47 thoughts on “Behind the scenes look at Special Project N”

  1. Still no time to blog, but I drew a monster truck driving manatee ramming a rocket sled pulled by a chainsaw wielding velociraptor.

    Larry, that might well be one of the coolest lines I’ve read this week, and I’m rereading MHI. 😀

    1. I just finished my re-read and it finally dawned on me to wonder – how did anyone know to come to Owen’s aid after the werewolf attack? Last we knew he was dragging himself to the elevator, and sounds like he passed out. Security guard found him maybe?

      1. His dead bosses body landing on an SUV followed by a desk would have attracted the attention of the authorities, who would have searched the building.

  2. This gives me the idea for a horror novel: the craziness in Larry’s head gets out into reality.

    1. What if the real reason some writers wrote was because, if they didn’t the crazy things in their head would not be locked into a book but rather would escape into the real world.

      1. Actually I think that was a plot hook for one of the “Nightmare on Elm Street” movies. Can’t remember which one but they had the cast from the first one do the sequel

  3. Larry! Damn it! That’s a T-rex. Big head, short arms, no big claw on foot. You researched the monster truck, but expect to just wave your magic pole arm over the dino and make it OK. Sigh!

    1. How do you know that T-Rex isn’t transitioning to being a raptor, and it identifies as a raptor? Enough of your cis-paleolontogical privilege hatemonger!

    1. It would cut too much into my novel writing time. Believe me, I’ve thought about it. My wife and I actually have a hilarious idea for a roving space shopping mall.

  4. I envision a series of disturbingly violent children’s books growing out of this.

    You should be getting a call from Hasbro soon.

    1. By soon I think you mean ‘never’. Thanks for sharing that with us Larry, it made my day. But I’m thinking you might have got something wrong. MHI = Manatee Hunters International, a band of brave Manatees holding the line for humanity against a wave of monsters. The books write themselves, I’ll start:
      Wheeeeeehooo hoooooweeeee hoooooo. Just take it from there 🙂

    2. Oh, one other thing, you know adult coloring books are a thing, I see a new direction for your publishing career!

        1. I think he mentioned that his dinosaur hasn’t completed transitioning. Maybe next year it will have feathers.

          1. Now, now. It had feathers but decided government-funded body-modification was needed and had them removed to further it’s transition.

  5. I love it when Larry draws stuff like this, they’re both awesomely badass and adorable XD

    What a good start to my day. ^_^

        1. Larry posted a number of the doodles he made during last year’s book tour. One of them was Agent Franks punching out Cthulhu. Not sure where it would be, but it was here on his blog.

  6. Yes. We must haves cartoons and Massively Metal cover art for the next buying opportunity. Coins, covers, cartoons.

  7. I so plan on having Larry add to the doodles he did for my MHI RPG book when he was at space city con when he gets back to Texas.
    I think I need a copy of Franks punching Cthulhu as part of that now.

  8. Hoo boy, there goes the children’s book market! The SJW types who guard those shelves so that the precious snowflakes won’t get badthink are going to go into cardiac arrest (while the publisher makes some money, and Correiatech cashes checks for more shelves and stuff to put on them).

  9. Uuummm….
    I think there ought to be a big green smiley face, with horns, on the door of the truck.
    Anybody else have a suggestion?

  10. Can we have a figurine or stuffed toy of the velocirapor with the chainsaw? I want one for my kids. Each.

  11. If Jack does the whole thing like, that I will buy the poster. Take more of money Correia, I dare you.

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