Table of Contents for The Monster Hunter Files anthology

Here is the final list of all the stories which will be in the upcoming The Monster Hunter Files anthology (and a little description from me about them). I do not know the release date yet.

“Thistle” by Larry Correia (Owen and his team take on a new kind of monster in Arizona)

“Small Problems” by Jim Butcher (MHI’s new janitor has to deal with some small problems)

“Darkness Under The Mountain” by Mike Kupari (Cooper takes a freelance job in Afghanistan)

“A Knight Of The Enchanted Forest” by Jessica Day George (Trailer park elves versus gnomes TURF WAR!)

“The Manticore Sanction” by John C. Wright (Cold War era British espionage with monsters)

“The Dead Yard” by Maurice Broaddus (Trip goes to Jamaica on some family business)

“The Bride” by Brad R. Torgersen (Franks wasn’t the only thing Benjamin Franklin cut deals with)

“She Bitch, Killer of Kits” (a Skinwalker Crossover Tale) by Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock teams up with MHI)

“Mr. Natural” by Jody Lynn Nye (an STFU mission in the 70s has to deal with plant monsters and hippies!)

“Sons Of The Father” by Quincy J. Allen (Two young brothers discover monsters are real, and kill a mess of them)

“The Troll Factory” by Alex Shvartsman (Heather gets some help from MHI for an STFU mission into Russia)

“Keep Kaiju Weird” by Kim May (a Kitsune may have already earned her PUFF exemption, but she’s not going to let some monster squish Portland)

“The Gift” by Steve Diamond (Two of the Vatican’s Hunters from the Blessed Order of Saint Hubert the Protector on a mission in Mexico)

“The Case of the Ghastly Specter” by John Ringo (while studying at Oxford, Chad takes a case)

“Huffman Strikes Back” by Bryan Thomas Schmidt & Julie Frost (Owen’s vacation gets interrupted for some monster revenge)

“Hunter Born” by Sarah A. Hoyt (remember how I mentioned Julie didn’t get to go to her prom because of monster problems? Here you go)

“Hitler’s Dog” by Jonathan Maberry (It is WW2 and Agent Franks really hates Nazis)

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65 thoughts on “Table of Contents for The Monster Hunter Files anthology”

  1. I’m pretty excited about this. My story is about a veteran Hunter who quits MHI and goes freelance in Afghanistan, working for a Chinese mining company.

      1. Mike wrote Valentine. I wrote Lorenzo. But there was also a lot of cross back and forth writing in each other’s parts.

        1. Stop giving away the blend of herbs and spices! You’re like that dog on the Bush’s Baked Beans commercials! 😀

  2. I don’t know what’s better – the names or the descriptions.

    Definitely looking forward to “A Knight of the Enchanted Forest”.


    Dang, I am so oooooooooo ready for this! Will it be recorded for Audible, too? And by Oliver Wyman?

  4. A great way to build out the MHI universe by bringing in other authors to play in the MHI playground. Looking forward to it.

    1. Why wait? Get started now, then laugh at the folks lined up to buy their “limit 2 boxes per person” after the election.

  5. Larry has skilled and accomplished authors literally writing fan fiction in his universe, but he’s still totally not a real author.

  6. “Hitler’s Dog” by Jonathan Maberry (It is WW2 and Agent Franks really hates Nazis)”

    God didn’t melt the faces of the Nazis for opening the Ark of the Covenant. That was Franks.

    And if Dr. Jones knows what’s good for him, he’ll keep telling people his eyes were closed and he didn’t see nothin’.

  7. Larry, you have GOT to stop doing this. Even at Kindle prices I am not made of money! Can’t you take some work-ethic tips from GRRM or something?

    1. Five or six years per book? I think I’d get terribly bored (though I would also get a whole lot of minis painted).

  8. Man. I sure hope that I can get my wife into your books like I did with John Ringo’s books. Or I will be dead from blowing our book budget.

    I went back to college to get my PhD in accounting so maybe I can claim them as school work?

    1. Its tempting to think so, but I saw a non-staged colour pic of the High Command a few years ago. They were standing around waiting for something to happen before an event, all in their snazzy uniforms. It was before the war, so they were pretty happy and riding high.

      What a bunch of hicks! These guys were not Werner Von Braun, nuh uh. They were in the right place at the right time, riding the right coloured horse, by -accident-.

  9. Sigh. If you were a real writer, you’d have Scalzi and Jemisin contributing to your anthologies. Oh well, I guess you’ll have to make do.*

    *note: sarcasm

    1. If history is any guide, Scalzi might be able to pull out a readable story. If he had a decent editor, anyway.

      Nora would have the world eaten by the sky squids. That’s how she rolls.

    2. True story. During the Baen Road Show at DragonCon a couple of years ago, Ringo was talking about the Black Tide Rising anthology to a room full of enthusiastic fans (the Road Show gets a big room at DC). He’s going down the list. We’ve got so and so! Audience freaks out YAAAAAY! And we’ve got a story by this guy! HOOOORAY! And a story by this person too! WOOOOOOOOOT! And we’ve even got a story by John Scalzi! … … … (awkward silence).

  10. The height of joy and victory and the agony of waiting…

    I read the first paragraph to fast, I did not see the “I do not know the release date yet.”

    Wander through the many descriptions… and wonder when is it due out.

    “I do not know the release date yet.”

    Dang it.

    We hates waiting precious… we hates it.

  11. Well Larry, this will be the first anthology I’ve ever bought, the first book I’ve ever preordered, and the first book made of paper I’ve bought in several years. You’re a champion. I’m trying to get a friend to read these, but he decided to reread the Wheel of Time instead. It’ll be a while.

  12. Larry, you might mention to your editor that since your eARCs sell so well, it might be worth looking into offering pre-pre-orders.

  13. I need this. I wish I was a writer yet so I could contribute, even. So many ideas. Oh well, I’ll save them for the MHI pen & paper!

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