Fisking the Guardian's Village Idiot, Part 2

Continued from yesterday:

Fisking the Guardian's Village Idiot: Part 1

As I was writing up that last fisk, some sane people were commenting on the Guardian article. Because Damien’s responses were so idiotic, this Fisk turned into a two parter, with this section being more of an explanation of my personal philosophies for dealing with morons and bullies. In the comments it was pointed out that pretty much everything Damien said related to me was a lie and Damien smells funny (okay, I added that last part). Here is what Damien had to say in his defense:

I think Correia did two things. The first was appeal for votes on the basis of a perceived liberal bias in the genre.

So he can read… Duh.

That was the basis of his campaign, a protest vote against liberal influence. That was divisive and did a lot to spark the backlash he’s still feeling.

Demonstrating that bias exists in a biased system: DIVISIVE.

Attacking, libeling, and sabotaging authors of diverse opinions to intimidate them into never speaking up against a rigid, homogenous groupthink… NOT DIVISIVE.

Got it!

Man, it must have really sucked for him the way their insane reaction validated everything I said. It would have been much nicer for everybody if I would have just kept my mouth shut like right wingers are supposed to, then they could continue slandering people in peace. How very divisive of me.

Secondly, and this is going to be much more damaging for him longterm, he allowed himself to become very closely associated to Vox Day in the process. Ultimately people do judge others by their associations, and both Larry Correia and John C Wright have made very public declarations of support for Day, that I fear both will deeply regret in the long run.

One of the tactics I’ve seen them take is conflating my views with those of Vox Day. It doesn’t matter that I’ve disagreed with the man, and I’ve debated with him several times, but they sure love linking me to Vox. See, unlike me, they can actually find a couple of comments from him that they can manage to spin up some outrage over, and everybody knows righteous indignation gives libprogs super powers.

You have an issue with something Vox said, take it up with him. I did, and I found the guy to be a capable debater, and many of the insinuations about him floating around the internet were grossly exaggerated. (says the man who the Guardian has insinuated hates women and wants to keep fiction the exclusive domain of a group he doesn’t technically belong to, so I simply can’t imagine the internet exaggerating somebody’s beliefs.)

The woman Vox insulted with the infamous half-savage comment also has a long history of inflammatory racial statements, and had been throwing insults at Vox for years, but somehow she always gets a pass in these discussions about “divisiveness” (remember what I said earlier about the Ctrl H search and replace to put Jew instead of White Man in their tweets? She’s totally the best). I don’t think she likes me much either, because she gave a speech a little while ago and condemned Mr. Free Speech At All Costs… I think that’s supposed to be me, but personally I took that as a compliment, because you know, that part where I actually believe in free speech and stuff.

So I recommend a short story by somebody who made a statement they found racist? DIVISIVE! And Damien will condemn me in his newspaper. Meanwhile, an approved author writes tons of negative things about an ethnic group that it is cool to hate? Totally not divisive, and Damien will plug her in his newspaper. Now me personally, I think the concept of race is increasingly irrelevant bullshit, and I judge all humans as individuals, but I’m the International Lord of Hate.

Public declaration of support? By that Damien means I failed to join his lynch mob? Sadly I couldn’t find my jack boots in time.

I enjoyed Vox’s story and I put it on my slate, that doesn’t make me his spokesman. The guy is capable of defending his own beliefs. My only public declarations of support have been in favor of free speech. That honest to God belief in free speech is one of the reasons my slate could include the author Damien’s SJW contingent hates more than any other. As a happy bonus, getting their Public Enemy Number One on the ballot caused so much SJW wailing and gnashing of teeth that it helped me accomplish my goal of exposing their bias. Anything that makes statists that rage-sputtery is fun for me.

Here’s the thing, I’m a whole lot more worried about censorship minded, career sabotaging, bullies becoming the final arbiters of acceptable than I am the writings of a contrarian who likes to get into arguments. Free speech especially includes the speech of people you disagree with. The answer to speech you don’t like is more speech, debate and argument and convincing the undecided, not purges, blacklisting, and smear campaigns designed to keep everyone in line. If somebody says something stupid, demonstrate why it is stupid.

For example, I’d never wish for Damien to quit writing for the Guardian, because his blathering is comedy gold.

Today it is acceptable to destroy somebody who said something you don’t like, or you can fire somebody from a job for giving money to a political campaign you don’t like, or you can run off an award show host because of what he might say in the future, or you can disinvite a fan guest of honor because of an anonymous accusation, or you can slander an editor putting together an anthology about diversity because his politics are “troubling” (even if it turns out he’d lived in the 3rd world much of his life). So what is going to be acceptable tomorrow?

If not now, when does it become okay to finally stand up to the perpetually outraged crowd and tell them no? To spineless weasels like Damien, the answer is never, because he’s a quisling.

Quests for purity always inevitably lead to purges, and we’ve already seen the beginnings of that with them turning against people on their ideological side who’ve grown weary of the constant outrage, so those people get a bunch of outrage until they are shamed, forced to apologize, and fall back in line. The nail that sticks up must be hammered down. If no nails are currently sticking up, they’ll pick one at random for sins real or imagined and start hammering that one instead.

My side jokingly call this the SJW Outrage of the Week, but sadly that isn’t really an exaggeration anymore. About once a week they fly off the handle and begin screeching about somebody, because they’re all about diversity, as long as everybody totally agrees with them.

I drew my line a long time ago. I honestly believe in free speech. Whether it is Vox or Jemsin, Matt Damon or Gary Sinise, Phil Robertson or Rupaul, their work and ideas should stand or fall on their own merits, and not some ideological narrative. Don’t like it? Too damned bad, because luckily in this country we still have the ability to say so.

I can’t speak for John Wright, and wouldn’t dare to anyway because he’s far more eloquent than I could ever be, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that he feels the same way I do about the dangers of writers being silenced. Let’s check:

BOOM! Damn, Damien, how does it feel to get pimp slapped? John C. Wright just made you his bitch!

You know who else doesn’t like thought police? Several really famous big name writers who’ve contacted me to thank me for what I’ve done (one huge author in particular blew my mind). They’re even moderate or fairly liberal, however they’re sick of the self-righteous bullies and their endless outrage too. Only they can’t say anything in public, because they know if they do the SJWs would come for them next.

If they disagree they might get accused of homophobia in the Guardian or something…

EDIT! More of Damien’s hypocrisy was pointed out to me today. For a dude attacking me for being “closely associated” with somebody who said something controversial, he certainly has no problem in the very same article quoting an author who has publically supported NAMBLA. For those of you who don’t know, that’s the North American Man Boy Love Association, which is an organization for freaking PEDOPHILES… Look under the Associated Individuals section for Samuel Delany’s quotes about this organization. Now, if we’re looking for something offensive to “closely associate” with, I’m having a hard time thinking of anything lower than child molesters.

I’m quite serious about my suggestion by the way. I think if Correia wrote publicly to support the new diversity in the genre, and apologised for any perception he was campaigning against it, that might help him a lot.

Apologize for the perception? Apologize for being seen as an enemy of progress? That sounds suspiciously like the apologies Stalin used to have people sign right before he shipped them off to the gulag, so in response, Beria, er, I mean Damien, here are a few of my thoughts about what it really means when a libprog demands an apology.

Rule number one. Never apologize for something that shouldn’t be apologized for. Check out all the various firings, purges, boycotts, and cancellations. Apologizing for causing their outrage is you taking responsibility for their ignorance and inability to control their own emotions. Apologizing to the perpetually outraged means they own you. You have declared yourself guilty and vulnerable to their threats. It is like negotiating with terrorists. Give into their demands and you’re just encouraging them to blow something else up.

If I was the type of mushy headed fool that would issue an apology, it wouldn’t matter anyway, because as we’ve already seen my actual words and actions mean nothing compared to the agreed upon narrative, and that narrative is that I’m guilty of pretty much every vile thing they can think of. Luckily for me, I’m successful enough that these people aren’t particularly threatening, so I scrape them off my shoe and continue writing books.

Normal people only apologize for things that should be apologized for, like for example: “I’m sorry the Social Justice Warrior contingent of sci-fi is made up of a bunch of perpetually outraged adult children.” Suckers feel the need to apologize for their entire sex, their ancestors, and the melanin content of their skin.

This seems bug nuts to regular people, but just remember that when you’re dealing with a group of SJWs who see everything through a prism of shame, jealously, and guilt, they expect incomprehensible stuff like this.

Privilege Whale

I named my wireless router Privilege Whale.

So after some consideration of whether I should sign the witch hunters’ confession or not, I’m going to have to go with my final answer of, fuck off, Damien. Or bugger off, scamper? Hell, whatever it is the sane people of Britain would tell Damien to do.

Remember, we won’t know who missed out on shortlist places until after the awards. At that point Correia et al could find the response to them gets much, much worse even than when the story broke”

Wait… It is going to get even worse? So are more of you guys going to make up crazy outlandish shit about me on the internet? Because you know, that never gets old.

Is that supposed to be a threat, Damien? Because you are very bad at it. A proper threat is something like, “Keep talking shit about me, and maybe I’ll decide to do a Sad Puppies 3, only this time I’ll actually put in some effort.”

Here is another awesome Damien comment, after somebody asked him if he actually bothered to read the books of the authors he criticized:

Which writers do you mean? My piece doesn’t really criticise anyone? So who do you mean?”

Nobody could possibly be that obtuse. But to be fair, I wouldn’t say criticize, so much as much as insinuate racism and misogyny in a completely chicken shit fashion, but hey, whatever. His column must have been about the OTHER conservative author who came up with and promoted a successful internet campaign that got a whole bunch of Hugo nominations, that caused allegations of ballot stuffing and outraged all the Social Justice Warriors… Holy shit. Does that mean there’s MORE OF US?!

Seriously, Guardian, I really hope you’re not actually paying this loser because you’re wasting your pounds or euros or WTF ever it is you use for money now. Honestly, you could hire a random hobo and get better columns written (from my extensive watching of Top Gear I believe you blokes call them tramps).

Thus far Damien has been an amusing annoyance, but then a fan had to go and send this to me. This comment was posted on Twitter, long after he’d posted his article, and he was catching flack for just making shit up. This was the first time Damien actually made me angry.

  1. Damien Walter‏@damiengwalterMay 30

Can anyone help identify times Larry Correia has “responded poorly” to diversity in genre? … Seriously.

So of all Damien’s stupid shit thus far, why did that actually get an emotional response out of me? Basically, it is because I can’t believe anybody SUCKS THAT MUCH AT THEIR JOB.

I mean really, Damien, you’ve written about me repeatedly now, making up all sorts of crap while the actual evidence pointed to the contrary, and after being called on it you have to CROWD SOURCE YOUR WITCH HUNT? Holy shit, Damien, you are shockingly unsuited for this. Aren’t journalists supposed to do research first? I know that journalism is the clown college of writing, but damn that is pathetic… On second thought, I retract that comment, because clowns provide a useful service, and I can’t imagine anybody ever inviting Damien Walter to a birthday party.

So—not being racist/misogynist/homophobic—I was curious to see what damning evidence his legion of fan would come up with to condemn me. They’ve got thousands of political posts to choose from… Somebody didn’t like that I’d been a CCW instructor, and how I’d said that I’d taught hundreds of women to shoot rapists, yet these women hadn’t all LITERALLY shot hundreds of rapists, ergo I was a failure and a liar…

Holy shit.

My response to that, have you ever gone fishing? Did you catch all the fish?

They then went on to explain how my teaching self-defense to women proved I thought women were weak, and that my efforts did nothing to stop date rape, or rape within marriage, and thus showed I didn’t understand the issue. Wow. You know, I’ve got fire extinguishers around the house, but they are pretty useless against thousand acre forest fires, so I’m obviously pro-arson, and should throw all my fire extinguishers away.

Then there was a related spin off thread where various white suburbanite progs explained how I’m really a WHITE Hispanic, and as an added bonus, libertarian Sarah Hoyt is a fascist. You really can’t make this stuff up.

So because Damien’s readers sucked at finding any actual evidence of hatemongery from my thousands of political posts, I put out a call for my readership to help him find something damning for his next inevitable column about me. As usual, the Monster Hunter Nation was super helpful:

  1. Larry Correia grows an awesome murder hobo beard. Beards are scary.
  2. Larry Correia accused Damien of having a witch hunt, which is insensitive to witches.
  3. Larry Correia is a pretty good miniature painter. Hitler was also a painter.

Judging by the journalistic integrity of Damien’s previous columns, I’m sure he’ll be able to put together another article or two with that.

One funny note about my super helpful fans over the last few days, Damien or his readers dismissed some of my defenders on Twitter because they were “Straight White Males”… Turns out on some of these guys they were wrong on race or orientation, but Damien’s is the inclusive side, because obviously all minorities’ beliefs are color coded for liberal convenience.

Here is another Damien gem from the comments:

I have no clear idea what you mean by shunning or writing people out of the genre.

Let’s see, that’s got to be a lie, because he can’t be that stupid, especially as he’s participated in the shunning.

I assume you’re bringing in baggage from other discussions.

He says as he brings in every unrelated bigoted thing that has ever happened in the history of fiction and lays it at my feet.

We have a genre growing ever more diverse, and a small clique of reactionaries behaving very poorly in response to that.

He makes my campaign about something else, and then assigns his opponents absurd opinions they don’t actually hold.

And doing immense damage to their own careers in the process.

Says the doofus who supposedly has a government grant to write a novel, to the guy with more paying work than he knows what to do with.

Sad for everyone involved.

Not really. I’m rather enjoying this. The more the Damiens of the world lie and fret, the more it proves my point.

But that’s it for his idiocy today. Now I want to delve into his accusations that my exposing left wing bias was really some sort of white male war against diversity all along. Anybody who has actually read any of my books knows that is a really stupid hypothesis.

While I was getting slandered by Damien for things I never said about how writers shouldn’t write diverse characters, I had a bestselling novel out where the big heroic pivotal sacrifice moment of the story was performed by a bisexual. However, I gave that character that particular trait because it made the character more interesting, and not for the correct reason of checking off mandatory SJW boxes, which is apparently bad.

This is the same book where I got into racial segregation in the 1930s, and had a black character become a folk hero a couple scenes after he wasn’t allowed to eat in the same room as the white characters. Oh, yeah, that’s one of the two books where I got into democrat icon FDR’s propensity for throwing diverse people into concentration camps. Shoot. I forgot. Your side declared that I’m a white guy who only writes white men with busty blonde women throwing themselves on white penises.

By the way, that’s from the 2nd book of the trilogy, with the 3rd book being the controversial nomination. This is kind of funny since the hero of the series is a teenage girl, and I’ve got characters who are Chinese, Japanese, Indian, African, Pacific Islander, Filipino, British, French, Russian, the world’s surliest German, and Americans ranging from rich white Ivy Leaguer to poor Irish roughneck to southern black, all in a story where I delve into the racism, segregation, and eugenics of the 1930s. The most powerful man in the world is Japanese, and the smartest was Indian. J. Edgar Hoover was one of the antagonists. I hit everything from Wounded Knee to the Bonus Army.

Hell, if you guys didn’t know I was one of those ultra-evil libertarians who want the government to leave everybody alone equally, somebody might accidently like this book. But I wouldn’t know, since even with all the controversy most of the SJW “reviews” I’ve seen have consisted of skimming the back cover blurb before launching into accusations about how I want to drag homosexuals to death behind my pickup truck.

But that’s just me personally, looking at Damien’s primary argument from the big picture view, Sad Puppies being some sort of anti-diversity campaign is even stupider. It requires the belief that true diversity is only skin deep. It means true diversity is always agreeing with the every absurd complaint of the perpetually outraged. It requires the belief that to truly represent the diversity of the entire planet, you’ve got to be in lockstep with a bunch of left wing pseudo-intellectual crybabies from the first world.

Anybody with a few functioning brain cells to rub together knows that’s crap. Those morons aren’t even the majority in the west, let alone Bangladesh or Budapest.

While he was condemning the history of genre fiction, I want you to think about the absurd hubris in this statement of Damien’s:

We live in a world of seven billion human beings, whose culture has not been reflected or rewarded in ‘the mainstream’. Science fiction – from cult novels that reach a few thousand readers, to blockbuster movies and video games that dominate contemporary culture – has the potential to talk across every remaining boundary in our modern world. That makes it, in my opinion, potentially the most important cultural form of the 21st century. To claim that potential, it cannot afford to give way to the petulant protests of boys who do not like to share their toys

At least I have toys to share.

Who the fuck do you think you are, Damien, deciding what is suitable for the whole world? You’re a pathetic little worm of no accomplishment who makes his living critiquing people who actually create things. Where do you get off determining what are acceptable thoughts to represent all of humanity?

Check your privilege, motherfucker.

You got it backwards. A novelist’s job is to tell a story, not reflect or reward or whatever pretentious nonsense you’re spewing. Get off your high horse. We answer to them. We create work, and then the readers are going to decide what reflects them, not some unctuous little shit stain like you, and the reward is when those individuals decide they like the author enough to pay them. They’re seven billion individuals, you tool, not color coded stereotypes for you to speak for. Of them, a couple billion would stone you to death on principle, and most of the rest would wonder why you are such a worthless sack of crap.

The novelist’s job is to tell a story. Your job is to be a useless leech. Now get back to work. All those lies aren’t going to manufacture themselves.


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341 thoughts on “Fisking the Guardian's Village Idiot, Part 2”

  1. *sniff* That is a thing of beauty to read on night shift. Sure, it won’t make a dent on his candy-coated world view but that isn’t the point.

  2. Whatever Damien is trying to accomplish by his writing… he’s failing at it. Badly. The column of his is boring, bland, grey mush. Where’s the bite of Oscar Wilde, the snap of Dorothy Parker, or even the rabid gila monster on acid craziness of Hunter S Thompson?

    1. “Whatever Damien is trying to accomplish by his writing… he’s failing at it. Badly.”

      No, he isn’t. In order to understand your error, you have to understand what he’s trying to accomplish, and in order to do that you need understanding of his forum. You see, The Guardian( also known as The Grauniad, especially in the more libertarian minded UK part of the blogosphere) is the last bastion of Fabianism.This is the paper that actually gives Polly Toynbee column space.It’s writers are there to preach to the choir and convince them that The Revolution carries on apace and the proletariate are on the verge of taking over and finally creating the workers’ paradise on the corpses of the evil American Capitalists.Thus he conflates a minor insider brouhaha, in an ever less important literary organisation, in ghettoised genre as the great cultural battle of our day. And them claims that his side is winning this battle.
      That is exactly what the Guardian audience is looking fort. And they’re not looking for intellectual honesty or consistency. If they did they wouldn’t have the writers they do.

      1. You know… I’ll bet that was a whole lot of fun… in person. On video?

        It’s sort of like the difference between reading a romance novel and reading a romance novel *out loud*.

      2. You’re missing the point of the first post. It’s isn’t a failure of content, it’s a failure of style. There was a time when the Progressive/Radical Intellectuals had writers who could persuade because they wrote well. Steinbeck is something of a political imbecile, but it is nearly impossible to read THE GRAPES OF WRATH without sympathizing with his views, at least briefly. Damien may hit all his faith’s talking points spot on, but his writing is so lifeless that if he wrote that the sun would rise tomorrow, I would be inclined to check rather than take his word. Such wooden preaching leaves the choir to which he preaches vulnerable to counter arguments that sparkle in some way. Almost ANY way.

        It should be possible to preach an orthodoxy from conviction in a way that has verve and bounce. Damien fails. Badly.

      3. Because Larry and many of us are gamers I thought it interesting that Wizards of the Coast makers of Dungeons& Dragons have made a decision in they’re just released 5th edition
        “You can play a male or female character without gaining any special benefits or hindrances. Think about how your character does or does not conform to the broader culture’s expectations of sex, gender, and sexual behavior. For example, a male drow cleric defies the traditional gender divisions of drow society, which could be a reason for your character to leave that society and come to the surface. You don’t need to be confined to binary notions of sex and gender. The elf god Corellon Larethian is often seen as androgynous or hermaphroditic, for example, and some elves in the multiverse are made in Corellon’s image. You could also play a female character who presents herself as a man, a man who feels trapped in a female body, or a bearded female dwarf who hates being mistaken for a male. Likewise your sexual orientation is for you to decide.”
        For the record the rest of the new edition can be summed up as safety padded, everyone gets a trophy, your all special. Seriously no race even has a stat penalty anymore a 3 foot tall pudgy halfling (that’s a hobbit with the copyright serial numbers filed off for you normal folks) can arm wrestle a burly human now.

      1. I generally have **mine** with a fine wine. Night Train Express, or a vintage Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill (and do they still make that ??)

      2. They do indeed still make Strawberry Hill. I currently have 3 bottles in my cabinet (right next to the Arbor Mist), low brow that I am.

        1. Dried hobo is probably better than the canned meat product you get at the dollar store when you’re one socioeconomic rung above the hobos. It’s like pink slime, but heavily salted and mixed with fat, then cooked in the can. Spreads easily on crackers. But not for the weak of stomach.

          On the plus side, I don’t think potted meat product ever goes bad on its own. Germs avoid it. If you can digest this, you can digest ANYTHING.

  3. The only thing that would make this better is if both you and John Wright were at a convention reading these out loud….it would be so womderful to be able to cheer at certain points…..thank you.

  4. Poor Damien. Two epic slapdowns in one day. He doesn’t deserve the attention but it sure is fun to read what you and John have to say. So much fun…

  5. Honestly, I think he’s just deluded himself into thinking he actually knows most of the movers and shakers of the genre (and to be fair he does seem to know a lot of published authors) and therefore if he doesn’t know you obviously you aren’t more than a minnow in the field.

    That and he’s deluded himself that he can actually write. I gave him a fair shake. I read four or five of the stories he’s put up on his own website as examples of his sterling work. I kid you not, I literally had to take a shower after reading one it was so vile, and the best thing I could say about another was it was “better than Clamps.”

    1. Jared’s roommate here. He wasn’t kidding. At least now I know why the shower came on at 2340 hours.

      Better than clamps isn’t a high bar. Jared having me read the first page of clamps then the first page of MHI is why I’m here.

      Jared’s reaction makes me uneasy to give Damien a shot.

      Wait! Does this mean I get to tell him he makes me feel unsafe, thus winning the interwebs forever?

      1. I read one of Damien’s stories. It was the hamfisted one with Heinrich and the symbol which I think was supposed to be the Star of David after the Nazis took over England. (the evil US military industrial complex must have not been around in that timeline). It was remarkable in that it was both pretentious and childish at the same time. The character’s actions made no sense because we never got any sort of understanding of the character. It was boring and confusing, and a story can get away with damn near anything except for boring and confusing.

      2. Wait! Does this mean I get to tell him he makes me feel unsafe, thus winning the interwebs forever?

        Do it!

        If he’s ever a guest at a con, contact the concom and tell them how unsafe he makes you feel, and that you’re not going.

        Feel free to leave out that you weren’t going to go anyway. That doesn’t matter. 🙂

    2. “…and therefore if he doesn’t know you obviously you aren’t more than a minnow in the field.”

      In which case, his advocacy for “diversity” in scifi is self-defeating in the space of a few newspaper columns.

          1. True.

            Best compliment he ever gave me was saying my writing sucked. Since he says yours, Mike Williamson’s, Tom Kratman’s, and John Ringo’s work all sucks too, I figured I was in awesome company. 🙂

          2. Best compliment he ever gave me was saying my writing sucked.

            Came over to my blog and on one of my snippets of a WIP said I “sounded like those Mad Genius Club” people. You know, folk like Dave Freer, Sarah Hoyt, Kate Paulk, and Amanda Green.

            I have never been so pleased by an attempted insult in my life.

      1. Makes me wonder if the ancient treatment that is the namesake for the Clap wouldn’t be a good initial treatment for correcting Leftist Worldview Syndrome. “Here, just lay it on the table. Hey, what’s that over there…?”

    3. What is “Clamps”? I tried to google it, and the disambiguation of it on wikipedia didn’t yield anything. Closest was CLAMP (the manga ka group).

      1. NOT Scalzi, right? I’d think it would be very important not to imply that if it’s not true.

      2. He is one of the small handful of people I’ve actually banned here, though he shows up with an new IP every so often. Andrew Marston is his real name, and in addition to being a creepy stalker of Asian girls, he’s also possibly the worst fiction writer ever.

      3. Somehow I don’t see Andrew Marston, aka Clamps is getting banned in as he’s banned from almost everywhere.

  6. I’m going to have to go with my final answer of, fuck off, Damien. Or bugger off, scamper? Hell, whatever it is the sane people of Britain would tell Damien to do.

    As an Englishman I’d go with: Damein you can fucking well bugger off, you utter toss pot.

    but bloody well fuck off you wanker would also work as would other variants on the theme

    1. Does that translate into Aussie as “sod off, swampy!”

      I’m trying to learn me some foreign type englishes.

  7. Damn. Just … Damn. Between this and Wright’s post, I think my faith in SFF has been restored. It’s nice to know there are authors in the genre who aren’t complete blithering idiots too busy drinking their own ink to bother writing decent stories.

    Always good to know who I should throw my money at.

  8. Aha, there’s the perfect term for the SJW’s.

    Perpetually Outraged -Crickets- (of the Aesop Ant-and-Cricket variety). “POCs”.

    More ‘wordable’ than SJW. And the few that -aren’t- crickets would be “POs”, which, naturally, they’d misinterpret and take their outrage to eleventy over.

    1. Were you aware they have “reimagined” Aesop’s fable to make the ant the villain? Selfish ants, unwilling to share…

      1. I was in a “learning store” when I was homeschooling my kids and overheard a young teacher talking about how the old fables were bad and how much better it was to change them to make the moral of the story, not to think ahead and work hard, but that the ants were supposed to share.

  9. I find it interesting that I didn’t even realize that any character in Spellbound was bisexual! Now I’ll have to go back to see if I can figure out who that character is–not because I want the message, but so I can figure out what clues I missed!

    1. She mentions that she can flirt with girls equally as well as guys.

      The difference is, Larry didn’t beat you over the head with her sexual orientation, which is how it should be.

      1. Pretty sure that according to the POCs, if your LGEJOSADHWEKAJFWTFBBQ character doesn’t have more, better, hotting, and more titillating sex than the Patriarchy!, your LGEJOSADHWEKAJFWTFBBQ character doesn’t count as a real one.

        1. Pretty much.

          In Raymond Feist’s Krondor books, he has a couple of gay characters apparently. However, you can read the entire series and never know it, because they don’t make it an issue, so no one really pays attention.

          Honestly, I think about several of my friends who are gay, and most of them wouldn’t come across as “gay” unless you knew enough of their personal life.

          Of course, the two gay guys that came out of our senior class, we had them pegged for years before they apparently knew they were gay. Funny how that works.

      2. Outside of “WTFBBQ,” I’ll give Albert a dollar if he can tell us what that acronym stands for. I figured out “Lesbian, Gay, Experimenting…” and then it just got weird.

      3. Your guess is as good as mine. I haven’t managed to follow the official Alphabet Soup Of I’m Totally A Minority Because Of What I’m Doing With My Junk since it expanded from LGBT.

        1. There is QUILTBAG as well, that I can only remember because of it being wordlike.

          Don’t ask me to translate it though. I can’t keep that crap straight.

      4. I was almost ready to bet money you made it up, Albert, especially with the BBQ on the end, but wouldn’t have risked it due to the creeping feeling up my spine that it might be legit, seeing how the lefties modify or reinvent their acronyms and messages on an almost daily basis…

      5. The proper term is now TMI-nority. Describes anyone who is only a minority because they spam everyone with TMI. (Only way for a White Male to prove he’s not evil.)

        Leads to TMI-off, being how Wiscon attendees establish the pecking order of who is the minority-est.

  10. Mr Correia – that was, in my considered opinion, one of the most magnificent ass-kickings in the history of literature, that I have ever read.
    May you forever drink cold and piss hot.


    P.S. Before I forget again, is there even the slightest possibility that you might attend V-Con 39, this October 3rd to 5th, in the greater Vancouver area? This year’s theme is “Military Might”, which means there’s a good chance of some liberal-progressivist whiners showing up for a bitch session…. 😀

  11. The dwarf couldn’t have done better. Not without verbally causing bodily trauma that is. I don’t mince words. I hammer that nail that needs nailed. Screw the thumbs in the way. Larry makes me look like a stuttering gnome in comparison. Well done ILOH. Well DONE!

  12. That! Was very Divisive. And Intolerant. And Hatey. And Angeristic writing that made my pet marmoset squeal in terror. Or perhaps that was the undead cannibalistic Voles that set him off. Poor thing. Always so twitchy. Kinda like Daimen having his special echo chamber of RightThink pierced by someone who doesn’t adhere to proprietary.

    Pity the man, for just as cockroaches flee light those who cannot abide disagreement scramble and scurry to destroy and reject impure thought, genuflecting to their gods of Correctness in hope of accolades and inclusion.

    Its kinda sad when you think about it.

  13. Nicely done Larry. I wonder if we could arrange an introduction for Damien. To Vlad Tepes? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    What? What are you all looking at me like that for?

      1. piffle., I don’t expect Vlad to drink him. Stake him for being an insulting little git of an example of the result of a dalliance between a drunken tavern wench and a passing albino rhino, yes. Drink him? No, not even Vlad would stoop that low.

    1. I personally would like to see Damien personally introduced to Agent Franks.
      With as many cameras recording the scene as possible.
      And then show the result on the Six O’Clock International News… 😀

    1. Diminion couldn’t read this if he wanted to. This is a J-school grad we are talking about and Larry has written above a 5th grade vocabulary. Elitist.

  14. After the comment from that little twerp about how this was going to do irreparable damage to your career, I went and bought a copy of Dead Six, just because fuck that guy. I mean, I was going to buy it anyway, because Ive already bought all the Monster Hunters and Grimnoirs and loved them, but still, fuck that guy. Im sick to death of twats like that telling people who dont share the same crazy masochistic beliefs that they are evil, and trying to bully anyone who disagrees by threatening their careers. Enough – Im going out of my way to buy stuff from people that these pants-wetters dont like. Point out more evil Damian, you pansy, my credit card is at the ready…

    Really looking forward to the next Monster Hunter by the way, keep writing awesome stuff.

    1. Nemesis raised the bar again. Got get the e-ARC from Baen, its worth the $$. Then buy the real published release because we all apparently just like throwing our hard earned money at Larry. 😉

  15. “Which writers do you mean? My piece doesn’t really criticise anyone? So who do you mean?”

    So anybody else see a problem with this? Not the outright falsehood, but does that middle sentence even make sense as a question? This guy writes for a major national newspaper and he doesn’t know a question mark from a period. Thats not even an easy typo to make, he had to make the physical effort to hold down the shift key.

  16. It’s been at least half a year since I read a foaming-at-mouth righteous rant like this. It’s a thing of beauty :sniff:

      1. Might be just the thing to remedy. Larry writes good fiction, and his fskings of the illiterati (those who want to kill all SFF, maybe all reading, forever- if it’s not their super special favorite kind), all of them, are well worth the read.

      2. Note the qualifier “foaming-at-mouth”. I read rants everyday. And yes, even this blog, because it’s always fun to read rants.

  17. “Secondly, and this is going to be much more damaging for him longterm, he allowed himself to become very closely associated to Vox Day in the process. Ultimately people do judge others by their associations, and both Larry Correia and John C Wright have made very public declarations of support for Day, that I fear both will deeply regret in the long run.”

    This is the perfect example of Concern Trolling. “I really am worried about you, you should do what I say and things will all be better”. Or the classic advice from Liberals to Republicans about how to win elections, by stopping being Republicans. Except the advice is really meant to help them lose elections. “You really ought to try the 9 Iron” “It’s a Three foot putt!” “No, really, I only have your best interests at heart.”

    They want to slam Vox because he is the one nut they can’t crack, but boy, if they can turn a few of his friends and supporters, that’s at least along the lines of their goals.

    The only thing anyone would regret in the long run is earning a reputation for turning on your friends on the advice of your enemies.

  18. “Who the fuck do you think you are, Damien, deciding what is suitable for the whole world? You’re a pathetic little worm of no accomplishment who makes his living critiquing people who actually create things. Where do you get off determining what are acceptable thoughts to represent all of humanity?

    Check your privilege, motherfucker.”

    Ironically, given Scalzi’s Heinlein abuse, this reminded me strongly of one of Heinlein’s pithy Jubal Harshaw sayings. It went like this:

    “Critics create nothing and thereby feel themselves qualified to judge the works of creative people. There is logic in this; they hate all creative people equally.”

    Pegged this sucker, for sure.

  19. Much as I enjoy your takedowns, can I humbly suggest that “Social Justice Warrior” is too good for these people? To them, violence is just icky and physical bravery a thoroughly outmoded gender-biased concept, y’know? Plus it insults real warriors.

    1. Somebody suggested Social Justice Battlefield Looter, which is far more accurate but not as catchy.

      And I wouldn’t worry about anybody ever accidentally mistaking one of them for a real warrior. 🙂

        1. Somebody suggested Perpetually Outraged Cockroaches, but that abbreviates to POC, and that is already being used for People Of Color, which is the supposedly not racist version of Colored People which is extremely racist. Got it?

          I seriously hate the term People of Color. I think it is a ridiculous term. It lumps vast groups of humanity together into “NOT WHITE”. So, a Fillipino is the same as an Indian is the same as an Australian Aborigine is the same as a Ghanan because they are all browner than an American white guilt liberal?

          My color is Warm Beige (according to these Home Depot Paint Chips) but I’m going to mock any idiot who says I’m a PoC, because that’s just fucking stupid.

      1. Social Justice Corpse Pickers.

        Because carrion crows is too dignified, and they’d be too afraid to go out on any battlefield. Unexploded ordinance, y’know.

      2. I like Social Justice League of Unamerica, myself. Shows how cartoonish they are. What about “perps” as short for “Perpetually Outraged”?

        Or “Morlocks”? Or “Sith”? Or “Nithlings”? (It is Norse for craven wretches)

  20. I like how Damien says there is no shunning while warning of severe repercussions should Larry and others fail to apologize for perceived offenses. The man employs no logic.

  21. “Somebody didn’t like that I’d been a CCW instructor, and how I’d said that I’d taught hundreds of women to shoot rapists, yet these women hadn’t all LITERALLY shot hundreds of rapists, ergo I was a failure and a liar…”

    Actually Larry did the shooting, and it looked something like This (Warning NSFW)

      1. What, it exceeded your daily recommended allowance of male junk? Or just male pain?

        (My own thought was, why are these guys running _towards_ Robocop, again?)

  22. The whole “crowd-sourced witch-hunt” section had me ROFLing. Gawd, what a pathetic loser. You’d think he would have done at least a modicum of research on his target BEFORE attacking them.

    But then again, liberals like Damien always have confused their emotions and opinions with objective facts, haven’t they?

    1. It seems there’s a reason why Damien never linked to anything Larry actually said.

      It’s because he never bothered to read anything Larry actually said. So now he’s getting called out about it, and so he’s trying to save himself from having to read anything Larry said by getting other people to do it for him.

      Absolutely pathetic for a so-called journalist. (Yes, I know he’s not a journalist by any means, but that’s the perception some misguided souls will have of him.)

    2. Damian does not realize that crowd-sourcing this will a career disaster for him.

      The more google-ific this spat gets, the more it will hurt him when a future employer does a search on his name.

      1. Kristophr, I wouldn’t bet too much on Damien hurting his career with this stuff. For the kind of employer he’d want to work for, it may actually help.

  23. Read a few times following along with this topic where you comment that you have debated/disagreed with Vox Day. Been a long time reader on his site and have done a cursory google search and have not seen what you are referring to. Would be very interested in looking at the issue that was under discussion.

    Have really enjoyed your series.

    1. When he first started getting dog piled I got curious and emailed him about it. We ended up having a very long email discussion back and forth arguing about various topic. I don’t think either of us ever posted any of it because it wasn’t exactly cleaned up as opposed to a fast back and forth.

      I came away from this discussion with the honest belief that Vox isn’t a racist. He believes there are genetic differences between human groups (duh, that’s basic science) but doesn’t believe in the superority of any of them (because define superior), and then it turned into a big discussion on culture. Now me, I think we’re a product of our DNA, but we self segregate into cultures that have very little to do with race, culture is far more determinant, and as time goes on and populations mix, race becomes increasingly meaningless.

      I think the main thing we agree on is neither of us likes statist thugs.

      1. And now Damien will quote you in saying you don’t think Vox is a racist. That makes you an automatic super hateful hatey hate racisty hater with a side order of sexist woman attacking cis-privilege evil hate.

      2. Thank you. Appreciate your time for the answer. I was originally unsure if there had been a panel or something you both appeared on. Thought I would ask… Though if I was a Guardian writer I would apparently have detailed the discussion before asking if there had been one.

        My guess is that engaging with him, besides being a pretty gentlemanly thing to do, probably sold you a few more books as I know I had not seen your work before I saw it mentioned on his site. Imagine that… Respectful dealings + quality writing = more visibility and book sales.

      3. Answering suggestion for a panel below: Having argued about the same with Vox as Larry, a panel with Vox and us on this would be awesome, but it would have to be done virtually and it would furnish so many outtakes to idiots as to make it a bad idea.

        1. Right on, Sarah. I’d pay actual money to see you, Larry and Vox Day d a panel.

          And right on again, it would be a bad idea because nothing would come of it from the Left side but little snippets of Inflamatory crap taken out context. There is no debate, they’ve already chosen their enemies and moved on to the character assassination part.

          This gets back to my assertion that most of these people you don’t talk to without a four foot cluebat handy. There is no “clearing the air” with them, just clearing the decks.

  24. And among the nominees for the best related work Hugo in 2015 are the bitch-slaps delivered to Damien Walters….

    Hey, if they can nominate an acceptance speech, this is at least as relevant.

  25. *reads the twitter*



    I have never been able to get past DW’s claim to have taught 100s of students how to write to consider anything else.
    Have there been 100s of books written by his alumnae? Or, if not, was the prob with his tuition or his tactics?
    Either way it struck me as a somewhat un-nuanced approach to prose.
    I mean it deliberately elides complex issues like dealing with editors, handling fans, facing printer problems, reprints, where knowing how to write is useless.
    IE he doesn’t understand the issues at all.
    Or the way publishers treat authors such as Brad Torgersen or anyone deemed to show wrongful themes.
    Also, it’s quite stressful. I would have a lot lower bloodpressure if I didn’t commit myself to writing goals and getting some things done.
    One reason you can tell these people who espouse publishing have never experienced it, they don’t understand the consequences.


    Seriously, why bother with him any more? He just handed you an “I win” button for any issue he ever wants to argue.

    1. The more he spazes, the higher this fight’s google rank gets.

      Larry is feeding him rope he can use to extinguish his own journalism career.

    2. Y’know what’s really hilarious? Only Cora Buhlert & that legionseagle tool actually replied to the tweet with a serious answer. Every other tweet was someone snarking the crap out of him. 😀

      1. I don’t think Cora have figure out that particular tweet thread have been takeover by Monster Hunter Nation.

  26. Somebody didn’t like that I’d been a CCW instructor, and how I’d said that I’d taught hundreds of women to shoot rapists, yet these women hadn’t all LITERALLY shot hundreds of rapists, ergo I was a failure and a liar…

    Of course that’s how it works.

    I mean, I wasn’t really a Navy Corpsman because I never had to treat a wounded Marine in a war zone. Oh, I was taught how to do it, but unless I really did it, it doesn’t count, natch. /eye roll/

      1. HM3 here. Was in when FMF wasn’t a warfare pin, but they were working that direction right before I got out.

        Never did get to serve with Marines. Damn “needs of the Navy”. :/

    1. Well duh. I mean you’re only a corpseman if you handle dead bodies and Marines aren’t dead. I’m pretty sure that’s right, our glorious annointed one said so

    2. This is because Liberals and other unsavory idiots can’t get past their assumption that the purpose of learning to shoot is to kill people. Therefore if Larry’s students didn’t shoot anybody, Larry is a bad teacher.

      Asking if any of Larry’s students got raped post-instruction wouldn’t enter their heads, because the purpose of learning marksmanship is to shoot people, not to prevent violence.

      These same Liberals and other unsavory idiots accept without question the popular assumption that the purpose of learning martial arts is peaceful self improvement. Because David Carradine.

      Speaking to such an individual without at least a baseball bat to punctuate your debating points is an utter waste of time. Tetsubo would be better.

      1. Actually, if you look at some of the responses, they honestly can’t comprehend the act of killing in self defense. They honestly think the average person is buried by guilt for doing what they have to in a self defense situation.

        More importantly, they think that it’s far better to be a victim than to have to deal with any guilt from offing some dirtball.

        It’s too pathetic to even really contemplate.

        Let’s just say if that’s what they think, they don’t want to read any of my stuff.

      2. Yeah, the goal is actually to deter threats and keep yourself safe, not shoot people, but hey, these people are experts on CCW just like they are book writing. 🙂

      3. I am retired from a more-or-less “career” as a licensed (i.e.: To work armed) security officer (a.k.a. rent-a-cop). For the last ten years of my “career,” I sought — lamentably never found — a Webley Mark VI converted to .45″ ACP. I wanted an ugly sidearm for one simple reason: Given even the faintest scintilla of choice in the matter, I want not to shoot anyone. But if some fool were to act in my presence in a manner requiring me to draw down against him, I want the sight of the weapon to make him stop, then flee; I can provide his description to the Police, who then — presumably — pursue and arrest. On the other hand, if circumstances coerce me (a word chosen with the kind of care I trust lawful gun-folk to understand) to shoot him, a double-tap of .45″ ACP +P with 185gr. controlled-expansion, is just the vehicle to send the perp to the M.E.’s office — and the unlucky shooter to his lawyer.

        Too, the “clig-glick sound of a twelve-gauge “slide trombone,” is just the kind of “music” to drive away the casual low-life as Mozart drives away so many minor (as in under-eighteen) miscreants. If the perp flees, that saves my ammunition for the range.

        Incidentally, in all my time under one kind of carry-permit or another, I never had a problem with the proficiency-test part of the application/renewal process — but I am not any competition-level shooter.

      4. Robertpinkerton, beautiful description of why to carry an ugly sidearm! May I quote you?

      5. Robert Pinkerton, re: carrying an ugly gun. I’ve seen that work with cars. I had a pickup truck so ugly that New York City cabbies wouldn’t cut me off when I drove it downtown. When in Arizona I drive an ’86 Ford F-350 dually with scabby paint for the same reason. Its got a skull on the front where the Ford symbol is supposed to be.

        Guns though, not so much. Just having one is usually all it takes in my experience.

        But if visual impact is what you want, just gently polish the bluing off barrel crown. Gives you an nice silver ring around the muzzle, makes that .45″ hole look as big as a garbage can. Guy sees that, he’s going to plotz.

  27. > Hell, whatever it is the sane people of Britain would tell Damien to do.

    I believe that would be “Sod off, wanker”.

    1. It’s been a while…Who originated the “Sod off, Swampy!” insult? I always rather liked that one, and figures it especially applies to Damien…

      1. If memory serves : “Sod off Swampy” was first used by a bunch Aussie businessmen mocking some enviro-protesters whinging about some ‘issue’ at their place of work.

  28. Reading the replies to Damien has been absolutely glorious. I haven’t felt surges of elation at a would be bully getting pwned like this since the 1999 Rugby World Cup semifinals when France cuffed away the much vaunted All Blacks with imperious grace. Thank you for this.

  29. We live in a world of seven billion human beings,
    Who do not all uniformly speak English, or even read, or have enough spare income to buy books over food if they can read,

    whose culture
    Which is not uniformly Anglo or even Western. Stop dreaming of ancient Empire, dude.

    has not been reflected or rewarded in ‘the mainstream’.
    Mainstream what? Manga? Bollywood? Taiwanese animation? *Do* strive for a little cultural diversity my dear fellow…

    Science fiction – from cult novels that reach a few thousand readers, to blockbuster movies and video games that dominate contemporary culture
    Contemporary Western, English-speaking, computer-owning, consistent-electrical-power, affluent culture, you mean. Sometimes I suspect these people shriek so much about privilege because they have begun to realize, in the grand scheme of things, they actually have quite a lot of it themselves. Me, I revel in my indoor-plumbing privilege and will fight to the death to keep it. 😉

    1. My point being, how arrogant to think *we* can and must represent *them* and their interests in *our* mainstream culture, and to assume they cannot have their own mainstream culture without our permission.

      1. Very well said!
        Having lived in a third world country and visited others, I adore my indoor plumbing privilege!

      2. Excellently said.

        It’s as if the whole world only discovered Jackie Chan after he was in Rumble in the Bronx. Or aliens and monsters never land in Tokyo. Or Bollywood is a small movie venture with warbley sopranoes.

        Oh… problem with those… they’re *dreadfully* low-brow. Maybe all the seven billion human beings in the world need Damien and forward-looking queer science fiction to show them what high culture is supposed to be… or something.

  30. “Larry Correia grows an awesome murder hobo beard. Beards are scary.”

    My wife told me to let you know that since women can’t grow beards, beards are ALSO sexist.

    1. “My wife told me to let you know that since women can’t grow beards, beards are ALSO sexist.”

      Your wife doesn’t get out enough… some women grow KILLER facial hair. Like really… you start thinking “SOMEONE MUST KILL THAT CRITTER HANGING ON HER FACE!”

      1. I suppose it’s my job to protect her from those horrors of nature. It’s what we monster hunters do.

  31. On reading that twitter link I thought the guy commenting on Damien’s twitter account about your teaching firearms skills was supporting you by being ironic. Maybe I misinterpreted that. But if you look at it that way … then Damien’s response (“It deliberately elides complex issues like rape within marriage, …”) is even more hilarious. And then that guy goes on to say how his mother pushed a rapist over a wall during the Blitz and then “wondered about it fifty years later, you know?” I really think that’s doubling down on irony. Read it again and see if you agree.

    1. That’s a different person. It was some crazy feminist Ann something. Shoving a rapist over an edge during the Blitz sounds awesome.

      1. Huh. I thought it was all “legionseagle”. But, you’re paying more attention than I am, so I yield to your knowledge.

  32. Here’s what it really comes down to:

    I don’t know these people, and I sure don’t care enough about them as individuals to change my behaviors for them. Do I care enough about them collectively to do so? I try not to care one way or another about any group collectively, it’s a bad habit.

  33. “Sadly I couldn’t find my jack boots in time.”

    Ah, so you ADMIT to owning jackboots!


    1. If you want to join the fan club, you have to get some Jackboots. And a pair of Jhodpers. And a monocle.

  34. Larry, I’ve thought long and hard about why someone like Mr. Walter would attack someone such as yourself so much with such little ammunition and I think I’ve got it: Rule #36.

    Congratulations, you’ve achieved something that would shame even a Brony.

  35. Everytime LC fisks Damien over at the Guardian, that page gets a mad amount of hits which (1) makes the poster look good based on traffic and (2) promotes its SEO index.

    Shouldn’t we be using DoNotLink in the same way that Damien does in order to avoiding giving LC or VD or the ‘antichrist of the day’ page hits?

    Here, I’ll help.

    1. To be fair, I bet Larry’s traffic spikes whenever DGM writes about him, so everybody wins!

      That said, all DGM’s columns do is make me buy more Larry Correia books.

    2. Absolutely not.

      The higher the page google rank goes, the better the odds that a future hiring employer will see it.

      Personal controversy is the kiss of death to a career.

      1. That is not a journalists job. Trust me, bad google hits will fry him, but have no effect on a author.

      2. If I understand the situation properly, his future employment prospects are only dependent on his having been employed by The Guardian.

        I’ve heard that is the only thing BBC considers as a qualification.

  36. Awesome. The thing that’s so annoying about these people is how smug and scoldy they are when they have to be dishonest in order to make their “point”. You and John C. Wright are truly deserving high muckety mucks in the Evil League of Evil.

  37. Your and Wright’s takedowns of this git made my last two days. Between his elegant, almost victorian prose (coprophagia indeed) and your Credible Hulk Fuck Off, you pretty much hit him high and low. Franks himself couldn’t have done it better.

    You two jointly win the internets today.

    1. I would love to see a comic book series starring a glib, eloquent Victorian gentleman and his murder-hobo bearded, straight-talking partner. Rescuing liberty from Statism one useful idiot at a time! hehe I’d buy five copies to start. 😉

      1. I’ll second that.

        Mostly I get my entertainment from awesome books, but I’d branch out a bit for that, yes I would. *grin*

  38. The problem isn’t him. It’s the schools that teach this propaganda. It’s across the board, education, work environment, gun control, any amendment you want to name,especially the 1st and 2nd. It’s not going to stop because some douche in England gets a nasty fisk.
    Although it was a really, really nasty fisk.

    1. “It’s not going to stop because some douche in England gets a nasty fisk.”

      You know, I think that’s probably not the case..

      I think it WILL stop if every time one of these Lefty slugs raises his eyestalks they get knocked off with a cluebat. Particularly if every time there’s a fan-based award contest, Conservative leaning authors get nominated. Nothing draws a crowd like a fight.

      Every time the Lefties have a meltdown in public like this, more and more people see their “arguments” and wonder what kind of morons these Leftards must be. That’s good, IMHO.

      1. I’d much rather see honest, even vigorous debate than puerile, callow name-calling and pretentious dribble.

        Yes, dribble, as the drool that drops from the slack-jawed, empty-headed soundbite repeaters when they attempt to attack those who actually *write for a living.* It is tantamount to challenging a professional boxer to fisticuffs when one’s only experience of combat is playground scuffles and five-second slap-fights.

        They attempt to silence any who do not agree with them *because* their arguments simply cannot stand in the light of sweet reason and clearheaded logic. Therefore it is imperative that we do *not* allow them the acquiescence of silence. Moral courage is important. Without it, we get morons in charge. Well, more of them, anyway.

        For the truly ignorant, the young, and the undecided, for all those who simply haven’t heard our side speak, do not be silent. Call them out when they make utterly unsupportable statements. Refute their paltry attempts to use the tools and language of logic for their gutter-low ends. Shine a light on their racist rants, let the world see the petty hate and selfishness that drives them.

        Larry, John, Sarah, yes and even Vox Day (and many others) are already doing this. If you agree with their principles (more or less) and *disagree* with the collectivist, Marxist, everyone-gets-a-prize-save-you-white-dudes, pigeon-holing, spastic, acephalic chickens on the other side (more or less), then speak up. You aren’t the lone voice howling in the wilderness. You have friends- a remarkably diverse crowd, to say the least. Better to stand tall on your principles than to keep them silent voices in your own head.

        Even if you can’t pull off an epic rant like Larry. *grin*

  39. Until recently I was unfamiliar with you and your work but due to the serious ass kicking you are serving these douches I promise I will go out of my way to pick some up.

    I also want you to know that I am lifelong social liberal and at the risk of falling into the “no true scotsman” fallacy these douches dont represent all liberals. We are disgusted with the whiners and douchy social warriors just like your side is.

    I attempted to get a degree in Fine Art/English because I wanted to work on my writing and painting. I always looked up to badass painters like Picasso who carried a piston everywhere he went or Hemingway who was a badass. What I got for an education was hours of being told that I suck becuse I was born a white opressor.

    I dropped out of school and became a U.S. Navy Corpsman. I got all the education I needed with the Marines in Helmand province. Ill take some dip chewing gun nut Marine who loves his country over some dipshit self hating dweeb.

    Either way, keep fighting the good fight. You have this liberals support. Lets bring back fun and adventure to scifi.

    1. Awesome. Thanks. That is why earlier I said Actual Liberal as opposed to the wannabe fascists who’ve taken over the term. 🙂

    2. Kinda fits, donchu know.

      The US Navy… liberal
      Corpsman with the USMC infantry… bad ass.

      Gotta give Navy grief. Tradition and all that.

      Semper Fi, Doc.

  40. …and the match goes to the International Lord of Hate. Again. The Special Snowflake SJW is declared to be in the Section 8 area of writing stipends. He will henceforth be sentenced to write in irrelevant obscurity for the rest of his life, but will be awarded time served in recognition of his career already consisting of such.

  41. Did Larry Correia have a twitter duel a couple of years back with some girl who was bashing him about not being as successful as her? And then he went about and completely embarrassed her on the facts? If so, could someone point me to a link to read up on it again? Thanks.

  42. Ummm…..

    Do you have any openings for the position of ‘Minion’?

    After that drubbbing, I wish to be under the employment of the international Lord of Hate

  43. So among things I think this part here may be a key part to Damien’s issues.

    Damien-Secondly, and this is going to be much more damaging for him longterm, he allowed himself to become very closely associated to Vox Day in the process. Ultimately people do judge others by their associations, and both Larry Correia and John C Wright have made very public declarations of support for Day, that I fear both will deeply regret in the long run.

    Larry-One of the tactics I’ve seen them take is conflating my views with those of Vox Day. It doesn’t matter that I’ve disagreed with the man, and I’ve debated with him several times, but they sure love linking me to Vox. See, unlike me, they can actually find a couple of comments from him that they can manage to spin up some outrage over, and everybody knows righteous indignation gives libprogs super powers.

    As Larry points out rather well here, Damien has the problem of placing people into categories, either you agree with him or you don’t. Damien seems to completely miss the fact that there are good points and bad points on either side of the political spectrum, the fact that they both exist and continue to argue actually helps form better stuff in the long run. Larry’s sad puppy campaign is an excellent example, because of his resistance to things and his raising awareness of flaws in the current system, I have some hope that a better system will rise up in the future with a more balanced working to it.

  44. Take it easy big guy. You actually sounded like you got ANGRY for a second. Theheart rate is not worth raising over this splooge blossom, This guy is a REASON they have Lawyers. Lawyers get ERECTIONS and wring their hands with greedy pig eyed gleeful lust while doing the happy dance, over suing papers like the Guardian because they KNOW it has big money pockets behind it and lawyers LOVE big money like a fat man likes potato chips.

    Also It would be Immensely satisfying just to wait for this guy to hold a press conference and simply show up Un announced and ask for time for a very well crafted Wondrously edited rebuttal. Told in a very calm erudite and calm manner. Grinding him slowly down into foul smelling metaphoical goo (although Hystrionics ala Khrushchev) would be fun to watch.

  45. A couple of comments. One, apologizing isn’t LIKE negotiating with terrorists, it IS negotiating with terrorists. Just because the violence isn’t physical doesn’t mean that it isn’t violence and the intent isn’t to intimidate into silence. Two, Damien’s feed, what a sewer. There is something really wrong there. So much hate, hate.

    1. I’m a little leary of the “just because violence isn’t physical”…. however I can easily see “just because force isn’t violent doesn’t mean it’s not force”…

      The excuse for shutting down speech and throwing people out of organizations and having nervous nellie meltdowns and pearl clutching parties over the idea that someone might show up and walk the halls of the same Hotel is exactly this idea that *it’s not just speech*, that it’s violence, somehow, and thus it’s not a free-speech issue when it comes to shutting down people who say uncomfortable things.

      Apologizing because they’ve ganged up on you is about as wise as paying danegeld… because that’s the coin in play. But lets not cede the battleground by confusing speech and violence.

  46. Hm. Perhaps modern Hollywood is also eager to educate, but with their budgets they are more compelled to pay more attention to what actually sells than western book publishers are, and their modern audiences are often the whole world. And judging by that, when we are talking about the population of the whole world the world, as a whole, seems to be a lot more receptive to stories about bold men who kill monsters, kick lots of behinds and perhaps save a beautiful woman or two in the process than the whole world is to introspective artistic stories about the woes of sexual minorities or whatever. And while occasionally similar stories about bold women become popular too, stories where bold men have the center stage usually seem to do better outside the West.

    So… all those other colored guys around the world seem to like similar stories white guys like. And a fairly large percentage of women, all colors included, also like those same stories.

    Now if I understood Damien right, in his opinion SFF has so far mostly concentrated on stories white guys like, and he wants SFF to move away from that and start serving other interest groups. But he – and his defenders, I did read most of the comments there – rather gives the impression that he thinks this should be accomplished by concentrating almost solely on those other interest groups and stories aimed at them because it’s their time now, old fashioned manly men already had theirs so they should bow out now – or did I get that wrong?

    But if you stop serving white guys what they want you also by default stop serving a majority of all those other colored guys (and women) what they want since they want pretty much the same thing. And it’s likely most of your audience from then on is going to be different minorities – because people being the way people are, when it comes to entertainment if they are not entertained by it they ignore it.

    Yes, seems like a good way to expand the influence of SFF stories.

    1. That is really extra stupid when you think about it too. I’m a fan of foreign movies. If I had to pick my favorite movie of all time I’m probably going to have to go with 13 Assassins. Foreign movies are all over the board, just like American movies, with action, romance, drama, comedy, etc. Yet a good story teller can watch a foreign film and understand all the successful story elements. Those things cross boundaries. I might not get all the cultural references, but a good story resonates no matter what.

      Hines was bitching at me about telling white stories about manly white men doing manly white things, but my response was what are “white things”? You mean stories about courage, sacrifice, heroism, adventure, exploration? What makes those white things as opposed to human things?

      Like I said at the end to Damien, it isn’t our job to tell any culture what it is supposed to be. It is our job to tell a story, and the readers decide if it reflects them or not. These assholes keep getting it backwards.

      1. Hines was bitching at me about telling white stories about manly white men doing manly white things, but my response was what are “white things”? You mean stories about courage, sacrifice, heroism, adventure, exploration?

        Gee, I didn’t know that Seven Samurai and Yojimbo (as just two examples from my own experience–something of a Kurosawa fan here) were stories about “Manly white men doing manly white things”.

      2. Speaking of Kurosawa, I find it amazing that not only he was perhaps the greatest adapter of Shakespeare to film (Ran, Throne of Blood), but how his stories could be remade for western audiences (Star Wars, Fistful of Dollars, Magnificent Seven).

        Maybe because story can transcend the mere boundaries of race and gender?

      3. I’m a big fan of horror movies. Japanese horror, hell Japanese movies are something unto themselves entirely. A large portion of them have no plot that I can see and are just insane. Yet I still watch them and seek them out.

        Takeshi Kitano is one of my favorite Japanese film makers. I enjoy his movies immensely. They are violent and very well done.

        13 Assassins was amazing as well.

        Red Cliff is another amazing movie. John Woo, the master of slow mo action scenes directed it, except it is a story of the Three Kingdoms.

      4. “Red Cliff is another amazing movie. John Woo, the master of slow mo action scenes directed it, except it is a story of the Three Kingdoms”

        Joe I have mentioned I have the double disc international version right?

      5. I didn’t like 13 Assassins as much as I thought I would. Not quite sure why. On the other hand, I really like the Korean movie War of the Arrows. Really worth seeing if you haven’t already.

      6. Reminds me of how the screenwriting team of Betty Comden and Adolph Green were really excited to attend a party in Hollywood, because they were going to meet Francois Truffaut, then a hot young director everyone recognized as great. When they were introduced, M. Truffaut’s eyes got huge.

        “THE Betty Comden and Adolph Green? The screenwriters for Singin’ in the Rain?” Turned out he thought it was one of the best movies ever made, and he’d watched it again and again to learn how great films were put together.

        These people are the ‘critical’ equivalent of the Stepford Wives getting wet panties over improved laundry detergent. The cream of the jest? Lefties who were really good at movie propaganda always wrote about “manly white men doing manly white things”, and mixed the political message into it in carefully measured doses. The “Hollywood Ten” were all highly-paid screenwriters turning out box-office hits AND Communist Party members who followed the ever-changing Party line faithfully. Their effectiveness as propagandists was because of their effectiveness as entertainers.

  47. Larry, I’ve read all your published stuff at least twice over (thrice or even 4 times in the case of MHI), and I don’t recall any protagonist in Spell Bound being bisexual. I recalled clearly all the other stuff you referenced to throw in Damien’s digital face, but not the bisexual part. But that’s not to say that you had any boring characters in Grimnoire.

    1. Whisper in Spellbound makes a comment about being able to flirt with women as well as men at one point.

      1. Considering the time in which the story was set, I just assumed that was just b/c 1) she was French, and 2) it didn’t have any real sexual overtones.

        Then again, that’s the only mention of it given in the book, whereas the subjects of segregation and rascism got a (rightfully) bigger platform. Those were big issues back then and they were key to the culture.

        IIRC, the Grimnoire chapter in America was looked down upon by the European knights partly b/c Black Jack Pershing was so willing to be “racially” (I hate when that word is used so inaccurately… we’re all the same human race) inclusive.

      2. I just didn’t need to beat anybody over the head with it, because outside of a couple of charcters who have romance in their plot lines, it didn’t matter. Because I put story first… Shocking, I know.

      3. Wait, wait, wait…you know you can’t count Whisper. Sure, she’s bi, but the story doesn’t center around her sexuality. It’s about her being a spy, worried about a threat and in the end deciding to err on the side of trust, hope and mercy. If her vajina isn’t the most important thing about the character, she doesn’t count.

    2. Whisper was, but I didn’t slap anybody in the face with it. Faye didn’t understand how a girl could flirt with other girls and figured it was just some weird European thing she didn’t get. I just thought it made her a more interesting character.

      But then again, if a character doesn’t specifically have romance in their plot line, or it doesn’t effect the story, I don’t bog it down. I’ve never specified what the sexual orientation is of most of my characters.

      1. It’s what I call the Doctor Who effect. A handful of characters having non standard sexuality can be good, especially if it’s subtle. If there’s too many or they start trying to beat you over the head with it it starts to get ridiculous. See Dr Who around season 4/5. Which is coincidentally the point I quit watching since they decided to go all preachy.

      2. Austin, you can pick it up again, just look for the season, about halfway through Matt Smith, where they finally got rid of Russell T Gayvies, er Davies and turned it over to Steven Moffat.

        Was that name-calling? perhaps I was only trying to reflect how Davies turns every show he touches into an exaltation of the wonders of gayness, like Torchwood. Yeah, Message over Story, no wonder it died.

        1. Davies actually left at the same time as David Tennant, so Moffat’s been in charge since Matt Smith’s first ep. Though I do agree, I always got the feeling that Davies was being heavy-handed with the message and beating the viewer around the face and neck with it. If it had been any other show but Doctor Who and Tennant wasn’t so incredibly fun to watch, it might’ve driven me off.

          Davies moved to America to make Torchwood: Miracle Day with the Starz network, but afterwards his boyfriend developed a brain tumor and they both moved back to England for his treatment, putting any further Torchwood work on hold. Since I thought that Miracle Day was near-unwatchable, I wasn’t that broken up by it being stalled.

          1. And then there’s the fact that Jenna-Louise Coleman is so damned cute….

            Must see stuff.

            And then there’s the Time War… the event so awful it mad the Doctor Hurt.


      3. Yep, only took me two episodes of Torchwood to reach the same conclusion. And I’m probably not going to get back into Dr Who any time soon. Too many legitimately good shows I need to catch up on like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and quite a bit of really bad ass anime.

      4. Yeah, Doctor Who did get a tad heavy handed, but the good thing is that the story still overrode the message. Then again, that’s just good acting. Moffat has said that he won’t let politics override story (he said that when asked if Cappaldi was just a fill in before they put in a female doctor and he basically told them “no. Capaldi is the doctor because he’s the right actor for the job.”), which is good. Though honestly the alien lesbian thing was actually pretty well pulled off and it was only part of who the characters were, and their importance centered more around everything else other than their very odd sexual proclivities (though that did make for more than a few very funny lines, like “Sir, we object to your accusation of impropriety. After all, we’re married!”).

      5. I didn’t have a problem with Harkness being … whatever it was he was. I had a problem with the guy who was so in love with his gf that he risked his life and his job for her … and then hopped into bed with Cap’n Jack a fortnight after Harkness killed her. I mean, Barrowman is cute and all, but … whut?

  48. I actually saved the link to Damien’s post so that I could maybe reference back to it at a future date, not because I liked it, but because it came across to me just as I might expect an evil organization to try to publicly defend itself in a good story. “No, no, we aren’t the bad guys, you want to hate those guys over there because we made something up about them that. See I have proof in the form of out of context statements and incriminating pictures that are so not photo shopped.” 🙂

  49. If any of you want to see a human version of a dog chasing it’s own tail, go to the comments on Damien’s article. You’ll laugh so hard that you may hurt yourself.

  50. You are my hero Larry. Only rarely have I seen someone so wonderfully outspoken and clever with virtually no fear of backlash. Now THAT is bold! Not to mention being a genuine rags to riches success story that hasn’t had to be massaged over to fit conveniently into preconceived ideas of what sort of story that should be like some I hear about.

    It gives me hope that I too can write awesome stuff and not fear holding inflammatory opinions.
    Shameless self-promotion arriving in five… four… three… two…

    1. Which leads to the inevitable conversation for wireless-using visitors to the Correiatech Compound, “Hey Larry, can I get the wireless passkey and get on the Privilege Whale?” 😀

  51. Reading these two posts the last couple of days has really made me want to write just the most perfect “diverse, gender neutral, social justice agenda” piece of fiction ever. Gracefully accept all the nominations and praise. And then just when I receive the awards, reveal myself as (mostly) white heterosexual male.
    I just don’t feel like putting that much effort into something that won’t sell.

  52. Hey Mr. Correia.
    I’m a whitish something-or-the-other fan of your stuff who couldn’t agree more.

    Which is funny because according to DamienCo I should be recoiling in horror because half my ancestry ate every shade of ‘Hispanic’ and assorted European they could catch before having an entire sea (Caribbean) fearfully named after them and being ethnically cleansed off the face of the earth until the survivors started making babies with them. The other side of the family originally hailed from Scotland (AKA Oppressorland) but for the last couple hundred years had reason to grow intimately familiar with the term “pamwe chete” – in a PC paradise where they are being ethnically ~and~ economically cleansed in the name of SJW-approved un-diversity.

    By all “proper politically correct” measures I should be a self-loathing [Ctrl H search and replace] with an eternal vendetta in one hand and a get-out-of-anything-free card in the other.

    But alas, I’m just me.
    …And me likey you writey write talk.

    Anyway, keep up the good work Larry.
    You keep writing the awesome and I’ll keep buying the awesome.

    P.S. I love hearing the indiscriminate lamentations of ‘reactionary’ SJW womyn-folk on what their Guardian brigades would likely characterize as a ‘visceral genetic level befitting my mongrel ancestry’.

  53. I think the real reason they’re so scared of Larry is that they know he speaks for a lot of other people. The idea that the SJW aren’t really the dominant force in the genre they want to believe they are frightens them to the core.

    1. I think you’re giving them too much intellectual credit. I think they don’t like Larry because they cannot comprehend any worldview that conflicts with their own and “know” that most people agree with them.

  54. O.K., I’m still reading my way through this EPIC FISK(tm) (ANTHOLOGIZE, DAMNIT!), and haven’t finished yet, let alone started on the comments. But if one of you hasn’t yet created the hash-tag “#crowdsourcingyourwitchhunt”, get off your lazy ass and DO IT NOW. (I don’t Twitter. I have enough trouble keeping up with ‘The Stoopyd, Hit Bernz!(tm)’ on FarceBark.)

    P.S. Just the ‘Top Gear’ reference was The InturWebz Wyn Uf tTeh Day(tm). You out-do yourself… again.

  55. I am an Aussie SF enthusiast and writer. I have been listening to Mur Lafferty’s podcast, “I should be writing” off and on for years. I say off-and-on because as much as I make extensive allowances for people with mental illness, every few years she overplays her hand to the extent that I unsubscribe for around 12 – 18 months.

    Eventually I discovered “Writing Excuses”. I can’t help but smile and laugh. Writing prompt ! Chortle, laugh, smile.

    Sadly, there is almost nothing else that I have found, with regard to writing podcasts on iTunes.

    So here is an opportunity – P L E A S E – create a writing podcast. I’d love to find a decent one.

    There is the triptych of “Pseudopod”, “Podcastle” and “Escapepod”, and through this I discovered the remarkable Alisdair Stuart. He is the redeeming feature of the organization, and I truly love his work on these podcasts.

    There is one single thing I am _EXTREMELY_ grateful to Mur Lafferty for – her schtick about the “horrible men” involved in “stacking” the Hugos. As an Aussie, I know next to nothing about the Hugos, the Nebulas and the Campbells. I’ve heard of them, but honestly, I know nothing about them. Then I heard Mur’s opinion on the “stacking” by two “truly horrible” men whose names I won’t mention (but don’t forget to vote for little old meeeee ! Herherherher etc). I had to investigate.

    I am so glad that I checked this “controversy” out, and for that I am always going to be deeply in Mur’s debt.

    I feel that I have found a community of people who have “had enough” of political correctness and the associated BS. I believe to my very core that a writers work should be solely judged on merit. Want to know the character of a person? Watch their actions, don’t listen to their words. Submit your work for judgment identified only by a random string. Gender, race, sexual preference, age, “privilege”, religion, grrl squee or whatever etc, etc, etc is such hubris. Talent will always win, unless the outcome was already decided.

    “If you were a dinosaur” says it all. To me, it is an incredibly important work. It is a watershed moment. PLEASE publish it as far and as widely as humanly possible. I asked my wife to read it and to give me her thoughts. She read about a third, said “This is utter crap” and asked me why I’d ever asked her to read such rubbish. Thank you Sarah. Thank you Janet. Thank you Larry. Thank you Theodore. Thank you John C Wright. Most of all, thank you Mur Lafferty.

    1. I feel that I have found a community of people who have “had enough” of political correctness and the associated BS. I believe to my very core that a writers work should be solely judged on merit. Want to know the character of a person? Watch their actions, don’t listen to their words.

      Glad to have you here. 🙂 Please enjoy your stay.

      Submit your work for judgment identified only by a random string. Gender, race, sexual preference, age, “privilege”, religion, grrl squee or whatever etc, etc, etc is such hubris. Talent will always win, unless the outcome was already decided.

      An excellent idea. Something like that is being done in the Baen Fantasy Award.

      It was through a fisking of a Facebook argument (“Political Fun with Facebook”) that I found Larry Correia. I was so enthused that I bought Monster Hunter International shortly afterward.

    2. I used to really like Escape Pod when Steve Eley ran it, but it’s gone downhill in quality since – I suspect because of Muir’s selections. There’s a real gem every now and again, but there’s been a lot of boring stories and message-fic.

  56. Alright, where the hell did this Wright fellow come from and why haven’t i heard of him sooner? Larry, I love your books and your fisks, am a life long rabid fan and love the way you use the English language, and tell a story, but this dude… I am in awe. I have never seen language wielded like this.

    1. He is the master and the English language is both his tool and his weapon. Very Chesteronian (sp? :P).

  57. Dear Mr. Correia: You seem to be a monster of various proportions, according to people whose views I despise. Well done, then. I’ve therefore bought your Monster Hunter omnibus, and am enjoying it tremendously. Bravo. You, Wright, Hoyt, and other horrid evils of unspeakable evil are my new heroes, and I’m reading great new books, and thank you Damien, you witless wanker.

  58. I am a(n adult) life-long reader of the Guardian newspaper. I am pro-choice. I accept the conclusions of the vast majority of scientists on global warning, satisfied that those conclusions have been reached fairly and empirically. I am in favour of gun control. I don’t think socialism is a dirty word. In most things, I consider myself to be a liberal. I was a feminist when feminism was about working towards equal treatment and equal opportunity for me and other women.

    I find myself here with strange bedfellows.

    I abhor the intellectual paucity of fighting for diversity when it excludes diversity of thought or ideology. Using the concept of privilege to discount opinions as way to shut down debate is cowardly, in my opinion. I cannot comprehend the logic of racist and sexist and everything-else-ist words and attitudes to purportedly battle racism and sexism and everything-else-ism (and no, saying that straight white men can’t be the victims is not logical). Creating hate to fight hate is morally and intellectually unsound.

    Long story short – I fundamentally agree with this side of the divide when it comes to what is currently happening in the genre.

    I speak for myself, however it does occur to me that you might garner even more support for this side of the fence on this matter amongst the public at large if you did not bunch all of us liberals and our opinions about other things with those people who think diversity is checking boxes that don’t include heterosexual white males. We don’t all think alike. My posting here is proof of that.

    As for the Guardian, I’m sticking with it even though I find Damien Walter a somewhat disappointing and sub-standard member of their team.

    1. Thank you. 🙂

      And that’s why I tried to specify earlier about my liberal fans, as opposed to the censorship loving fascists who’ve taken over the term. The problem is not all liberals do the dismiss because of some alleged -ist or -ism, but everybody who does that is a self described liberal. So you probably want to tell them that, because they’re making you guys look bad.

    2. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I do not regard this division as one of liberals vs. conservatives. Walter may hide within liberalism but there is nothing liberal about racial and sexual defamation, which is what Walter engaged in and what this entire divide is about. It’s the “white privilege” syndrome where all men are subtly attached to anything any other man ever did, even a mad murderer. It’s always bad, never good, and especially true of white skin. These people hate us for existing.

      When Walter wrote “For decades, science fiction’s major awards were given, year after year, to white male authors,” he is implying an at least tacit ideological racial and sexual supremacy not much different from an informal maleist KKK that did not exist in SFF and for which he has no proof. Walter’s “research” consists of “If it was white and male it was immoral” – end of story. In fact what actually happened was the accidental demographic of a hobby. There were 18 kazillion woman’s pulps these crazy feminists conveniently never mention.

      The radical feminist madwoman who commented there is immune to logic, reason or facts, and has taken to stalking me outside The Guardian’s comments section. My crime? I disagree. For that she has labeled me a “coward” multiple times in addition to comments too vulgar to repeat here. These are people who are bigots with mental health issues. They are not feminists and they are not liberals. They hide in those places because of the camouflage and nothing more.

    3. “I speak for myself, however it does occur to me that you might garner even more support for this side of the fence on this matter amongst the public at large if you did not bunch all of us liberals and our opinions about other things with those people who think diversity is checking boxes that don’t include heterosexual white males. We don’t all think alike. My posting here is proof of that.”

      The enemy is using you for camouflage, that is all. They are about as ‘liberal’ as Attila the Hun. Myself, I use the word ‘Statist’ or ‘Leftist’ or ‘Morlock’ to describe them, but every descriptive label runs into the same error that these creatures want to hide what they are among people who only resemble them in certain unimportant surface features.

      1. As an amateur historian, all this is mighty familiar.

        Above I mentioned the Hollywood Ten. What you never hear in the movies about heroic “liberals-and-let’s-not-mention-their- Communist-Party-United-States-of-America-memberships” is why so many people were willing, even eager to destroy them. Namely, the fact that said pretend liberals did everything in their power to destroy the careers of those they disagreed with politically, as long as they could do it behind the scenes.

        Similarly, the new ‘diversity’ of ‘people who differ on everything I consider unimportant, but who are identical on what I consider important’ is a lot like Jean Jacques Rousseau’s doctrine of the General Will, in which freedom consists of doing what you REALLY want to do. Turns out that everyone REALLY wants to do is identical, but is truly known only to the Ruler, so freedom is REALLY totalitarian slavery.

        For all their talk about “progress”, this is very old. From the ‘Melian Dialogue’ in Thucydides:

        “… you know as well as we do that right, as the world goes, is only in question between equals in power, while the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must. …

        “Of the gods we believe, and of men we know, that by an inescapable law of their nature they rule wherever they can. And it is not as if we were the first to make this law, or to act upon it when made: we found it existing before us, and shall leave it to exist forever after us; all we do is to make use of it, knowing that you and everybody else, having the same power as we have, would do the same as we do.”

        And it was old then. Social mammals have hierarchies, and fight for power in them. The Christian religion calls this “Original Sin,” the Evolutionist Religion calls it “Animal Nature”, but it’s all the same thing. The boss monkey leaves more descendants than the other monkeys, so you should seek power at all times if you want to be successful — successful, that is, at being a chimpanzee.

    4. “I am a(n adult) life-long reader of the Guardian newspaper. I am pro-choice. I accept the conclusions of the vast majority of scientists on global warning, satisfied that those conclusions have been reached fairly and empirically. I am in favour of gun control. I don’t think socialism is a dirty word.”

      Everyone is entitled to be wrong. 🙂

      “I speak for myself, however it does occur to me that you might garner even more support for this side of the fence on this matter amongst the public at large if you did not bunch all of us liberals and our opinions about other things with those people who think diversity is checking boxes that don’t include heterosexual white males. We don’t all think alike. My posting here is proof of that.”

      But seriously, Mr. Correia hasn’t tried to group those together. His opinions concerning those other things are an entirely separate matter, one which he has been also quite vocal. That the Venn Diagram of those two groups approaches circular (present company excepted, of course) is entirely a coincidence.

      1. Liberals are just like conservatives. There are good ‘uns and bad ‘uns at large and, sometimes, just on specific areas of interest. Just as Mr. Corriea and Mr. Wright might eschew association with one of the more egregious statements of, say, a Mr Vox so I would eschew the activities of a PC mob that has forgotten fundamental principles of liberalism. We’re not the camoflague. We’re the art, the renaissance men and women, the ones who behave rationally, consider diverse opinions and reach our own conclusions based on reasoning, evidence and experience in the recognition that others may, just as considerately and reasonably, reach different conclusions.

        So, alligosh, in the spirit in which it was proffered, I see your Forbes article and raise you the points articulately made in the comments beneath it. 🙂

      2. Tickletock,

        Definitions can be critically important in matters of science.

        So one must always ask the definition for ‘scientist’ of every ‘majority of scientists’ statement.

        Psychology may be a science, economics may be a science, zoology is considered a science.

        Does a waitress with a four year degree in psychology count as a scientist?

        If your only scientific training were a four year degree in psychology or economics, would you hold your tongue when it came to matters of ‘when the snow would melt’ or ‘whether the ice would stick’? If you would not stick firmly to just the scientific issues your background prepared you for, why expect it of surveyed scientists?

        Absent breaking down the scientists by discipline, and background, it is difficult to say what fraction of the scientists that you have the majority of has any relevant expertise.

        Asking a bunch of mostly economists about the chemistry of a particular biological path may be no more useful than asking the same of Japanese highschoolers who have been arrested for shoplifting.

        Say that we are instead talking about the measured opinions of a group of relevant scientists. Let’s think about a hypothetical zoologist, a very eminent professor type, a hundred or so publications. Also has an engineering, perhaps mechanical, degree from at least a decent school. So a) some knowledge of general scientific practice b) Relevant expertise, as MechE’s learn thermo c) not directly involved, so perhaps doesn’t have a personal axe to grind. However, his undergraduate training, which included his thermodynamics, was thirty, forty, or fifty years ago. Back then, the curriculum would not really been able to include some of the hands on training in computer modeling that is trivial today. Add in spending time on his critters, instead of keeping up with techniques outside of his specialty, and he may fail to appreciate some of the issues that later cohorts might have a better grasp of.

        Compare with a guy who has spent the last ten or twenty years instrumenting boilers, comparing with mathematical models, and debugging computer models.

        The difference between the two might be critical if it comes to a matter involving reliability of a mathematical model running on a computer.

        Then there is the wider obvious question. Is science the right profession?

        Say you need advice on a matter involving tax law. Do you prefer a ‘majority of lawyers’, ‘a majority of accountants’, the same sorted by relevancy, a good tax lawyer, or a good tax accountant? Do you go to a dentist or a doctor when you burn your tongue?

        Which is to say, what sort of problem is under discussion? What sort of problem do scientists solve? What sorts of problems do other professions solve? Is scientist really the best match? If you think so, why did you come to that conclusion?

        There is a profession that uses math, and knowledge of scientific matters to solve problems impacting human welfare. Professional and governmental organizations have oversight over them. Certain disciplines regularly make decisions about heating and cooling that absolutely will kill people if made incorrectly enough. Individuals abusing their responsibilities in this profession are found and disciplined. They are expected to keep records of their activities available for external audit. Often they are also trained as scientists.

        In short, if it really matters to you, you should consult a good local mechanical engineer, with a strong background in thermodynamics and mathematical modeling, who can explain things well to laymen. Otherwise, it is a good idea to be careful.

      3. Thank you, Bob, that was what I was trying to say.

        Just because the media says it obviously is real, and trots out articles about “97% of all scientists believe”, doesn’t make it true. In fact, the only things that 97% of scientists agree on are basic concepts that can be accurately measured with no evidence to the contrary.

        Climate change, on the other had, has a lot of controversy to it, making the 97% statement to be hyperbole.

        Even the originator of the idea has said that there is not enough historical measurements to accurately describe if it is true or not. At which point Al Gore called that scientist senile and did his best to discredit his mentor.

        1. If you delve into that 97% number, it is utter crap. It basically turns out to be 97% think that climate changes. Then about half think we have much to do with it. And of that half, half of those don’t think it is a big deal. So whoop. Feed that through a biased media and an internet full of morons who can’t think in anything deeper than a meme and it turns into “97% of scientists agree WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE TOMORROW if we don’t have more government control of EVERYTHING!!!!!11)

          1. “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE TOMORROW!!!!…. unless you all start buying some of Al Gore’s company’s carbon credits! That beachfront mansion in Mendecino, CA doesn’t pay for itself!”

      4. Tickletock, I am a geologist. The last glacial maximum (viewed as the ‘peak’ of the ice age (since direct, consistent measuring of weather based temperature is relatively new, especially geologically speaking.) was 20,000 years ago. There was a resurgence roughly 13,000 years ago. Current going theory: the warming weakened an ice dam over what is now the great Lakes and what then seems to have been one big one, venting roughly down the Mississippi. The damn broke under the pressure and the volume of the great Lakes (very conservative estimate, I’ve heard numbers as high as 5 times the volume. ) rerouted up what is now the St. Lawrence Waterway and dumped straight Into one of the largest warm water currents on the planet. The water behind that bridge would have been ice cold. It messed with things. Then the system recovered and the warming trend continued on its merry way. We are still in that warming trend. Probably will be for a few thousand years yet. We’re pretty lousy when it comes to predicting anything climatological at more range than a couple of days. On the other hand pretty much everything affects everything else, the question is more ‘how big a blip are we on the radar of giant machine that is our planet?’ First (orbital) and Second (axial) order factors are going to dominate as primary temperature driving mechanisms. The articles that reliably address this issue have been scarce in my searches.

        For the record 87% of all statistics are made up on the spot. [obligatory sarcasm tag for the last line only.]

        1. AGW loonies always get mad when I bring up geology (not that my knowledge is anywhere yours). They always get in a huff and say, “Well, we’re warming FASTER this time than all those other times!”
          The follow-up question drives them crazy, “If we warm and cool alternatively, who cares if it happens a couple of years faster anyway?”

          1. When the aliens finally show up from Alpha Centauri during the lynching of a geologist…

            SJW MOB: “The Deniers turned our planet into a newt!”
            ALIENS: [BLINKING] “A newt?”
            SJW MOB: [LAMELY] “It got better.”

      5. The point about the limits of our predictive capabilities was a grain of salt on my own prediction as well as all the others out there.

      6. The rocks are what the rocks are. And the SJWs are no more geologically irritating than the Young Earth Creationists are. Though I will say, getting resolution in less than thousands of years is hard geologically, too much of the ‘recent’ evidence is decaying into soil as we speak. The first evidence of the resurgence were from soil rather than rock samples, though it’s backed up by other things.

        By and large we have reasonable resolution on big things, but little blips don’t register except in very specific circumstances. (ok, I should not babble about the rocks.)

        1. Babble about rocks all you want. Just remember that if you refer to the rocks SJWs keep between their auditory orifices, you’ll get them mad. Oh, wait, they’re mad no matter what.

          Carry on.

          1. Yes, please, more rock babbling. Indulging rampant curiosity is a virtue.

      7. First typo correction: fourth and fifth order changes, not firs and second. Now for an explanation of these and some definitions. I’ll try to keep it shortish. (side note, new source located! My father apparently has been gathering the good information on this for the past 5 years or so and having been in industry and academia both for longer than I have been alive, he has better sources than I do. I will report findings in detail if there is interest… yes, this is one of the things I do for fun.)

        Eustatic Sea level changes: these are changes to sea level that are global in nature rather than local. The causes vary.

        First order changes: techtonic in nature and related to the dispersal of continents. Super continents tend to increase the amount of volume in the ocean. More volume for the same amount of water leads to lower Sea levels. These are the longest cycles, measured in hundreds of millions of years.

        Second order cycles: also techtonic in nature. This is related to the volume of the mid ocean ridges. Bigger ridges displace more water, smaller less. These cycles are shorter than above, but still very long cycles in the multiple tens of millions of years.

        Third order changes: these are more confusing. They are too long for glacial / climactic cycles, and too short for techtonics. If I find more I shall pass it along.

        Fourth and fifth order changes : also called Malenkovic cycles (I may have miss spelled that, I’m going from memory.). Current evidence suggests fourth are related to wobble in our orbit around the sun and fifth are related to axial wobble. There are still some issues with causality, and questions to be answered. They predate human existence, so cannot be epigenetic. These are the climate driven sea level changes.

        Humans at worst Are a 6th order change. Now what does that mean? Good question. We are inside the box of the universe. It seems foolish to me to assume we have no effect on it. It is equally foolish to assume we will break a system this robust in a grand scheme scale. Can we do localized damage? Likely. What will the extent be? Good question. I’m a geologist not a psychic.

        My personal opinion is, we should be careful with our planet, as much because we don’t know, more so. The law of unintended consequences is more difficult to deal with than any guaranteed doom. Should more data come to light, my opinion may alter, which is as it should be. 😉

      8. Heather, please continue. 🙂

        Are there any articles that discuss the circum-antarctic cold current that has been possible since the breakaway of Tasmania from the Antarctic continent?

        It also strikes me that there is little discovery around desertification and the parallel expansion of urban heat islands as they effect the process.

        In short, there are a significant number of avenues of research that have been shut down simply because Consensus – which strikes me as fundamentally foolish.

      9. Note: anthropogenic not epigenetic. Darn you auto correct!

        Mike, there are such articles. I don’t have any handy, but I’ve added it to my research list. Antarctica is odd in all kinds of ways. For the next installment I should probably post from home not my phone. I’m getting some good articles soon (hopefully tonight) which should answer some questions of what’s out there. I’ll give citations on that one if you guys want to do some follow ups on your own.

        Antarctica is a fun topic. There is so much we don’t know, And it is comparatively hard to study. It’s also been relatively undisturbed for some time, which is a scientist’s dream if we can get data from it. (which we are, if slowly. One of my professors missed half a semester to be on one of the research teams). It’s slow but exciting. 🙂

  59. The PC have been taking a pretty hard spanking in the last year. Their interest in gender and race has been exposed as supremacism, narcissism and bigotry, not politics. They’ve had to scapegoat straight white men in order to hide that, but the blinders are off now, and their own quotes have damned and exposed them for the Nazi Bund that squats in America and in SFF.

    Americans don’t generally hate each other over politics. My friends range widely in how to get things done in a democracy and we don’t beat each other up over it but laugh about it. What we don’t laugh off is the idea an ethnic group or sex is a canker on the world.

    All we have to do is keep on tearing apart their arguments wherever we find them – passionately and logically. Bigotry cannot survive an even cursory glance, and taking it apart is as easy as drinking a nice glass of milk.

    The fact the PC so shrink away from any neutral space that would censor and ban self-limits them. That means that wherever we are, they cannot survive, because they cannot explain their own rancid quotes and double standards.

    The Guardian comments sections is proof of that. Virtually no one in the SFF community came to fight. In fact, off stage on Twitter, they were gnashing their teeth is rage but helpless to do a thing, because there would be no banhammer to rescue their insane racism and sexism.

    Eventually the bigots will be marginalized right out of any hope of success or attention other than their own shrinking circles, and their naive “allies” will either see the light or be marginalized right along with them.

  60. That was epic. Haven’t read a slapdown that good since JMS was bitch-slapping punks about Babylon 5 on the news groups.

    Never EVER piss off a writer. Because they likely use words better than you do.

  61. speaking of the writer you reference who makes racist statements, anyone play the game Bioshock Infinite?

    if so, go check out the latest comments section on nk jemisin’s blog. do it now. right now.

    1. I liked BI for the most part, but the nihilistic ending left me cold. The original Bioshock, on the other hand, was pure gold in my opinion.

      Anyway, thanks for directing me to the post/comments. Levine was right. The game’s an inkblot.

  62. The troubled women in The Guardian comments is having her own private meltdown Tweeting to herself. These are right in a row and she is interacting with no one:

    “Ann Somerville @ann_somerville · 2h But every example and piece of evidence brought up to you is dismissed or derided, so you can do your own research.

    “Ann Somerville @ann_somerville · 2h and you are far from the only shouty white male trying it on. Also Vox Day is not the only racist fuck in SF

    “Ann Somerville @ann_somerville · 2h No mcwhitey shouty person, it means you, like I, have white privilege, but you are throwing it around to shut the conversation down

    “Ann Somerville @ann_somerville · 2h white mcwhitey shouty male person wishes I’d stop talking about his lack of colour because that means I think he’s a member of the KKK”

    Only Shanley Kane in the feminist tech community can match that, and Kane’s meltdown is daily and has been going on for weeks. That is a Twitter feed I heartily recommend as easily the craziest I have ever seen and it is non-stop going after white men. Truly remarkable people.

    1. Applying the ‘change the color, gender and race’ test, we have: “black mcblackey shouty female person wishes I’d stop talking about her colour because that means I think she’s a member of the Black Panthers.”

      Yep. Bigot alert.

      1. Ummmm…. I’d add in Stalker Alert and maybe some Twilight Zone music and maybe that “Aoooogah!! Dive!! Dive!!!”

    2. I dropped by to see her twitter first hand. The tied up dude in her avatar is pretty interesting. Again, apply the reverse test… her twitter feed is full of gold.

  63. Since it’s now clear to me that my white male name is a liability when trying to get published, what can I do about it? I presume that signing a contract under a false name is fraud, but is there a way around that?

      1. Picking the name isn’t a problem. I need a way to hide my name from the editors and publishers, not just the readers, while keeping the contract valid.

        1. What I’ve heard recommended is to file a “Doing Business As” form, or your state’s equivalent. You can open an account in the business’s name, and cash checks made out to the pseudonym. And since you’re writing for the business, it can register and hold the copyright as a work-for-hire.

          If someone really wants to penetrate the pseudonym the records are there, but going the other way (real name to pen name) is much harder.

          (Disclaimer: I’m an engineer, not a lawyer.)

    1. I’d go with a non-descriptive Japanese name, say Jiro Yamada. The MOST boring Japanese name imaginable. (That name is actually a plot element for a 90’s anime Nadesco: the name of the pilot who’s so embarrassed by the John Smith-esque that he insist on using a more awesome name).

    2. Hey, I’m proud of my white-looking name! If not for the certainty of my parents that I should have a name that allowed me to pass unnoticed among the dominant culture, life would have been much harder, as I’d have fought the tyranny of soft expectations and the racism of “you can’t excel without government intervention because arbitrary group designation”! It was an excellent gift I expanded on by marrying a man with the last name of Grant!

      There’s no way anyone can tell we’re not stereotypical whitebread Americans except by… well, y’know, knowing anything about us.

      If you fear it’s a liability, just self-publish, and realize that the readers really don’t care. 🙂

      1. I was once told to write a series under a “less ethnic name” — since this is my married name, and in no way “Ethnic” I have to assume by that point of working with me, the editor had progressed to snorting crack.

      2. I just read a bio of your husband that says he married an Alaskan pilot. 🙂

        I married a great name, too. Pascal. Pretty much got to use it I think. 🙂

    3. You may have to legally change your name. Starting a list of potential aliases can’t hurt.

      I’m considering “Diego T. Iglesias”.

      1. I used to have a hobby of reading porn movie posters. (It was hilarious, watching them try to make this sex-film seem different from every other sex film.) I recall two great pseudonyms from then: director “Norm De Plume” and writer “Prudence Prevails.”

  64. Ah. Exquisite. Not QUITE up to the level of white hot scorn that Zola achieved in “J’accuse”, but getting there.

    BTW; if you haven’t read a good translation of “J’accuse”, I recommend it. It opens a window on a world where it was considered commendable for an intellectual to wither his opponents with precise writing, facts, and style.

    I doubt like hell that Damien has ever read it. Or if he did it bounced off the calcified lump that he uses for a brain.

  65. Damien replies on Twitter: “Larry Correia spent the entire weekend preparing to fist me. In two parts.”

    Also, he favorited this: “All it takes is a passing mention of Larry Correia and I feel the urgent need to disinfect everything and maybe flip a few tables as well.”

    1. Sounds like Damien had a Freudian slip with the first reply there. I guess we know what’s on his mind, eh?

      My response to the second sentence: “Their quiltbag tears are delicious.”

    2. I went there when you said that and he’s also saying he might leave Twitter. The simple truth is he wouldn’t have placed such enormous pressure on himself if he didn’t constantly judge people by their race and sex. Even a 10 yr. old understands that. That kind of thing is toxic and it’ll eat you alive. I always felt kinda sorry for neo-Nazis cuz they seem like broken people with a sickness. I just don’t see how you can be like that and enjoy life.

      1. Yeah. Hate is how small people try to feel big. And I’m not talking about their stature.

      2. He seriously said that? So, he libels me repeatedly. I whoop his ass. So he takes to Twitter to find dirt on me. 2 complete morons provide him with nothing, and a couple dozen make fun of him for crowd sourcing his witch hunt. Now he’s crying. Poor dumb, Damien.

      3. Enter Damien’s whining about being “bullied”, you mean International Lord of Hate, you!

      4. He said some pretty weird stuff. He’s talking like meditation is dangerous or something. I’m not surprised he doesn’t have a clear conscience. When you openly support neo-Nazi ideology and think you’re doing the exact opposite, something’s going to give, most likely your sanity.

        Walter and that whole crowd act like anyone who gets sick of being targeted by their stupid PC racism are “reactionary” conservatives who wake up in the morning and get their orders from Fox News and then say “Yes, master” and then go clean a pistol with kitty cat fat.

        That whole PC cult thinks they’re the latest cutting edge of civilization and they can’t figure out why they keep getting pranked like old nuns. Someone should make an underground-style comic book where stick figures say actual PC quotes from Twitter.

        “Great night last night, no white men scored more than 15 points in the basketball playoffs.”

        “Oh that IS great. What about Jews?”

        “0 points”

        “Ha ha. Awesome.”

        “How’s that Kickstarter to truck in Bolivians to poetry readings?”

        “Very good. We’re holding a PoC Monster Truck Rally benefit to combat white colonialism.”

        “Sigh, so angry. Who knows how many SF stories never existed because PoC and women were blackballed from SF? Golden Age SF was like Hurricane Katrina. All the straight white male editors wanted to see the careers of marginalized people die.”

        “Don’t worry. The future will be all gay. I saw it in a non-binary dream.”

    3. ‘flip a few tables?’

      bwahahaha! Because that’s what big bold Grauniad writers do to show how big and bold they are — they assault furniture. He should probably stick to those hipster douchebag cafe ones that are about the size of a large pizza. Anything bigger would kick his ass.

      1. “To be clear: the table-flipper was someone Damien retweeted, not Damien himself.”

        I see. So, in other words, he’s too much of a pussy even to upend inanimate objects himself. All he can manage to do is cheer from the sidelines when someone else bloviates about thinking about maybe doing so. He’s a chickenflipper.

  66. Does anyone remember that monkey from Lost In Space that would only say “Bloop, bloop, bloop”? Why would The Guardian put up work by a guy who says “Bloop, bloop, bloop”? I don’t get that. Is it a prank? Is The Guardian a prank site? If your biggest defender was a ditzy man-hating feminist who writes gay bondage urban fantasy, wouldn’t you go into a meditation retreat too? Like forever? Cuz I know having a woman like that on my side would shake the foundations of my reality too. Maybe Walter will end up like one of those yogi guys who paint their body blue, have dreads and hang out in India. “Hey, hey, Mr. Tourist, sir, what’s in the pic-a-nic basket?”

  67. “Hard as it to believe, somewhere right now, a white, straight male is explaining to a woman or POC what they =really= meant.” – Steven Gould, president of the SFWA yesterday.

    1. “Hard as it to believe, somewhere right now, a white, straight male is explaining to a woman or POC what they =really= meant.” – Steven Gould, president of the SFWA yesterday.

      You mean like when people like Scalzi and Hines came running to the rescue of the person about that “ending binary gender” blog and said that she didn’t really mean that but meant something else entirely? That kind of “explaining what they really meant”?

      Or all this talk about “code words” and “dog whistles” and how conservatives really mean something else, generally something “racist”?

      1. I don’t know what it means. I am so routinely amazed by statements like that I’m beginning to think that old lady was onto something when she tested Paul Atreides for being fully human. Express that same mentality in terms of infrastructure and it’s a ruin, and that’s for sure. The SFWA is an empty husk, little more than an arm of WisCon now, and WisCon’s a nut house of failure. That entire culture is absolutely mad.

      1. He means women/PoC. The PC use that one all the time and generally call it “mansplaining” when it comes to the women part. Gould is a die-hard intersectionalist and that’s no lie. Naturally there is no proof arrogance is a white male characteristic, it’s just more “white men smell” talk.

    2. I don’t mean to go crazy on that quote of Gould’s, but I am truly stunned any American in 2014 would make such a blatantly racist comment. Add in the fact he’s the president of the SFWA and presumably made the remark in the name of anti-racism only makes it all the more stunning. Then, on top of that dog-pile, throw in the fact he’s presumably responding to white male racist sexists who exclusively do this act so much it is virtually an institution relative to non-whites and women. Well, where’s the quotes and facts to support such a view? Unbelievable. Truly unbelievable to hear that from someone who considers themselves a writer and an artist and in an institutional position like his.

      1. To me it’s like saying “Right now a male Jew is creating a bank” or a “Right now a male black is robbing a convenience store.” It’s straight up racial and sexual profiling and defamation. You could pull quotes like Gould’s off a white supremacist web site. That poses the obvious question: what is the SFWA? Well, considering the recent award winners and the comments about white men before and after, the answer’s rather obvious: QUILTBAGtopia.

  68. Heh.

    I’ve decided to gravy train myself into this whole victim cult thingy. After reading the comment with the alphabet soup of diversity stuffs, I noticed something missing.

    So, from hence forth and now on, there is the PUP!

    People with Unpleasant Personalities!

    So far there’s:

    PUPBi for Bitchy.
    PUPBl for Belligerent (Bl and Bi look similar on purpose, because it’s often really difficult to tell them apart).
    PUPW for Whiny.
    PUPeww for Weirdo
    PUPAh for Asshat
    PUPS for Stupid
    PUPO for Offensive
    PUPI for Inappropriate
    PUPOT for cronic Off Topicers

    I’ll discover more PUP derivatives once I get my grant monies to study this oh so deserving subgroup of nearly human type people.

    Since I fit all those at least once a day, I can fit my self into all sorts of quota stuffs.

    Now, the Inclusioneers have to be nice to me ‘else they ain’t being inclusionistic.

    What’s the going rate on Grievance Studies grants these days?

  69. Mr. Correia,
    I have bought all your books since the very first self published edition of MHN and love them. You are a fantastic writer. Even if you weren’t, you would still have my money coming for any and all books you may choose to write in the future. Why? Simple: Any man who can make many progressive, pseudo-intellectual, socialist twits so angry is worth supporting. Thank you!


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