer who feels he can slander with impunity. Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness, right? If Glyer needs something to read, I’d suggest Exodus 20. He might get more out of it than he would from one of the Hugo nominations.

  21. How much of this is available to read without access to Facebook? I’ve been blocking them at my routers for years now and won’t stop for anything. But I would like to read Ringo’s post. /-:

  22. John Ringo is happily and long time married to a “CHRISTIAN, extremely MONOGAMOUS, extremely GOTH, (not fetish) extremely (here goes the bubble bursting) VANILLA WIFE”?

    Please tell him that’s as cool as it gets.

    I like the guy even more; and I already liked his stories.

    1. Whatever con event he goes to is always… well attended, let’s say. John has quite a few fans that enjoy his books immensely- he is quite talented at this whole writing thing, to put it mildly. That translates to better stories, ones that folks enjoy and want to read more of.

      I saw him a time or two at LibertyCon. Haven’t talked to the guy personally, but outside of con events there would be a table outside one of the little food places, and there would be John Ringo. Just talking, telling stories, enjoying time with friends, from what I could tell. Creepy people tend to skitter away like roaches when folks like that gather.

      LC is a small Con. It’s more an extended family reunion of sorts. The kind of family who gets you, you know? If John were the type of guy this asshat portrayed him to be, Brandy would skin him alive, guest author or no. People would talk. They aren’t.

      If he decides to sue, so be it. I’ll even kick in a buck or two to the legal fund, because fuck these assholes. Actions have consequences. It may be a longshot. But perhaps folks will think twice before slandering a guy just to make points with his tiny circle of fellow asshats.

    2. I loved reading about the gothy wife. I’m the gothy wife. AND I CAN TOTALLY RELATE TO EVERY BIT OF THE DESCRIPTION for Mrs. Ringo.

      Reading about her made me tear up. Then get mad on their behalf.

  23. Ok all. Now i have to register on FB to find out the details Unless someone could email them to me. Sdlonyer69@gmail.com
    Really enjoy Johns books. Have them all. The same for you Mr Correia. Please do not let the idiots like Glyer rent to much space in your head. We, your dedicated readers, would prefer both of you writing. Good writers, like yourselves, give us many hours of enjoyment. Thank you very much:)

    Richard Ian Reynolds

  24. Okay, read Ringo’s posting and have the following thoughts:

    Destroy them. Destroy them all. Tear down their walls, level their buildings, salt the earth where their city once was.

    Just tell me where the GoFundMe (or other) account for the assault is so I can send money and smile at the knowledge that I have contributed to a Good Thing.

    1. Used to be you could challenge the buggers to a duel. But then dueling was usually restricted to social equals, and I’d hardly claim these slanderers were the equal of any here.

      1. I’m willing to lower my apparent social status for good causes. Alas, dueling is not legal in the US. However, martial arts training is.

  25. You can’t talk these people out of their abhorrent behavior. Actual dialogue requires moral and intellectual integrity. If they had either they wouldn’t be holding those dumbass beliefs that they have nor doing the dumbass things that they do.

    They see themselves in a righteous conflict. It doesn’t matter that they choose not to know better. You don’t ask after the aggressor’s viewpoints as he’s hurting you and yours.

    You force him to stop.

  26. I was on the fence about going to ConCarolinas. The gaming group is being run by the MACE people again – and they run very efficient gaming programs. If John had been a guest, that would have tipped the scales and I would have gone.

    The ConCarolinas primary guests now are people I care nothing about. I’m sure they are wonderful people, but they hold no interest for me.

  27. Larry, there’s a reason why the Founders felt the need to have a little organization called the Sons of Liberty. We’re beginning to understand that reason outside of the history books.

  28. This is libel plain & simple. Falsely accusing someone of basically being a child-molester is just vile. Regardless of the politics of those involved it’s just plain wrong. Wrong on a whole new level of wrongness.

  29. I happen to have attended the 2013 FenCon . I’ve been to most of the FenCon’s because I only live a four or five hour drive away and I know most of the senior committee. For example, I know Julie Barrett, who wrote FenCon’s statement on the matter that is linked to elsewhere in these comments and, I’m confident that she knows me. By name, even. Further, and more to the point, she knows my daughter who has been going to FenCon since she was seven or eight and who was 16 in 2013.

    In all the interactions I had with senior FenCon committee members all though that weekend, never once did they mention anything to me about John Ringo or his behavior. I’m confident that if the committee members had been concerned about him trying to get underage girls to go to his room, one of them would have said something. Even if they were trying to keep such behavior under wraps, I’m friends with the concom and that’s the sort of things friends tell each other.

    Further, I’m confident I’d have heard something if my own daughter had been hit on. It seems likely to me that it would have come up at some point during the four or five hour drive home.

    I do vaguely remember seeing a “Ringo’s Roughnecks” shirt and wondering what that was all about (other than the Heinlein reference, of course) but the only time I was close enough to talk to Mr. Ringo, he and I were alone in the hallway outside the con suite, walking in different directions. I now kind of wish I’d spoken to him at that time, but I didn’t have anything to say to the man that wasn’t deeper than “I love the books you write” and, well, honestly, I still don’t. Besides asking questions like “When are you going to write more books in the series” is kind of a dick move and “Where do you get your crazy ideas?” is the very cliche of clueless questions. I don’t mind being clueless, much, but I hate being cliche.

    I know that many people go to conventions to interact with the big name authors, but I’ve given up on the idea because there simply isn’t enough time for everyone at a 1000-person convention like FenCon to talk even briefly with the guests. If I don’t have something to so say, some significant question to ask, or something that might be worth the time it takes to hear it, I’m perfectly happy to let someone else have those five or ten seconds.

    Anyway, I know none of you guys believed Jim Hague’s story in the first place, but I can tell you that my recollections differ from Mr. Hague’s in those areas where they overlap.

    1. TBH I don’t know what’s the fuss about the Ringo’s Roughnecks shirts. It’s the kind of thing a seriously dedicated fan would wear to show their favorite author “I LOVE YOUR STUFF!! I AM A FAN!”

  30. I really, really want to read a Ringo story about a gay imperial space marine gunnery sergeant.

  31. Instapundit linked to John Ringo’s Facebook post. Twice. Jim Hague’s slander is gone from File770, and Glyer has posted the FenCon rebuttal (sans comments). Methinks the proprietor and denizens of Vile770 are running scared, in the same way cockroaches run when the light’s turned on.

    1. I think the 770’s are reading about all the attention and masturbating furiously

  32. A friend of mine once sued someone under similar circumstances. His comment when the lawsuit was filed: “Everyone needs a hobby,” (Evil grin) “and now you’ve just become mine.”

    Enough is enough. Sue this bastard.

  33. Bless you for fighting this fight, Larry. I tried to put a bunch of the Sam Delany shit together and posted it on File 770 to defend Jim Butcher for his comments about WorldCon. Went through and sourced everything. Tried to show that there are reasonable people who aren’t political actors who have very good grounds not to like WorldCon. Glyer never let it through. For anyone who doesn’t know about the “Sam Delany stuff” that’s code for: some pretty pedophile friendly comments he’s made

      1. The Valley of Shadows – John and Mike Massa. It’s in the Black Tide Rising universe, the story of Steve Smith’s brother after the fall.

        1. Ooh, more incentive to prioritize getting Black Tide Rising this year. Thank you! I think it’ll move into my top 10 ‘must get’ this year books.

        2. How/where ya gettin’ yo’ info, yo?

          I hit up Ringo’s .net but it looks like he does driveby’s every 7th blue moon.

  34. Thanks for sharing, great story from Ringo, really amazing. Trying to talk my wife into another kid even though our current three already make her crazy — I really feel his wife’s pain as I am always contemplating the terrible question of “what if we hadn’t had” any one of the ones God has blessed us with. Life is precious and you often don’t realize just how blessed you are.

    Haven’t read a lot of his books, but since it’s been several days since Larry published anything and I can only re-read Somewhither so many more times I’ll have to try a few more Ringo novels.

    PS Finally got my wife into Hard Magic, she is enjoying.

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