Back on FB in 2 Days. Probably Shouldn’t Bother, Because It’s Really Stupid In There

My time in FB jail is over in a couple of days,  but I don’t know if it’s worth posting in gen pop again. I’d be too tempted to just waste my time pointlessly yelling at stupid people.

I can still read FB, and I have been, mostly to keep up on what’s going on in this time of lockdowns and weirdness. Except the vast majority of the information is crap, and far too many of the people posting have their heads shoved up their asses.

Being able to read but not participate has been interesting, in that it’s given me a chance to observe without getting involved. My take away over the last few months is that most people are cool, and just want to handle their business, and they worry about their families, their country, and their world, but there is a percentage of vampire assholes who just basically suck, and need everyone else to be as miserable as they are.

I’ve mentioned this a few times over recent weeks, but the people who have nothing in their lives outside of political team sports are the worst. Well, actually no. The media is the worst. The people who feed the click bait vultures are second worst.

Take for example, quite literally any news story recently. First off, it’s going to be factually incorrect. Across the board, these people really suck at their jobs–assuming their job is to convey good info (which let’s be honest, it’s not). But then in addition to being error ridden gibberish, it’s also got to be twisted to serve whatever their partisan hack team is. And they’re not even subtle about it. This pandemic is the worst I’ve ever seen the media at being out right, ham-fisted, clowns at twisting. It’s painful to watch.

So there’s a headline. “Politician/CEO/Celebrity From The Other Team Says Something Horrific!” And then I see dozens of otherwise intelligent people read that headline, and have a massive come apart freak out about what a horrible monster bad person that guy is. So then I actually read what he said, or watch the video, and of course, it’s nothing at all like the headline twisted it to be. In fact, what was actually said is quite different than the headline.

Of course, as I describe that situation, each of you thought of a different actual event, and guess what? You’re all right. Because they do this for quite literally everything now.

And each time, there’s a bunch of virtue signalling half-wits in the comments screaming about how outraged they are. For every ten virtue signalers, there’s one person who actually watched the interview saying “but that’s not what he said at all”, and then the rest of the thread is that person getting screeched at.  How dare you defend this horrible crime that guy committed in my imagination?

This stupid behavior goes both ways, but when the vast majority of our national media bats left, of course you get more of it from them. And it’s incessant, non-stop, grating, painfully dishonest, and annoying. Basically anything any republican does is the worst thing that’s ever happened, pure evil, and they want all the old people to die. Ask for a travel ban months ago, and you get decried as a racist fearmonger. Then when you get a travel ban, get screamed at that you did it too late. Say anything positive, and it’s giving false hope (that’s literally the headline). And my personal favorite, talk about a drug treatment being promising, then having the news freak out that if you take a massive overdose of that drug you’ll die (well duh), and then get blamed when some total dumb shit eats a mega dose of fish tank cleaner because it has a similarly named chemical in its list of ingredients.


Of course, the guy who talked about the drug treatment to give people hope is responsible for the dumb ass eating fish tank cleaner, and even though the media has been scaring everyone non-stop with talks of apocalyptic doom and millions of potential deaths for the last few weeks enough that some poor dumb ass got scared enough to eat fish tank cleaner, the media bears no responsibility whatsoever.

The media is trash. They are absolute garbage people. They don’t care if you live or die, as long as they can score a few points in the process.

But watch, just by me saying this I guarantee that someone will say I’m not taking this threat seriously and I’m a science denier. On the contrary, my ass is home, socially distancing like I’m supposed to. I can recognize something is serious, without having an emotional come apart. I can also recognize that the cure for this problem might not be all it’s cracked up to be, if it puts millions of people out of work and thousands of companies out of business. I can say that without wanting people to die. It’s not one or the other. In reality, shit is complicated, uncomfortable, sucks, and there’s not a super easy, simple solution for every problem.  Sorry.

On that note, I want to amend my earlier statement about the media being the worst, and the click bait suckers being second. Let’s move the media to #2, and the morons to #3, because holy shit… Nancy… What the hell?

Yes, I already know the talking points you have been given. Blah, blah, blah, evil corporations. (what do you guys think a stimulus bill is supposed to do exactly?) I’ve already seen a hundred people who couldn’t explain what stock buybacks are, regurgitate their talking points about why the democrats needed to kill the stimulus bill because of the evils of stock buybacks.

I’m not even going to talk about whether I think the original bill is a good idea or not (I don’t. I think it’s got short term positives, and long term negatives, and I’m not particularly convinced on either). But I do at least understand what they’re going for.

However, this is not the time or place to shove a bunch of asinine pork projects. Green airline emissions? Collective bargaining? Early voting? Racial quotas? Are you fucking kidding me, you useless, fucking morons?

You want to debate sending stimulus checks to people who are currently broke, can’t go to work, and scared? Sure. But you’d better hurry. Or you want to debate giving money to companies so they can still be open in a few months? Sure. Have that debate.

But if this is the dire, apocalyptic,  millions could die crisis you keep making it out to be, is now really the fucking time to stick in funding for performing arts centers and racial quotas? You fucking gerbils disgust me.

My take away from the last few days are that the government sucks at literally everything. Anything you count on it to do for you, they will let you down, either through stupidity, corruption, or outright malice. Republicans are the stupid party and democrats are the evil party.

The FDA slowing everything down comes as absolutely no shock to anyone who has ever worked with or for the government.

However, regular Americans, when given the opportunity, will do amazing things, really fast.  Between all the stupid click bait articles are the stories of people rising to the occasion, being creative, selfless, caring, and kind. Luckily, most people are still awesome.



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  1. When Mark van Name botched the Baen’s Bar software ‘port, and everyone decided “we can just move to FB”, I told them “Don’t do it — FB isn’t The Bar, and most of what you say on the latter won’t fly on the former”.

    A decade later, I can now invoke the words of that great thinker of our times, Razorfist:


  2. Nancy is not a very good leader, and that’s a blessing.
    She’s a powerful example of the old Peter Principle

  3. One positive in all this is that people from all of the political beliefs are united in the view that the New New Warriors are lame and the suck.

    1. Holy crap!
      I was positive that they were trolling us, and that the whole “just kidding, n00b” attitude was going to surface within hours.

      Instead, it really is the best they’ve got.

    2. Seriously. On the bright side, the video promoting New Warriors 2020 has lead me to reread the first 25 issues of Volume 1, to investigate the claims of Marvel schills that “The 90s Warriors sucked too! You only THINK they were cool because you were young then, Evil Older Fan ™!” ….nope. The 90s issues hold up very well as solid meat & potatoes super-hero adventure, with likable and, yes, cool characters.

      Hipster Douche Incarnate and his team of Stereotypes deserve to be forgotten.

  4. One of my favorite good people stories right now is the strip club owner who changed his business model to food delivery.

    Added bonus? He named is Boober Eats.

    Cooks are still cooking, bartenders are handling phones and social media, security is driving, the dancers are delivering food.

    I love America.

    1. Yeah, but theaters are closed, for example, and all the people who work in them, and in a few weeks they will all be bankrupt.

      Convention hotel staff are all laid off.

      Hotels here just lost TWO MILLION room nights or more, with the postponement of the Indy 500, and they can’t “Get them back later,” because the entire month is geared around it, so that’s a month of effectively NO rooms, and August was already fairly booked with other events. You can’t rent the same room twice the same night.

      SOME people are working around. Some have already committed suicide.

      And I can only pray that someone starts calling governors to account in like fashion.

  5. Thousands of private stitchers..making “last resort” masks by the thousands. I dropped off 200 at the local hospital that had requested them. We’re pretty good, us ‘mericans, at pitching in when it’s dire. My only regret at your forced retirement from FecesBook is you missing out on Concellation 2020, which as been the most ridiculous, crazy, fun bunch of SF Fans *going to town* and having the best time ever NOT attending a Con. And watching the wokescolds get slapped down as they attempt to skinsuit a 24k members group and get NOWHERE. Lawdog’s ConSecurity notices, the “No shit I met this author” threads…it’s been a blast. You should drop in when you get sprung, if only to make some heads explode.

  6. The old adage is still true. If you find government is the answer, then you are asking the wrong question. The only thing the government does well, is get in the way of actual progress. The truth is the government doesn’t have your best interest at heart, it has the government’s best interest at heart, and as Thomas Sowell says politicians have as their top 2 priorities, #1 to get elected, and #2 to get re-elected, and whatever # 3 is, comes in far down the list after those two.

    1. Government is good for running those functions of society that should not be too efficient. Take the military; having armies that are private corporations has been tried, it is more efficient, and the results are anything but good. Check the behavior of mercenary companies in the Thirty Year’s War for verification.

      1. Mercs in the Thirty Years War are a great example of the theory that people will tend to gravitate to what the system rewards them for doing over what they’re nominally supposed to be doing.

      2. As Machiavelli pointed out, Citizen Soldiers are far better than hired soldiers.
        “Gold will not always get you good soldiers, but good soldiers can get you gold.”

    2. @TCB:
      The Iron Law of Bureaucracy states that in any bureaucracy there are two kinds of people: those dedicated to the stated goals of the organization, and those dedicated to continuing and expanding the organization itself. It also states that in any bureaucracy, the second kind will eventually assume control of the organization, and may end up pushing the first kind out entirely.

      Any government agency — be it HHS, DOJ, State, whatever — is this way, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that Congress itself is no different. Some House Reps and Senators are dedicated to serving the American people (the first type of people above), but more and more are primarily dedicated to preserving and expanding Congressional and government power beyond Constitutional limits (the second type).

      None of this should be any surprise to anyone paying attention, and it’s precisely why the private sector is much better at solving real problems than government; when a problem is a justification for your organization’s existence, what incentive do you have to fix it and remove that justification?

      1. You missed: “Those obsessed with advancing their own positions within the bureaucracy by getting bigger budgets and more subordinates.”

        Whether those are justified for the bureaucracy’s official goals or not.
        People can make mistakes, even stupid mistakes, but only the government can force everybody to make the SAME stupid mistakes.

  7. the people who have nothing in their lives outside of political team sports are the worst.

    Ever so triggered, may swoon.

    In all seriousness, it feels like the more I distance myself from the petty political coup counting, the happier I get.

  8. We need to begin to test for a level of maturity in our politicians that is sadly lacking in our current political environment. Limit terms and require politicians to have assets and investments put into trust while in office. Media should be required to declare their bias or be removed from their platform.

    1. As far as the media, I’ve given up on the notion that objectivity is even possible.

      The way to get mature leaders is to enact Starship Troopers. Second best would be to put term limits and a sunset law in the Constitution.

  9. No need to panic, but no need to be stupid, either – common sense might not be all that common, but by sifting through the actually factual crumbs in the media some things were evident:
    – the virus has a lipid membrane, so washing your hands (and other contact surfaces) with soap and warm water works; disinfectants are overkill, possibly creating more resilient strains
    – the virus stresses people’s immune system, so those with an already weakened immune system are susceptible to secondary, usually bacterial, infections
    – in areas where antibiotics are widely used, the surviving bacteria are more resistant to antibiotics, which won’t help infected people as much
    – a healthy immune system can handle the virus without any effects except further spreading the virus

    So, washing your hands with soap and warm water, and isolating yourself (with your family) is the best way to get through this. The whole debate about who gets how much from whom by handing in whichever form at whatever government office is more of a long-term question/task which can be taken care of at home, sitting down, reading the actual information being handed out – a sensible person usually has at least a couple of weeks worth of food in stock anyway, so there’s no need for panic buying or other short-sighted pettiness.
    Sorry for rambling, but those uninformed panic-stricken “we’re all gonna die” and ignorant “carry on as usual” types are the idiots by whose actions draconian policies and laws are going to be made “for the good of all”.
    Really, common sense isn’t.

  10. Probably just we baen fans could make a go of MeWe, minus the fun of the pinatas.
    I need FB for selling books and posting baby pics for the family. That’s about it.

  11. Twitter at least has better ways of personalizing and filtering the content you get.

    Easy to make a different list for each one of your interests, rather than reading from one giant newsfeed. Fewer ads, too.

  12. Larry, please don’t leave FB in a bind. Stay and keep them in a bind. Sorry I didn’t get to see you in NC last week. Maybe next year.

  13. Hey. Any plans on visiting the great PNW? Well, when all of this shit calms down, that is. The Baen site hasn’t listed anything pending for you, but was wondering if anything was bubbling below the surface.

    I know, I know–we are a while away from poking our noses out of our hobbit holes for any length of time. Just would really love to see you in the Portland area sometime this year….

  14. It was the same chemical as the non-hydro gorm of the drug, it’s just that that form’s effective dose is pretty damn close to its LD50 and he took anywhere from 3-10 times the normally perscribed dosage(A teaspoon, when reported by the surviving idiot who participated in the attempt to poison themselves is not a particularly precise measurement) .

    1. @ravenshrike:
      But it wasn’t the same chemical, not at all. The drug is hydroxychloroquine phosphate. The fish tank cleaner contains chloroquine sulfate.

      They both contain the compound “chloroquine”, but they are vastly different chemicals.

      It’d be like looking at water (H2O) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and thinking, “Hey, those both contain two hydrogens and some oxygen, so they must be pretty much the same thing.” Guess what? Drinking water is necessary to stay alive; drinking hydrogen peroxide will make you sick and might even kill you.

      Because even though they are similar, they are not the same thing.

      1. No, the fish tank cleaner was chloroquine phosphate. Of unknown purity and cross contamination given that the source in question was not medically regulated and was who knows how old, but the same underlying chemical. Again, the LD50 of the non-hydro variant is not all that far above the regular dosage and when your dosage measurement device is a goddamn teaspoon that is bound to lead to trouble.

  15. Wow….

    I get your rant about the media and maybe your disdain for Nancy but it’s sad you don’t comment on the President’s AND the other male politician’s in the Federal Govt lack of, well, anything. Leadership has been poor all the way around. The population is confused because of what’s coming out of all of WDC.

    And you classified the President pushing a drug that’s not fully understood for use in this situation as “positivity”. But nothing about Dr. Fauci having to correct the President left and right.

    I’m an African American female who has worked for the fed govt (civilian) for 20 years with half of that PCSed all over the world. Since we’re shutdown, I had the time to look for your site as I wanted to check for new releases since I’ve gone through most of everything. I Enjoy pretty much all of your audible series and was even able to get past a bit of naivety or possibly complete lack of knowledge of micro aggressions and the power of hate words like “Jap” to still enjoy the stories. But man, I think I better stay off your page. LOL! I’m like most AAs in that I’m politically in the middle and I like guns. Most of us tend to vote Dem because they are the lesser of two evils as the realities of a third party means nothing will get done due to low voting power. As well as nothing with Reps as many view people of color as less than.

    Sorry, I digress and most certainly don’t want to debate the issue of race and policy with folks who can’t know what’s it like to walk in my shoes. I guess I was just surprised with the one sidedness of this post which heated up my simmering issues with the undercurrents I felt from the books.

    Ah well. I’ll check Amazon periodically for new material.

    Keep well.

    1. Oh shut up.

      First off, this post wasn’t about Trump. I’m not a Trump fan but not every fucking post in the fucking universe needs to be about that fucking guy. If you want coverage of how Trump sucks, guess what? You’ve got 50 million other places you can get that sort of thing, 24/7, in 3D technicolor.

      Also, I wrote a blog post, not a thesis with annotated bibliography. Sorry, professor.

      Yes, saying a drug shows promise is giving people hope in a rather dark time. Fucking deal with it.

      All your bit about race? I truly do not give a shit what color you are, nor do I care what color any of my other readers are. And guess what? Judging by my book signings and my general level of sales and where those sales are world wide, my readership is extremely diverse. My average book signing makes WorldCon look like a Klan meeting for old white people. So you can take that bit about “better stay off your page hur hur” and shove it up your sanctimonious ass.

      Yes, republicans suck too. Friggin’ duh. Only yesterday, they weren’t the dumbfucks giving themselves pay raises in an emergency pandemic stimulus bill. So get the fuck over yourself.

      “sorry, you digress” and you don’t want to debate race and policy with people you know fuck all about BUT YOU SURE DIDN’T LET THAT STOP YOU. So take your weak ass shame attempt and buzz off.

      And hey, look, because Nancy Pelosi is nominally a human female, and I didn’t specifically complain about any “male politician” ergo I must be misogynist? Or something? Fuck if I know. Just come out and say what the fuck you mean and quit dancing around with that namby pamby bullshit. I’ve been a hermit in my house for the last couple weeks, so I’m in a wonderful fucking mood of patience and enlightenment right about now.

      Oh, and if you want to lecture me about the power of hate words, fucking duh, because I was writing books about the 1930s where the 1930s people talked/acted/thought like actual humans in the 1930s. I’m not an idiot. I’m kind of passingly familiar with human society (enough to write really convincing imaginary versions of a bunch of different kinds of it) so please fucking forgive me if I don’t sugar coat actual history to spare your 2020 feelings.

      But assuming you aren’t entirely full of shit, if you want to know when new material comes out, once a month I post a monthly update post with all the release dates, what I’m currently working on, what’s coming next, and upcoming appearances. But my money is on full of shit.

      1. Nice! Again, wow. I honestly didn’t know it was like this. This is what happens when you don’t have FB or twitter and you don’t go on blogs or author sites. One tends to be insulated from the madness so when you read a post and get a response like this, it’s surreal and kind of funny.

        Your post sure seemed liked it included him. And again, there’s most definitely blame all around. I wasn’t looking to bash anyone. I’m simply saying it seemed like the bad wasn’t mentioned as well…and the bad is SO bad in this case.

        And I wasn’t beating around the bush about anything. What I said is what I said.

        Oh, I did go to a signing of yours in Va Beach last year so to your point, just me and an Asian female was in attendance for people of color. May not be the norm but was for this stop. This was only noted cause a co-worker who gave me your first book asked about the makeup during a convo. He brought it up.

        No worries about me knowing about new releases. Based on this reaction I’ll bow out of supporting in the future. Oh this certainly doesn’t hurt you I’m sure, and I wouldn’t want it to. But surly doesn’t hurt me either. I think Dresden is out in July and September.

        Take care. This was a super crazy experience.

        1. Oh fuck off, Concern Troll.

          You find this surreal? Imagine being me. I posted about current events, and because I didn’t give equal time to the side that already owns 90% of all media, this page must somehow be racist? Or something? Fuck if I know. I’ve been doing this for a decade and I get someone like you every time I post anything vaguely political.

          You did beat around the bush (with the vague accusations of racism and misogyny out of nowhere), but what you said is what you said. Sadly, what you said was really dumb and annoying.

          I too am excited there’s new Dresden coming out. Jim is a friend of mine. And since you are this obnoxiously thin skinned that you can’t read any authors who won’t play your stupid games, you probably don’t want to look up how Jim answers the people who bug him with identity politics bullshit during his signings. 🙂 (but I’ll leave it at that, because it is Jim’s job to offend his fans, and I get to offend mine. Perks of the job!)

          It saddens me that some assholes can’t shut off their perpetual search for victimhood even during a global pandemic. Your original complaints were utter bullshit, and since I won’t pander to your asinine worldview you won’t read my books anymore. Well shucks. I’ll just have to get by somehow. Toodles.

          PS. I’m terribly sorry that Virginia Beach didn’t check off enough mandatory diversity point boxes for you. The night before in NoVa I had 150 people, and I had more minority AUTHORS than that. Your home town must be racist. You should get to work on that.

          1. Come to think of it… You’re also a fucking liar, because I started thinking of some of my friends and longtime Navy fans I saw in Virginia Beach and where they come from. I’m sorry, can you not recognize Latinos? Or are you like NPR where they only count as ‘authentic’ if they come into the room riding a burro and wearing a sombrero? 😀 Do these people not exist to you? But please, lecture me more about microaggressions. 😀

            Also Virginia Beach was one of my smallest events that tour, this link has video of the biggest one the night before and pans over the audience a few times:

            But come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I know why you’re butt hurt. You brought up race and sex as some sort of obfuscating bullshit. The real problem is that you’re a lifer government employee and I pointed out that the government sucks at just about everything. Ranging from inefficient at best, to malicious and corrupt at worst. Oh well. It’s true. Fucking deal with it. They could fire a quarter of all government employees tomorrow and all it would do is free up more parking.

          2. Oh my! Such venom. lol! My co-worker told me you wrote back so here I am. I promise not to return.

            To be very clear, I’m not personally offended by your politics or anything you said. I was simply shocked at the post and expressed that shock. I even said in the original post that I would stay off your site and look to Amazon to see when new books came out. I don’t need anyone to agree with me on anything. And that’s why I don’t have FB or twitter…who cares what I think. 🙂 Today confirmed that sentiment. LOL

            However, anyone who responds like you to a paying customer and with that unnecessary language, I’m supposed to continue to support financially? Naahh, hard pass. And although I enjoyed the books, in the greater scheme, me not reading another truly doesn’t effect me.

            And if Butcher responds like you said, I’ll never know cause this awesome experience has taught me to stay off blogs and author sites. Don’t need to see behind the literary curtain. LOL. So thank you! I can still enjoy Dresden and any other like authors cause I’ll admire from afar.

          3. Such venom! How rude! Much tone! You Sound Angry!

            Oh fuck off with that tired nonsense. 😀

            I would truly hope that you would slow your roll enough to go back and read your posts, to see what a concern troll dipshit you are being, but from years of experience dealing with people like you I very much doubt you have the self-awareness necessary to understand why you are annoying.

            You can talk to other writers and be fine. But I’d advise opening with something other than “You didn’t say Orange Man Bad enough so I’m gonna whine about racism/sexism.” Because unless you are preaching to the Woke, the rest of us are just gonna roll our eyes and laugh at your tiresome bullshit.

          4. @correia45:
            I mean, I generally agree with you, but I think you were right before. Who cares what color your audience is ? The correct response to the accusation, “there were only N people of race X at your signing” is, IMO, “I was there to sign books, visitors were there to get books signed, why were you there ? To count all the races ?”

          5. I was just pointing out the general diversity of my audience in response to her asinine gibberish about how she’s not safe here as a black woman, or WTF ever she was going for. Because I don’t even know what box most of you check, but apparently if I don’t meet my mandatory quota of Orange Man Bad the inquisition will burn me at the stake as a racist.

        2. I was at the VA Beach signing. I find it very interesting that you only viewed the other fans there by their skin pigmentation and genital configuration. As if -that- was the only thing that could be significant about them. As if surface details=diversity.


          1. As I recall, at the VA Beach signing, everyone was from a vastly different array of backgrounds, lifestyles, religions (or lack thereof)….yet here was someone there, secretly judging and disdaining everyone else, then claiming many months later “But I’m only bringing up how you MUST all be bigots because of something my friend said, LOL!” Pull the other one.

          2. I’m the co-worker, Tim, that she mentioned. After her response she hasn’t been back and told me to let it go but I need to defend because this started with me. She left the Va B signing when the attendees were asked to put on masks and take a group pic. I arrived right after. I told her about the signing and the next day she filled me in on what I missed. We then got into a convo about the fantasy world and I asked her about the make up of the audience. She thought about it for a minute then could only recall herself and an Asian lady. And thats all I noticed. This fed into a larger convo driven by me, who is a cornfed guy from Nebraska.

            I find it interesting that you blast her for her thoughts but you post yours in a public forum and open your comments. So if folks don’t agree with or question you then they get vitriol. Maybe you’ve received so many trolls or whatever, that you can’t take a step back and view her comments for what they are, someone who had thoughts about your work and comments but was respectful in expressing them.

            I guess I’ll also get a nasty response. I just wanted you to know that she doesn’t have to “slow her roll” because she had opinions different than yours. And she’s not a troll or anything like that. Also, before you blast folks for working for the fed gov’t and spout crap that she doesn’t feel safe, which she never said anything of the kind, know that she’s spent more years in the war zone than most military, was injured while on duty and went back because we had limited people in her career field. Granted, she’s a bit jaded but that doesn’t keep her from serving her country. And being a victim. That I had to laugh at. Ms Holt will never be anyone’s victim.

          3. That’s great. But I’m not a fucking mind reader and my crystal ball is all foggy. This is my forum. She can post whatever she wants on hers. Except she posted on mine, and it was a bunch of absolute fucking bullshit about how I sinned by not performing enough obligatory Orange Man Bads according to her religious commandments, and thus somehow, by some fucking miracle, as it always does when people concern troll my page, into vague insinuations of racism and misogyny.

            So I’m sure she’s a wonderful person, war hero, and one of the 30% of government employees who aren’t utterly fucking useless, with motives as pure as the driven snow (unlike the previous 10,000 random internet strangers who posted stuff that sounded exactly the same to me over the last decade) as she tried to shame me for not following the mandated amount of talking points in this one particular blog post. And since I didn’t immediately roll over and agree with her that women and minorities are unsafe here, while saying 20 Hail Marys–sorry, 20 Orange Man Bads I get those two mixed up–to atone for my sins. Then obviously the solution is for me to immediately kiss the ass of the person who came into my living room to tell me they aren’t going to read my books anymore.

            And she still erased a bunch of dudes whose parents were from Mexico and Cuba, but apparently I need to be lectured harder about microaggressions because I wrote about people in the 1930s behaving like people in the 1930s. So I’ve got that going for me too! 😀

            You want vitriol? You ain’t seen shit. I’ve been dealing with people getting up in my business and trying to tell me what I am allowed to say, and how I’m allowed to say it, for over ten years, and frankly, my field of fucks to give is barren.

            So how about instead of you asking the public figure, whose page you are on, to “take a step back”, you take a step back and imagine being me, and what it would be like to get bossed around by SJWs (which your friend sounded suspiciously like, bringing up race pointlessly, bringing up lack of complaints about male politicians when I was specifically talking about the actions of one female politician in particular) daily… Especially when she does this on the 30th day of me being banned from talking to most of my customers on the most valuable platform for my business (because I’m being harassed by SJWs reporting every random post I’ve ever made as hate speech) AND I just caught a brand new 7 day ban (to hurt my business even more!) before I even posted again.

            So no. Sorry. She could be fucking Santa Claus in real life for all I care.

      2. 10/10 for that response. I expect books to accurately reflect the views, language and mores of whatever era they are set in. If not, they’re a waste of good toilet paper material.

  16. I’ve been slowly pulling away from social media as a whole the past few weeks, with the random occasional posting of absurdity (declaring myself Appalachia Rex, for example… FYI, nobody is disputing my rule yet).

    My stress levels have really dropped.

  17. I stopped using FB for any reason over two years ago and I’ve never once regretted it. I was only slightly saddened by not getting my Manatee Fix, but I’m good with not seeing all the retardation that came along with it.

  18. Small plug but if you want a strong douse of sanity and media deconstruction. I strongly suggest checking out the No Agenda Podcast the guys look at the lies of the media and give you the news straight.

    And it will make you laugh and they tell jokes and be honest because they don’t have to worry about an ad firm coming in and pulling all there ads because they made a SJW mad


    1. I second the No Agenda podcast suggestion. I enjoy it, and my wife loves it.
      Larry keep writing and kicking ass on your blog. I do not want to go on Fecesbook. I might have to if they let you back. I really have missed your blog posts. They make me smile at my job in the microbiology lab. Now back to Flu testing.


  19. Nancy Pelosi is living proof that Botox kills brain cells.

    Oh, and an interesting article on where all the panic is being generated for political gain:

    Funny, my sister sent me an e-mail breathless with the information that the Imperial College UK had proof we are all doomed.

    Wrote back to her that the IC UK predicted 2,000,000 deaths in the United States. As of yesterday there were (approx.) 540 US deaths.


    1. In fairness, the virus has barely cranked up, and the Imperial College boys and girls were predicting 2.2 million deaths ONLY if nobody changed their behavior at all and we all went about our daily business like nothing was wrong. And, as of this writing, the US is now at about 800 deaths.

      That having been said, I think the US is probably going to lose about ten times what we do during a normal flu season, so between 300,000-600,000 people. Bad, nasty, a lot of grieving, but not TEOTWAWKI.

  20. Larry – if you want to see some interesting statistical analysis of the Wuhan virus track, you should check out Denniger’s latest at his market-ticker blog. He’s been disagreeing with most .gov spokes-flaks on this for quite a while and seems to have the math to prove his(many) points.

  21. I’ve mentioned this a few times over recent weeks, but the people who have nothing in their lives outside of political team sports are the worst. Well, actually no. The media is the worst.

    Well, the media is made of “people who have nothing in their lives outside of political team sports”, except they also have a massive superiority complex, a megaphone, and an irresistible desire to use both to bring everyone else down.

    So yes, the media are the worst of the worst.

  22. Have some fun with them. Log back on and post something like, “Gee, it’s raining here.” and see how quickly you get banned for that.

  23. Hey Larry. Continue your lockdown.

    This will get crazy before it gets better. My main info source on this ride is from Peak Prosperity, a soft prepper site. Check out their YouTube channel.

    If the US does not harden the fuck up, expect an 85 percent infection rate in 40 days or so.

  24. Tell us how you REALLY feel, Oh Mighty ILOH.

    As insane as everything has gotten, did you have any comment on the elder abuse of Creepy Uncle Joe? I’m no fan of his by any stretch, but the poor guy has absolutely no idea what’s going on, and is (IMO) borderline incompetent.

  25. Wow, read the exchange of posts between Larry and N. Holt and it felt like watching a gorella punch a gerbil to death. Except that the gerbil was so medicated, it couldn’t feel any pain. I kinda feel guilty about enjoying it so much.
    In any event, I’m in the abandon Youtube camp. I’ve always hated it and would be happier to read your posts right here.

  26. Either this virus is gonna kill us all, and we have so many cases the lockdown is pointless, and even it it does damp that rate of infection down some, it will resume as soon as the order is lifted,
    The virus is WAY less lethal than than the PRESS and GOV. tell us, is already widely spread though the population, mostly with no or minimal effect, and is mostly affecting the very old and very ill already. All the (crappy) data points toward this.
    In either case committing economic suicide is not going to help.

    My take- the Chi-coms have their thumbs on the panic button trying to weaken our economy as a counterblow to our new trade regulations. They have leverage on half this countries politicians and news media, who are totally sympathetic to the murderous bastards by choice anyway.

    1. @Raven:
      I’m gonna go with “WAY less lethal”. Statistically, it’s extremely unlikely that the virus just hit our shores when we knew to start testing for it. It’s also unlikely that we suddenly developed thousands of cases as soon as we started testing. Based on the supposed rates of infection and tracing the curves back to the origin (the “zero” point), it’s far more likely that the virus was spreading long before we knew anything. Possibly before the first of the year.

      On top of that, we still have no idea how many people have it. They’re only testing symptomatic, high-risk cases, and we already know that many-if-not-most people never present symptoms, or present such mild symptoms that they brush it off as a normal cold or flu. In either case, they are contagious but not tested, and so are not counted in the “confirmed cases” numbers.

      And yet, our total Covid-19 deaths for three months of pandemic are less than an average week’s vehicular fatalities.

      The difference is, we’ve never crippled our economy or passed a $2 TRILLION pork-filled “relief” bill over the “pandemic” of car crashes (let alone the much-smaller “epidemic of gun violence”).

      I agree on the Chi-Coms and their sympathetic pols on this side of the Pacific, but I don’t believe it was intentional. It’s just another instance of Leftist and socialists (but I repeat myself) playing the “Never let a crisis go to waste” game.

  27. Yesterday FB told me I caught another 60 day ban. Today it’s gone. I think Joe Biden is running their servers. That, or all their censors just dropped dead of the Kung Flu.

  28. Larry, the only color you should worry about as a working writer is nice pictures of Andy Jackson on green paper, in large bundles.

  29. “My take away from the last few days are that the government sucks at literally everything. Anything you count on it to do for you, they will let you down, either through stupidity, corruption, or outright malice. Republicans are the stupid party and democrats are the evil party.”
    I work in .Gov and I approve this message
    (Seriously, we’re coming up on month 5 or 6 of a cloud migration that probably would’ve been done before XMas in the private sector, all because of .Gov BS.)

    I do wish, though, that’d I known of the show between Larry & Holt, I would’ve made popcorn before reading it…

  30. 1) “The media is trash. They are absolute garbage people. They don’t care if you live or die, as long as they can score a few points in the process.”

    Yes, they fucking well are. Oh. My. Ghod. Shameless liars -and- idiots, simultaneously.

    Random example, anyone want to know why Italy is having the highest “death rate” from Wuhan Flu of any European country? Because anyone who dies of anything right now is listed as a flu victim. They’re counting wrong, is the bottom line. Probably deliberately, possibly by bureaucratic inertia and middle management stupidity.

    Did I hear that from media? No, I read it in a blog quoting an Italian doctor who’s waist deep in it right now.

    2) “On that note, I want to amend my earlier statement about the media being the worst, and the click bait suckers being second. Let’s move the media to #2, and the morons to #3, because holy shit… Nancy… What the hell?”

    I will see your Nancy and raise you a Shiny Pony. The Justin Trudeau Liberals tried to launch a full-on banana republic takeover of Canada on Monday, by way of their “emergency” bill. It was basically a blank check that let them do whatever the hell they wanted until 2022.

    What kind of human beings do that in the middle of a pandemic? Short answer, the same kind that run China. The ones that created Stalin’s Holodomore and Mao’s Great Leap Forward.

    -We- voted for them. We need to start thinking about that a little bit, I think.

    3) Here’s something Larry didn’t touch on, but I want to include: everything we are going through right now is happening because our governments did not stop air travel at the beginning of all this.

    The Wuhan Flu traveled the world at 500mph. It came in on passenger airplanes from China. Its been coming in since that first guy ate a bat in Wuhan, or whatever the ultimate cause turns out to be. IT IS STILL COMING IN, because as I sit here locked down in crappy overcast Southern Ontario, there are flights landing all over Canada from Europe AND CHINA.

    Now, peace be upon the no-doubt lovely and talented N. Holt government worker above, I’m pretty sure it would have been cheaper and better to shut down air travel for a couple of months than to call everyone racists and let the planes keep flying. It would in fact have been cheaper to quarantine every traveler in a five-star hotel for two weeks than to do what’s been done.

    And that’s just the money side.

    If my mother dies from this shit because some lobbyist wanted Air Canada to keep flying, I will not ever let it go. 20 years from now, I will still be voting based on public health policy and disaster preparedness. N. Holt can call me a racist all she wants, I do not give a single fuck what she thinks.

    You know who my favorite guy is now? The Boober Eats guy Brenna was talking about up above. Can’t run your strip club safely? Switch over and have drive-in stripper food delivery. Let the lovely ladies dance in the parking lot. That’s how private enterprise does it.

  31. Heck, I got my degree in journalism! Just in time to realize most journalists are hacks and that click-bait is king! I guess you can’t totally blame them that people care more about clicks than facts, but they still feed into it! Currently unemployed, waiting for more unemployment check to come in while I desperately search for work in an economy that’s no longer hiring. I recently read that if I want to have a job in journalism, start a blog (which I have!)

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