Special Project N is now Live! THE ILLUSTRATED CHRISTMAS (NOUN)!

I can now reveal that Special Project N is actually the Illustrated Christmas (Noun) Book!


That’s right. We have compiled the first six years of Christmas (Noun) stories into one volume, added a bunch of extras, and illustrated the whole dang thing!

Yes. I draw cartoons (poorly)! Lots and lots of cartoons. (between that, the guns, and mini painting, I’m like a modern day renaissance man, which is okay I guess, because I always wanted to be a street samurai when I grew up, but that didn’t work out because of all the required cardio)

This book has cartoon manatees, dinosaurs, kung-fu fighting reindeer, ice tanks, and more! And if you ACT NOW you can also get Christmas (Noun) Christmas cards and posters.  And (*Jack’s disclaimer: Probably) get your Illustrated Christmas (Noun) Book in time for Christmas!

Bonus points for whichever of you nerds recognizes that cover design. 🙂


Hey all- Jack Wylder here with the big reveal of Special Project N.
In July of last year, Larry showed the very beginnings of the project. https://monsterhunternation.com/2015/07/29/behind-the-scenes-look-at-special-project-n/
Now at last, we can reveal the project in all it’s glory. As speculated in the comments at the time, Special Project N is… (drum roll, please)

The Illustrated Christmas (Noun)!

A year or so ago Larry started taking a sketchpad with him to the various cons he was signing at and in between his signings, doodled some cartoons. After he had enough, he sent them to me to scan. (Example: )
Then I put it through the CorreiaColor process (IE Photoshop) and we get:
We could have called it “The Expanded and Illustrated Christmas (Noun) because there is some new material not found elsewhere, but that would’ve been hard to fit on the cover.
We were so pleased with the way the artwork came out that we’re offering some of our favorites as mini-posters and/or greeting cards.
You can order as much or as little as you like, but we have put discounts on the bundles.
For obvious reasons, we don’t want to reveal too much of the artwork here but I’m pretty confident you’ll be amused.
2 things:
1) Right now we’re taking orders for First Editions, but we’ll likely offer other editions down the line (unlike the Challenge Coins we’ve done in the past).
2) In 2 weeks time, we’ll place the order based on the sales numbers at the time. With our new shipping division and the lead times I’ve calculated these definitely should be in your hands in plenty of time for Christmas. (For obvious reasons, I can’t promise this but I’m expecting to have these all shipped by end of November at the latest.) There’s been a lot of work put into this and we can’t wait to see what you think!
To see more, or to place an order go to: https://mhiswag.myshopify.com/



Alliance of Shadows is out today!
The Cazador gets a scope

61 thoughts on “Special Project N is now Live! THE ILLUSTRATED CHRISTMAS (NOUN)!”

  1. I may just be blind, but I can’t seem to find it on the store. Larry, I want to give you my money, but I can’t if you don’t let me!

  2. PayPal is shown as an option, but it appears the only way to purchase is by credit card. That’s going to delay me some, as I have to shift my massive bulk in order to access my wallet.

  3. Also, folks, the link doesn’t point to the right place. Once you see the patches page, click the Catalog link at the top. You’ll then be able to click over to the book.

  4. ooh…. I’m not much for posters, but if there was a book with the text and accompanying illustrations, I’d totally buy that

    Is that on the agenda?

  5. It’s a good thing the John Ringo portion of The Christmas Noun 5: Fifty Shades of Noun has already been censored.

      1. Paypal royally screwed us during the last challenge coin run. They locked up all the money you guys prepaid with, and then made us jump through a giant series of ridiculous hoops to try and prove that we weren’t a scam. It was so bad that the only reason there was a challenge coin run was because unlike most small business I was in the position where I could personally write a $30k check to cover production.

        Paypal didn’t give us or money until I got a hold of a manager, explained that I had a bit more reach than most of the people they screw over, so I want my friggin’ money, or I’m going to make sure 100,000 people hear how you like to hose small business and sit on their money collecting interest.

        1. That certainly seems easier than a class action suit, although it might be less effective as a deterrent. OTOH, in a class action suit Paypal loses an amount likely already in their budget, lawyers make out like bandits and the public gets green stamps.

  6. The cover is a spoof of the original G.I. Joe comic book, episode #1.
    My hat’s off to you sir!

  7. Don’t diss your cartooning, Larry. You’re not bad. A lot better than me, that’s for sure.

  8. Christmas Noun is the codename for America’s daring,
    highly trained, social sarcasm mission force!
    It’s purpose, to defend human freedom against SJW,
    a very nervous safe space organization
    determined to rule the world! (As long as the indigenous peoples agree)

    YO NOUN!

  9. I guess I’m too much of an Old School Nerd. It was a toss up between a Sgt Fury and a Sgt Rock comic cover.

    ETA: Now that I think about it, it’s also similar to a Haunted Tank cover if my misty memory serves…

      1. Although the original Haunted Tank was actually haunted by Jeb Stuart, as was fitting for an M3 Stuart Tank.

  10. Well, this is super cool. I was gonna buy it right now, but if you don’t take PayPal, then… I’ll have to see. (I’d have to get up to get my debit card, and I’m too lazy to do that right now.)

    Also, $10 for shipping within the US? That seems… steep. If all I’m getting’s the book, you could ship it media mail for like a third of that.

    Also, just as an aside, it would be super helpful if you could announce these cool exclusive things sometime in the month prior to whatever the last date to order is. Because paycheck. (No, I’m not saying that I’ve *spent* all my money for this month already, but I do tend to *allot* it by now.)

    1. Larry explained above why we don’t take PayPal. They tried to screw us once, they’re not getting a second chance. Shipping is one flat price- might be slightly high for one book, but it will be low if you order the full set (which is actually 2 separate shipments), plus there’s the packaging, and handling fees now that we have a fulfillment house to get things out quicker. There’s more to the shipping and handling than just what you pay the carrier! If anything, I’m worried we’re going to lose money on it this time…

      1. I would be curious to hear a more detailed account of the PayPal incident (I’m wondering what justification they gave for withholding the money because that kind of boggles me, especially if they were just keeping it for themselves rather than refunding it if they thought bad dealings were going on), but I suppose posting such would be some kind of faux pas.

        1. Their particular story is a pretty common refrain in the past year or two for anyone doing crowdfunding or pre-orders through paypal.

          The short answer for most retailers in this instance has been to just say no going forward and I can’t fault them for that. Paypal has been pretty shady.

          1. Really? Dang, I hadn’t heard anything about that. That really sucks, since PayPal is kinda the only non-card way to pay online and it’s super convenient for buyers.

          2. It isn’t super convenient when they sit on 30k of your money for 6 months, forcing you to pay for an entire run of challenge coins out of your own pocket or cancel the project though. 🙂

          3. There’s even a class action lawsuit over it, but I’ve not paid much attention to that.

        2. Their justification is that on preorders, the customer could demand their money back, and Paypal would be liable. The problem is for most small businesses there is no way to do a project out of pocket, which is why they do preorders.

          Not 5% or 10% returns, they bank on 100%.

          In the meantime, they do this to everybody, and sit on tens of millions of dollars for extra months at a time, collecting interest.

          And then you have to fill out paperwork for each individual order fulfilled demonstrating that it is fulfilled so they’ll unlock that one. It actually took longer to do that than to process and ship the order. So it was adding insult to injury.

      2. BTW, how many pages is it? Hardcover or soft? Have/will you consider selling a digital edition as a more ‘budget’ option?

  11. Slightly OT, but for those of you that cannot wait to throw MORE money at Larry, Alliance of Shadows (the non-eARC version) is now out. I got it again on Kindle and Audible. Enjoy the end to a great trilogy.

    1. (Pssst! Now that all but two orders have shipped, I’ve just added the remainders to the shop. Haven’t announced it just yet so you can get in early)

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