What’s Happening in 2017 on the Writing Front

2016 was a really busy year for me. I had four books come out, an Audible novella, and several short stories published. I also had my first leatherbound limited edition release.

If I look back at my career, I’ll have a huge year with a bunch of releases, then a smaller year with one or two, then another huge year, so on. It isn’t that I write faster or slower (I’m pretty reliable at about 2 1/2 a year) but in publishing you need to get your items on the distributors calendars way in advance so it just works out that way. 2016 was abnormal because I had three collaborations in there.

The next (6th) Monster Hunter novel is Monster Hunter Siege. It comes out in August. The rough draft is done, and I’m going through now and doing an editing pass. I really like this one. It’s back to Owen and progressing on the main story line. I finally get to give some screen time to the Big Bad that I’ve been teasing for several books.

The Monster Hunter Files anthology, featuring a bunch of awesome authors playing in the Monster Hunter universe, is done. I don’t know the release date for it yet. You guys are going to love it.  For the table of contents:


Check that out. I got all sorts of cool writers. 🙂

The next (3rd) MHI collaboration is Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints, with John Ringo. Don’t know the release date on that yet. I’ve got to get Siege out the door first. This one is waiting on me.

Sarah Hoyt is currently working on the rough draft of Monster Hunter Guardian (a Julie Shackleford novel). It takes place during the same time as Monster Hunter Siege.

There is also going to be a collection of my short fiction put out by Baen. I do not know the release date of that yet. I’m putting together and sending Toni all of the stories soon. I’ve actually written a bunch of short fiction, but since it is scattered all over in a bunch of different anthologies over a bunch of years, you guys have missed a lot of really fun stories. And for all the people who have been asking, yes, Tom Stranger will be in there, so there will finally be a version in print.

Speaking of short fiction, coming out in 2017 I have a story in the upcoming Aliens anthology (I get to write a Gun Stories episode for the M41 Pulse Rifle), the upcoming Joe Ledger Unstoppable anthology (Rudy does a psyche eval), and a Bubba Shackleford original Monster Hunter story in the Straight out of Tombstone anthology. Out right now is the Forbidden Thoughts anthology and they reprinted one of my original Sad Puppies essays in it. I’ve got some other short fiction coming out in 2017, but I don’t think those anthologies have been announced yet, so I can’t say what they are.

I hope to have Sinners and my short story collection off to Toni during the 1st quarter. After that I will be working on the sequel to Son of the Black Sword, which is called House of Assassins. The 3rd book in the series is called Destroyer of Worlds.

Audible has asked me to do another Tom Stranger original. I haven’t gotten that on the calendar yet, but because 2 hours of audio works out to about 20k words, I will probably be squeezing that in somewhere between the books above. The next one is called The Adventures of Tom Stranger: A Murder of Manatees.

I have a bunch of other books under contract to write, but I’ve got to do these things in order. There are more Grimnoir novels planned, different trilogy, set in the 1950s, more MHI novels (lots), and a 3rd and final Malcontents novel (Into the Dark). I’ve also got some stand alones that I’ve pitched, but the existing series are the ones that pay the bills, so I’ve got to squeeze them in when I can. Basically if I don’t have any new ideas or get any new contracts, I’m booked from now until the early 2020s.

In related news, in 2017 there will be a new version of the Monster Hunter International Employee Handbook and Role Playing Game, this time using Savage Worlds rules.  More details to come.

If you want a leatherbound MHI, judging by the first one, get on those fast. The first run sold out fast. The rest of the series will be coming out over the next couple of years. I think the next two are up for preorder now.

There is also going to be a leatherbound limited edition of the Grimnoir trilogy, but we’re doing something special there. These are FANCY. More details to come.




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55 thoughts on “What’s Happening in 2017 on the Writing Front”

  1. I’m going to have to start telling those people who demand that you write more that I have bills to pay and I somehow need to fit them around your release schedule.

  2. Ooh, a fancy Grimnoir edition. I might be interested in that. I do enjoy Grimnoir.

    Also psyched to hear about another Tom Stranger audiobook coming sometime.

  3. That sounds great. But, and I’m sorry if I’m missing something obvious here, but is there going to anymore in The Saga of the Forgotten Warrior in 2017?

        1. Your first dollar is to the Lord. Your second dollars is to the International Lord of Hate. Your third dollar is to Uncle Sam.

        1. Just finished SotBS and I’ve got to wait till 2018 for the next one? We need to get the word out about the series: if it gets popular enough, it might get shifted closer to the top of the priority list!

  4. Amazon jump the gun and posted the book cover for Monster Hunter Siege with what I assume is Holy on the cover…

  5. With all of these books you keep putting out, will you ever have time to quit screwing around and become a Real Writer?

    1. Nah, ‘murder’ in this usage is the collective noun, like “a stench of Sasquatch[es]”, or “a flock of geese”, or “a safe space of WorldCon CHORFs”.

      Besides, Wendell can take care of himself. Have you ever noticed that he never gets beyond “mildly annoyed”, and that’s usually the point where people start dropping dead?

      1. I figured it was something like that, but I’d not put it past the ILOH to give it a double meaning by both having a collective of manatees do some collective murdering, and also murdering some manatees. Just putting out the preemptive warning, in case he gets any ideas.

  6. If Amazon were smart, they’d let us subscribe to authors on an opt-out basis, like the old. Book-Of-The-Month Club. “Whenever Larry publishes something, send me an email and give me ten days to decline. If I do not reply, send it to my Kindle and charge me 90% of list price. Repeat until cancelled.”

    1. Maybe something like their subscribe & save program for groceries. Whenever he has a new title out, just mail it to me. (I prefer physical books.) Send me an email to give me a week or so to decline (or to change the format I want it in), but otherwise, yeah. Same for Audible, too, actually. (I get most of Larry’s books on audio as well.)

  7. I was really hoping for some more of Cleaseby and the Malcontents. Are they anywhere on the radar! I really enjoyed that series and SotBS

      1. I was glad to hear there would be another book in the series, but sad to hear it would be “the last”.

        When I first saw the series, I was saying “why is he wasting his time with that stuff, when he could be giving us more MHI or Grimnoir?” But after I read it, I was all “I want more Malcontents!”

  8. Awesome I’m really looking to forward to getting back in Owen’s head. And Straight outta Tombstone sounds amazing.

    OT Larry Have you heard of the recently introduced National Concealed carry reciprocity act? What are your thoughts? Do you think it has a chance of actually passing?

    1. I would love national reciprocity. I am not holding my breath that they won’t find a way to screw it up somehow. 🙂

  9. > Basically if I don’t have any new ideas or get any new contracts, I’m booked from now until the early 2020s.

    Poor Larry. Maybe someday he’ll get to be a real author. Like what’s his name, formerly of the Grauniad and now of Thailand.

  10. With all this material just waiting on them, it sounds like the producers who are lollygagging about on an MHI TV show need to get redshirted. 🙂

    Yeah, because pissing off your producers would work out beautifully. /sarc

  11. Happy! We’re in for another great year in Corriea-land. Looking forward to more Monster Hunters, of course, but Son of the Black Sword was incredible. Really blown away by that one too. And, a 50’s era Grimnoir? Jeez, you’re spoiling us!

  12. Is the employee handbook, gonna be the same as the original and just a different gaming style, or is gonna be new all the way through.

    1. The fluff is the same (but with the additional info for the few new books written since). Rules and system are different.

  13. Great news all ’round – especially happy to hear ’bout FANCY Grimnoir novels. . . soooooo awesome.

  14. “The next (6th) Monster Hunter novel is Monster Hunter Siege. It comes out in August. ”

    I have to wait until August?!?!?!


    1. No, you pony up the big bucks to buy the e-arc in April (a guess) and pay off Larry’s advance before the book is actually released.
      All good news Larry – cheers

  15. Is there a way you can collect all of your MHI short stories and release them with a timeline in one book. Much like Jim Butcher did with Side Jobs. That would be awesome and an Audible version would be great. Can’t imagine that I wouldn’t be a big seller for you.

  16. Ooooh~ a short fiction collection! AND Straight Outta Tombstone is on my ‘to buy’ list. And the rest of the books you mentioned are going on it now too.

    Collector edition Grimnoir? Oooh. I’m actually hoping there’ll be an omnibus of it. Paperbacks wear out on the rereadables…

    1. It’s half the reason I use a Kindle for so many of my purchases.

      I prefer books, but I’ll take the ability to read anywhere on any device without wear and tear.

    1. I like them enough to write short fiction in that universe, and we’ve done an Agent Franks/Joe Ledger crossover story.

  17. And I was thinking, about midway through, “Well, I liked MHI a lot, but not enough to get a leatherbound, but Grimnoir on the other hand…”

    Dammit. ::goes off to start saving money::

  18. Oh man, this is what has me fired up. Book 1 was excellent.

    “After that I will be working on the sequel to Son of the Black Sword, which is called House of Assassins. The 3rd book in the series is called Destroyer of Worlds.”

  19. Shit yeah, I’ve missed Owen as the main character. Will there be an eArc? It’s just that I don’t know if I can wait till August.

  20. Aaaaand now I’m going to have to go furniture shopping. I have two Terry Pratchett shelves, a Robert Jordan shelf, and now I’m going to need a second Larry Correia shelf. With all respect to J.K Rowling, there’s room on her shelf to sublet.

  21. Need the sequel to Son of the Black Sword. You cannot create an interesting world with a powerful primary protagonist and not have it come out ASAP.

    That’s nonnegotiable.

    Keep up the good work.

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