More Fun With Twitter!

As a result of the recent BinaryGenderSFWA dust up, some Noble Concern Troll was lecturing me about how I’m a terrible mean-bad person, and how more people would be receptive to my message if I was polite and civil. (I wonder…Do the left wing versions of me have to put up with boring ass concern trolls too?)

Then the following transpired… I pulled out all the wonky Twitter formatting and name tagging. What resulted is the most fun I’ve had with Twitter since the CNN blogger who could barely tie his shoelaces.

Yagathai‏@Yagathai I’m confused why you think having a louder voice makes you more right?

Larry Correia loud is effective. Right is right. Your concern is duly noted, and immediately disregarded.

And I kid you not. This dude sent me over 50 tweets all day warning me about how I’m too mean, and I shouldn’t use Strawmen, and I’ll never sway anybody like this, advice on how to be an effective political activist (picketing, I kid you not) and I’m hurtful towards feelings. Holy shit. Boring.

Then Anna came along. I was just tired and wanted to be left alone. These may be slightly out of order because Twitter is confusing when everybody is posting at the same time.

Anna Fischer ok wait, @monsterhunter45 you’re a successfully published best selling author who trying to cyber bully @Yagathai

Larry Correia He keeps tagging me to concern troll about how mean I am. Not sure how that is bullying.

Anna Fischer But some how @monsterhunter45 only has 3k twitter followers? I can’t even find your FB fanpage. Your books fp only has 97 likes @Yagathai


For the record, I hate Twitter. I hate Facebook slightly less. I use them because it is kind of necessary to keep in touch with my fans. 140 characters means that only really stupid conversations take place. And her search-fu sucks, if anybody is interested the FB fan pages are Monster Hunter Nation, and Monster Hunter International, Hunters Unite. There’s a few thousand people on those. Feel free to join. Only I don’t plug them all the time because I don’t need the ego stroke. I barely even look at my stats as it is.

Larry Correia Good for you. I really could not possibly manage to care any less

Anna Fischer How is this even a thing? Are you even a thing? dude @monsterhunter45 fire your publicist or if you don’t have one, hire one @Yagathai

That isn’t very nice, because my publicist is awesome and works very hard for her authors. Hey, Corinda, this one is dedicated to you. 🙂

Larry Correia 3k on here, 6k on FB, 10k on the blog. I can’t help how culturally ignorant you are. :@Anna_photo

That was off the top of my head. I get anywhere from 3k to 80k visitors a day here, all depending on what I post. Like this recent gender thingy, that was like an extra 10k from all of them. Instapundit links? Easy 20k.

That line about cultural ignorance was shamelessly stolen from my friend Nick Searcy.

Anna Fischer For a published author? @monsterhunter45 ‘3k on twitter 6k on FB, 10k on the blog’ are some shit numbers

Larry Correia Duly noted. But you apparently know fuck all about how big genre publishing actually is. 🙂

This is absolutely true. Everybody thinks John Scalzi is like the biggest blogger in the business. He says he gets up to 50k hits a day… Turns out he averages around 5k, which is about what I get. Whoop. Who cares. Vox gets more hits than either of us. Meanwhile, I know a ton of writers, and most of them would love my blog traffic (or at least a Book Bomb). If I was in this for the blog traffic I’d do politics all day, or pictures of cats, but I mostly blog because I like to write about stuff.   

Anna Fischer I think your books are alrightish for shoot man stroke material but @monsterhunter45 I’m crazy loyal, @Yagathai‘s a friend

Larry Correia Then I’m sure he’s a super lucky man, and really, I don’t care.


Anna Fischer and more importantly to your argument @monsterhunter45 you don’t want to play whip it out wednesday with me, b/c my #’s are better

I actually don’t even know what any off that at the end means. b/c# wtfbbq?

Anna Fischer Only 2.6k on twitter, but 14k likes on my fb fanpage, oh and here’s a ss of my blog #s


Yes. She actually put up a picture of her blog stats.

Larry Correia Yay. Gold star for you. You win facebook.

One of my fans urged me to let them have it. I told him – I’ve already been listening to whines all day about how mean I am, telling how much money I make would only spin them up again

But she kept on tagging me…  

 Anna Fischer  As you can see from the charts @monsterhunter45 thats 20k on a bad day, spikes of up to 60k and I don’t even have a book

Larry Correia  Sigh… I’ll just have to get by somehow.

Anna Fischer So board now that some random chick smoked you? Your reach is how would I say? Pushing rope? Small dick #’s

Larry Correia Yep. Totally smoked. Do you really want to continue comparing relative success?

Anna Fischer I’m good. Have a pleasant evening sir, and I look forward to your next book.

But she just couldn’t let it go… Some of my fans commented, laughing at her for trying to pick this fight. So of course she started telling them about what an internet failure I am, I have no reach, dude with a book should BE SOMEBODY, that sort of thing… Okay then.  

Anna Fischer‏ dude, like I said I don’t even have a book, I’m a nobody.

And to think, I was 1 minute from shutting the computer off and going to play some Call of Duty on the Xbox… So I tweeted the following over the span of a couple minutes. It is nice being able to type 85 wpm.

Larry Correia You know what? Fuck it. Like bruce Banner, I just wanted to be left alone. So now you get the Hulk.

Larry Correia Do you think anyone cares about number of followers? Here’s your trophy. I only care about the followers who spend $. Got those.

Larry Correia I’m in the top 1% of all authors in royalty income. Not my genre. All published authors.

Anna Fischer Cool guy #1 @monsterhunter45 gets way more money for his book then I do for my not book.

Larry Correia I’m published in 7 languages. I’ve got 11 novels out in 5 years. Been as high as #3 on all of Amazon.

Larry Correia Multiple NYT bestsellers, almost every book on Nielsen which is more accurate, high as 5th best seller in the country. 20 weeks on.

Larry Correia I’m bigger on audiobook. Top 5 of all sellers on Audible. 23 thousand reviews at 4.5 stars. 2 Audie for best audiobook

Larry Correia In fact, on Audible, have 4 new books dropping on the same day, Feb 4th. 3rd bestseller in fantasy/scifi

Larry Correia Up for best novel in France last year. Chinese/Taiwan starts this year, expecting that one to be huge.

Larry Correia In addition, I sold $100k worth of merchandise related to my writing on a Kickstarter this year.

Larry Correia Oh, but wait. I produced a game last year and raised $85k on that Kickstarter.

Larry Correia  My publicist, who you think I should fire has coordinated book tours to ¾ of the US over the last 4 years all successes

Larry Correia Oh, but you’ve got more likes on facebook… Well shucks. So does Tila Tequila. Should I continue?

Random Stranger on the Internet Dude you are such a piece of shit

How dare this rich male lord his success over the poor woman who was telling how unsuccessful he was! Whatever, hippy, go occupy something.

Larry Correia Hey, why not! Fans kicked in thousands of dollars for charity to be redshirted by me in novels. We paid for a fan’s dialysis.

Larry Correia Wait. I forgot about my TV deal. Yep. I should fire my publicist because I don’t have enough likes on Facebook.

Larry Correia About said TV deal, same people who do Walking Dead on AMC bought my rights.

Larry Correia Since then the Rock, the guy who did the Departed, Hansel & Gretal Witchhunters, Downton Abby, and a few others have approached.

Larry Correia But of course, this all pales before likes on Facebook. I’ve been doing this for 5 years.

Larry Correia You posted a graph of your blog stats. My most read article had 1 million individual views in a month.

Larry Correia I’ve been on national TV a few times, local more than I can count, national radio tons, But oh, no, not enough likes!

Larry Correia Hey, you wouldn’t shut up about how you had more likes on Facebook. There you go, relative success. Enjoy.

She had some other comment here, can’t find it now. Twitter is a mess.  

Larry Correia But you have facebook likes, graphs, and–for some inexplicable reason–the need to bore the shit out of me all afternoon

Her friends, who probably missed the first bit with the graphs and lectures on the relative merits of internet success and my complete lack of giving a shit rush to her defense.

Larry Correia But @Anna_photo got a gold star for Facebook likes! Yay for Anna!

So some of my friends started chiming in, you know, TV stars and the bestselling writers in the world, that sort of thing.

Larry Correia Did I mention I get to hang out with famous people? 😀 @LKHamilton @yesnicksearcy

Anna Fischer‏ I’m classy enough not to name drop.

Super classy! But it helps to actually know people.  

Several of my people asked who the hell Anna was.

Larry Correia A girl on the internet who bored the shit out of me about how much more successful she is than I am on Facebook! Yay!

Anna Fischer‏ I want to let the world know that @monsterhunter45 has been published in 7 languages. I have never been published in any language.

Larry Correia But holy shit! You should see her blog hits. She’ll show you the graph!

Larry Correia I gave more in charity than you make. I paid more in taxes than you make. But you’ll always have Facebook

Larry Correia 1/2 For those just joining us @Anna_photo felt the need to show what an unsuccessful writer I am because she has more FB followers.

Larry Correia 2/2 she went on about how I should fire my publicist, I said whatever, but @Anna_photo couldn’t walk away. so I said fuck it, let’s do this.

Anna Fischer But if you’re going to make the argument that you have more “reach” your numbers should back that

Larry Correia Reach? Perhaps the numbers you’re looking at don’t actually matter in real life.

Because seriously, if you spam the internet enough you can get 100,000 people on Facebook to like a badly photo shopped picture proving Barack Obama is secretly a space alien. Doesn’t mean you can make a living at it.

There were lots of comments from fans and haters coming in at this point, tons about what a horrible mean bad person I am especially, too many to track both ways, but overall, after the last few days it was nice to do something brain dead and amusing rather than being yelled at by the stuffy literati about boring English Department approved topics.  

Anna Fischer  I have not and did not in any way claim to be more important then

Larry Correia Nope. Just successful on the internet. Still think I should fire my publicist there Helpful Advice Lady?

Really… she should have just left me alone.

Another Random Stranger On The Internet It’s probably wrong to draw attention to @monsterhunter45‘s epic meltdown over a woman having more followers than him…but epic meltdown.

Larry Correia Or hilaroius blog fodder. 🙂 Take your pick.

Larry Correia my money is on blog fodder, because in chronological order it is hilarious.

So copied, some Ctrl H and Ctrl F, (I’ve been editing a novel all day, I can format stuff in my sleep) and posted. Yep. Pretty much that. There you go. That’s the internet for you, people who don’t know much telling people who do how they’re wrong, and then random people getting offended when you point out that maybe not all opinions are equal.

Last Call for SAD PUPPIES!
Some excellent articles on the recent gender nonsense

116 thoughts on “More Fun With Twitter!”

  1. What’s hilarious is that if a liberal gets angry and you tell them that “hey, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar and maybe you shouldn’t get mad,” then you will get hit with the Tone Argument. Which basically boils down to “screw you if you don’t like my tone, because I have a right to be angry and respond in an angry fashion.”

    Sauce for the goose.

    As for Anna, well, like you and Nick say, you can’t help how culturally ignorant she is. You can sleep on a pile of hundred dollar bills in your solid-gold-brick paid-for house, and she can be… famous on the internet. For… something. *golf clap* Bravo, Anna. This is probably the most internet attention you’ve ever gotten. Enjoy your fifteen minutes.

      1. It goes like this:

        Liberal: Attack attack attack! My epeen is bigger than yours! I just accused you of waving yours and then I waved mine! HA. I win!

        Conservative: Defend. Actual facts. Snark. You lose.

        Liberal: OMG HDU. Meanie. Cyberbully. You hurted my feelings and offended my delicate sensibilities.

        Conservative: Yes, and? Bored now.

        That wasn’t an epic meltdown. It was an epic SMACKdown. And beautifully done.

      2. Facebook is a freaking joke.

        Facebook exists to sell your personal info to marketers. It is not a proper advert medium, and if you try to use it as such, Facebook will shut down your advert page, and point it at your personal info.

        They do not want to be a free advert service, and will force traffic to routes that allow them to harvest marketing information to sell. Period.

        Anyone who is using facebook as their primary internet presence is just a clueless steer or heifer being shoved into the advertisers’ marketing slaughterhouse.

      3. Julie, I agree with your sentiment, but disagree with your generalisation and would like to point out that the internet is like a pond: scum thrives on the surface.

        Idiots puke crap on Twitter, sensible people cringe, roll their eyes, and try to distance themselves from the stupid (I imagine you’d rather you didn’t share your species with this Anna character =P).

        It may be that ‘leftist’ people are more prone to waving their views around -trying to change things [for the better*] being the underlying motivation of such views- but the proportion who are wrong being more visible doesn’t mean there aren’t a reasonable quantity who are, well, reasonable.

        I also suspect it is partially due to conservative views, by their very nature (trying to preserve what _is_ good, preventing change for the worse**), being widely accepted; Telling an average eighteenth century Englishman that colonialism is a good thing… would meet with a a blank look and a “Duuh” equivalent. So, because almost any change-based idea is already *intrinsically* outside the status quo, slightly out there ‘liberal’ stuff will stand out a lot more than slightly out there ‘conservative’ stuff.

        Mix in the various biases (such as the old “People who agree with me are correct, people who disagree with me are wrong”), and you’ve got a combo that could skew the picture noticeably.

        Of course, those last two paragraphs also apply (with minor adaptation) to people of the other perspective who are surrounded by like-minded folks.

        *Whether or not they’re right about it, they *think* it’d be an improvement…
        **Whether or not they’re right about it, they *think* it would be detrimental…

        Err, that got bigger than expected. Sorry.

      4. Tam:

        Facebook allows orgs like SWAT magazine to have advert pages because they generate marketing info to sell … which FB page “owners” visit the SWAT magazine FB page is valuable marketing data.

        Small businesses that try the same thing get shut down.

    1. The funny part is, as someone who has used both to try to thin out the escaped population in a lab working with Drosophila fruit flies, you actually catch way more flies with vinegar than honey.

  2. Larry, you’re having ENTIRELY too much fun, being a “horrible, mean person”.

    There’s **GOT** to be a book in this: “Larry Hunts the REAL Monsters”. Write it. Let the Nation throw even MORE money at you: you have Hungry Viking Children (tm, pat. pending) that you need to pay for solid gold “My Firsts Combat Wombat” in .454 Casull. . .

  3. I think you are an Amazing author and I am Proud to say I read your novels and look forward to seeing you on television! Silly Anna should go find someone else to pick on! Sigh……………. She must feel the need for some attention, maybe she should get that checked out! LOL

  4. Anna obviously doesn’t know the first rule of the Internet, DO NOT POKE THE CORRACKEN! Although I for one find it hilarious when a concern troll or Social Justice Warrior unlocks the achievement, You have just poked the Corracken! The hilarity that ensures helps me unwind from a long day of Differential Equations and Engineering physics homework.

    1. You eviiiil STEM major.

      You just don’t understand the liberal arts major’s NEED to be seen as intellectually superior on the facebook and the twitter, while trying to payoff a guaranteed student loan ( one big enough to buy a freaking house with ), while serving coffee at Starbucks.

      1. We are only half evil, my Engineering study group enjoys hasseling the humanity majors whenever they wander into range, but we only hunt for sport.

  5. I saw one part of this — the Hulk line — pop in my twitter feed. My first two thoughts:

    1. Someone been pokin’ the bear.
    2. I better not get sucked into reading this, I’m on deadline!

    Considerate of you to blog ‘er up for me, sir. (:

  6. Glad I missed it all and got the condensed version. Unlike you, idiots on twitter and fb tend to just elevate my blood pressure. I just try to ignore them.

    Glad you get a kick out of it, b/c then it turns into entertaining reading for me.

  7. Wow. You seem to attract a special type of stupid. Is it wrong for me to look forward to the world’s end just to see these idiots react when they realize the apocalypse is basically a honey badger – it don’t care? “Do you know who I am? I have thousands of followers on Facebook!” Well then! Clearly we are all in the presence of greatness and should be bowing before the awesomeness that is Anna “my numbers are better than yours so there *stick out tongue*” Fischer – whoever the hell she is. She sounds like she took classes from John Kerry’s School for Thinking You Sound Legit While Really Just Coming off as a Giant Flaming Asshole.

  8. It’s not like you jumped onto the short bus and started beating them up in their seats; they came piling out and started head-butting your with their little skateboard helmets.

        1. Only that one time I almost got into a fist fight with a dude who wouldn’t stop talking during Expendables 2. But that’s a story for another day. 🙂

    1. Well, he kinda did. I mean, he didn’t have to respond to MacFarlane’s little “I want to end the binary gender default” article. That was pretty much running the short-bus off the road and squirting the windowlickers with vinegar water in a spray bottle, like cats that won’t stop scratching on the furniture.

  9. It’s all a part of the way the rabbits always attempt to play the I win-you lose game, Larry. Scalzi’s fans tried to rub Whatever’s massive traffic numbers for in my face for over a year before Scalzi happened to expose an anomaly that made me realize he was full of shit.

    One year after Scalzi was bragging about getting 8 million WordPress pageviews in a year, to much congratulatory backpatting and fartsniffing, his fans were trying to pretend it didn’t matter that I had 13,111,695 Google pageviews in 2013 compared to Scalzi’s 7,519,279 pageviews.

    And in 2014, I’m up 24 percent from last year. He’s down nearly another one-third. So, we’ll probably never hear them mention that all-important traffic metric again.

    Crush the frauds. Every time they open their lying mouths, just crush them. Every single time.

    1. So Vox. . . what you’re saying, is . . .that what is Best in Life, is. . .

      . . .to crush the Scalziites, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of the literati ????

      (grinning madly, running like hell. . . )

      1. ….Damnit, Keith, I love it when you say things like that.

        What is it about idiots needing to rub your nose in things despite being asked to let it well enough alone, and then when finally you put ’em on blast, they react with “OH WOW SO MEAN OMG YOURE OVERREACTING”

      2. OMG. That was just freaking awesome. 10 Legendary WordPlay Points, 1 “Get outta Dodge before the Asteroid impacts” card and 1 weeks adoration from 132 Dancing Ninja Hampsters

  10. Love this stuff. While I deeply respect your desire to “be the Buddah” and walk away from people trying to goad you…I equally enjoy the heck out of these troll-smashing events. No offense to Melvin, of course. Keep it up!

  11. In “The Notebooks of Lazarus Long” there’s this “A sad little lizard told me he was a brontosaurus on his mother’s side. I did not smile….”

    I suspect there’s a similar for “look how many facebook hits I get.”

  12. I absolutely love it when some internet douchebags decides to get all self righteous and try to start arguments with you. The last several days of MHN posts have been serious popcorn entertainment!
    You need to talk Baen into publishing “Unleash the Corriea! : A collection of Larry’s posts, fisks, and Internet troll smackdowns”
    I would be willing to pay a stupid amount of money for THAT book!

      1. There’s no need to bring MONEY into this. People like Anna are clearly in this for things much deeper than money…

        …like compensating for their low self esteem, which is probably behind my odd fixation on dental hygiene (seriously, look at her Twitter page).

  13. ROFLMAO. Well they are millennials and hipsters with a bloated sense of self importance. “Stop hurting our FEEWINGS”! LOL

  14. Oh, and extra tidbits. Fun stats: top hit on my webpage for visitors in one day: “Interview with Larry Correia”

    Top hit (lifetime) on my webpage: “Interview with Tom Kratman”

    Yeah, I’d take Larry’s sales and stats, please.

  15. Wow. Anna’s got big numbers on her FB fan page. Color me impressed

    Anyone can “like” a FB fan page. Honestly, I’ve liked them just to be nice, even though I didn’t give a damn about the content. You want to know what matters to people? Where they go on FB and where they spend money. I’ve bought damn near ever book Larry’s ever published. I’m sure that’s true of most of Monster Hunter Nation.

    But Anna’s got mad numbers on Facebook.

    Of course, if Nick got in on the mess, then I hate it I missed it. I’ve joined in with Nick and Adam slamming folks before, and it’s crazy fun. Almost as fun as all the lefties saying they’ll never watch Firefly again because Adam is a lot like Mal or something.

    1. She’s got all those nifty facebook stats though, I wonder if they parse out how many likes were traded for Farmville Friend status and such?

      1. They don’t. I’ve got a fan page, and there’s no tracking on WHY someone liked your page or anything.

        Maybe I should start trying to pimp that page a little more often. I’m sure Anna has done a lot of that. After all, her photography doesn’t seem to be of any particular note.

  16. Larry –

    As someone who works in the field of cyberbullying education, I can put your (already eased) mind at ease: you are NOT a cyberbully.

    She obviously likes to throw that term around for the value of the polysyllabic thrills.

    I read this just yesterday – pertains to this woman:

    “Being popular on Facebook is like sitting at the cool table in the cafeteria at a mental hospital”

    Substitute ” social media” for “Facebook”. She’s more concerned about numbers than she is about the quality of her followers.

    Thanks for the laughs! I love being one of the “shit numbers” on all 3 of your social media hangouts!

    1. ‘“Being popular on Facebook is like sitting at the cool table in the cafeteria at a mental hospital”’

      That’s it, I’m stealing that. It’s going home with me.

  17. Well, Anna has opened my eyes to being successful and expanding my reach: I’ll post more Grumpy Cat photos on FB and Twitter, get a zillion “likes” and just wait for the money to roll in. In. Minute. Now.

  18. She had better fb stats than you? That reminds me of an old episode of Cheers, when they hired that obnoxious French bartender. He and Sam got into a “who can collect the most phone numbers from women in the bar” contest. The bartender wound up with a few more numbers than Sam at the end of the day, but then several women came in, asked Sam to go home with them, and said they do everything together IYKWIMAITYD, and as Sam walked out of the bar, he said “hey, congratulations on that phone number thing.”

    So congrats to Anna on the phone number thing, I guess.

  19. Damn it, Larry. I almost want to have you locked up in a windowless room with no internet access because I don’t have time to spend reading these things. Love watching you destroy trolls and the ignorant, but I have my own job to worry about!

  20. Obviously the secret to financial success is getting likes by posting ICANHAZCHEEZBRGR and LOLcat pics.

    I should have a total net worth of

    One Billion Dollars!

    by Tuesday.

  21. *Sighs* Blah, if they think you’re being so mean they should just avoid you.

    *Smacks argumentative people over head with rolled up newspaper* Go read a book and stop bothering authors. Very annoying.

  22. You probably could have thrown in a comment that most of your fan’s are probably doing other forms of activity with most of their time rather than trolling the internet, thus not as many likes but still backs up all your income numbers that really say way more than facebook likes that can be had if you’re picture/statement is even mildly amusing.

    And if they didn’t like you tearing them apart they should have done the sensible thing of leaving you alone and not picking a fight, but it seems they don’t have anything better to do, though maybe that’s just my impression on things.

  23. I read the first guys “curated” version of the exchange on his website and I am not sure he knows what curated means. He left out a majority of her tweets in an attempt to massage the narrative and make Larry look bad and her just a weak little victim. She brought it on herself by inserting herself into an adult conversation because she thought Larry was being a meanie.

  24. Holy crap. You know those weenies who embody the “I’m a big deal on Facebook!” tee shirts? (or Twitter, take your pick.)

    That right there was one of them. I want to laugh- but wow… I feel bad for the poor girl who enjoys shouting about her huge penis on Twitter at people. It was actually kind of ugly. Like, I’m actually wincing here. Poor thing.

  25. Each time she was referencing her facebook stats, I heard in my head the bit from “Alice’s Restaraunt” about evidence presented in the littering arrest, “..twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one…”

  26. So entertaining. It’s amusing to note how many conversations I’ve had that follow the exact same trends. It really doesn’t matter who you are or what the subject matter is, “UR MEAN AND A BULLY!” is default response #2 when the conversation goes against them. (#1 is UR A RACIST!!1!) The Internet Arguing Checklist is funny because it’s true.

    I’m very well acquainted with bullying, and have an acute sense for it, which is why this pisses me off so much. You don’t get to start an argument, and then bow out the second you get a taste of real conviction. You don’t get to arbitrarily throw hate around, then call people bullies for defending themselves too vehemently. Nothing posses me off more than hit and run tactics, and it’s one of the main reasons I’m always in a fight with the gay community.

    Fuck her and her followers Larry, you’ve got the staying power, financially, argumentatively, and morally (in that you actually have them, and actually stand by them.) Words are wind man.

    1. “Fuck her and her followers…”


      You're a beautiful person. I'm not being sarcastic. I may have cried a little bit. 🙂

      1. Aw, me? No, aren’t you EOD? Most I ever did was carry the radio and work on the jammers, help you the LEPs, call you guys after something blew up and shit got scary. You guys are rock stars.

      2. (For some reason I can’t squeeze in a reply down there, maybe it won’t let them go 5 deep, so I’ll just put this here and hope it’s not too confusing.)

        Only Haiti and Iraq, but yeah, I served and did what I could. Wouldn’t say I’m anyone’s muse, just a fan. Kristen Beck, Diane Schroer, they’re bona fide badasses, they get shit done.

      3. Jennifer:

        Hell I never went to Iraq. I only got to go to A-Stan once before they decided the stupid war was going to be over.

        My six-month paid vacation to Germany doesn’t count as any kind of “deployment”.

        Look my up on Facebook. I’m real easy to find. I’m like the only one. My FBook friends list is getting depressingly dude-heavy. Need some diversity up in there, in the spirit of ending cismale gendernormative bias-models or whatever. 😀

      4. I appreciate the invite, a lot, I’ve gifted your books to friends and demanded they hurry up and talk to me about it. I’m getting all starry eyed that you and Larry are talking to me. I don’t have a Facebook, but I’ll be around here, and waiting eagerly on the next book.

      5. Not at all. You really should get a FBook though. I started a meme. You know how people take a thoughtful-looking picture of a celebrity they like, and post a quote that they agree with that the person supposedly said?

        I started doing that for regular people.

        Well, Larry’s not “regular”, per-say. He says crap like “oh the huge manatee” (which I apparently can’t even spell. Paid author here!).

        I’m really glad you liked the books. I’m trying to make them appealing outside of my core audience of 20-50 year old white male gun owners. I especially like feedback from female readers, people who aren’t part of the military culture, friends from foreign lands, anyone outside the target demo. It helps me craft a good story all around, instead of a good story for the core demo.

        At the risk of getting a gazillion pieces of spam, if anyone has such feedback or stuff they want to see in the finale of the D6 trilogy, they can email me at my first initial, last name, (all one word, no periods, dashes, spaces), at MSN dot com. It’s real simple.

        This IS the internet. I know what happens on the internet. Gentlemen, nobody send me a picture of your wiener. I mean it. This isn’t Adult Friend Finder.

        I figure fair’s fair. Larry puts his real email address up here. Now y’all can send me hate mail too.

    2. “You don’t get to start an argument, and then bow out the second you get a taste of real conviction. You don’t get to arbitrarily throw hate around, then call people bullies for defending themselves too vehemently. ”

      You’ve just described ‘Irene’ in this comment thread.

      The article itself is pretty thin gruel, with someone named Liz Bourke flailing around weakly about how military sci-fi always seems to focus on male Americans/Brits. Except in the numerous works she mentions where it doesn’t. The fact that she’s talking about English-language scifi and the Americans and Brits are the countries in the Anglosphere with navies worth mentioning doesn’t seem to enter her precious little head. But I digress. Then there’s a bit of pretentious condescension toward the right sprinkled on top, like those colorful little micro-turds on donuts. It’s really more of a giendre du coeur than anything heartfelt.

      The comments get off to a quiet start, mostly involving lists of books and series which disprove what passed for LIz’ premise. Plus the usual ‘men are such sexists’ boilerplate.

      And then Tom Kratman shows up.

      Cat at a pigeon convention. Next thing you know, bobbleheads are exploding left and right. Worldviews are taking bodyblows. And Tom is remaining polite through it all. RTWT, it’s truly epic.

      1. She should so read Jack Campbell’s lost fleet series, major space battles, with woman in several leading roles, sure the main protaganist is a guy but the woman are right there as well.
        His books are also an excellent example of navy tactics use in space in my opinion.

      2. I have all the books in Campbell’s first(?) series, the one with the fleet fighting its way home. I’m not normally much into the hard mil sf, but he made the battles interesting and comprehensible.

      3. There went a couple hours of my life.

        You’re right though, Kratman was polite through the whole thing. No so much this “Irene” person. Absolutely pathetic.

      4. That was awsome. When the mod banned Tom K and closed the comments it was clear the libs had been spanked and hard.

        Why? Because reality kept rearing it’s ugly head.

      5. That was a thing of beauty. I love the part where she kept telling him to “let other people get a word in” — is there a posting limit there, where if one person posts that prevents other people from posting? Because it read more like “stop saying things we can’t refute so often!”

        And this, of course, means that I really need to pick up some of Tom’s books next time I’m out…

  27. You need to work more on the mean. I would have gone for profanity but then profanity and oaths are my second language.

  28. you didnt ask her the CPA question
    you have 14k likes.. Can you MONETIZE THEM.
    I have 3-4000 and well Lets just say I had to order a California King sized mattress to hid the money under.

  29. This was fun, though time consuming.

    All the posts I’ve read by you, Larry, starting with the illuminating Gun Control post and culminating in this week’s madness have made me a new customer of yours. I just bought the Monster Hunters omnibus. It’s next on my reading list.

    Don’t know if I’m the first Israeli to join the Monster Hunters Nation, but I hope I won’t be the last.

  30. Tragic! If only you were sensitive enough that the only acceptable approach to self-appointed sensitivity police is to grab the ankles and thank you sir may I have another? Conflict in fiction (and I mean this woman’s success is internet-powered fiction) reveals character: Like all bullies they only like targets who don’t hit back.

    1. kinda puts her quote “dude, like I said I don’t even have a book, I’m a nobody.” into perspective, doesn’t it? She took money to make one, but her backers still don’t even have a book, either.

    1. If I wanted to cherry pick I could pull up screen shot that made it look like I averaged around 80,000 unique visitors and get over a million individual readers a month, but that was a statistical oddity based on big dogs linking to me and going on Huckabee. Doesn’t change the fact I only get like 3 or 5k individuals most normal days. (and apparently I care so hard that people overestimate my importance that I’ve got a public hit counter widget on the front page) 🙂

      Somebody else didn’t believe him and actually paid for the Google analytics report. Let me google that, and… I remember reading that and thinking Ouch.

      As for the Rock, that was pretty cool. He was looking to buy something to make a franchise, big action monster series. It makes sense, he’s super popular but you’d be hard pressed to name any of his characters. He needs a name character. The Rock needs a Han Solo role. So they approahced me about MHI and Z, but all I could do was send them on to E1, who held the rights. E1 didn’t give them over and they still hold them.

      Then I didn’t hear anything for months, until I saw an annoucement that the Rock had bought, was going to produce and star in SEAL Team 666 based on the book series by Weston Ochse, where SEALs battle the paranormal. I know Weston, he’s a good dude, and I’ve liked his writing, so I sent him a congratulations email and then cursed him because I was his competition for that particular job interview. 🙂

      Such is life!

  31. I think the false premise here is that this induhvidual is famous on the internet. She’s got only a couple thousand twitter followers and the only way I know she exists is that Larry bitch-slapped her.

  32. Don’t let annoying haters waste your precious time! Get back to writing =P Fans want more and people like that are just a waste of time and energy. Tempting as it is to school them, you can’t change what most of the idiots and jerks in the world think. Don’t let them get to you. Focus on the people who appreciate you; it’s better for YOU and the ones who actually appreciate you.

    1. Rule #1 of arguing on the internet, don’t forget it is a spectator sport. I fight on the internet to convince the undecided and entertain the people on my side, the willfully ignorant can only be mocked.

  33. “(I wonder…Do the left wing versions of me have to put up with boring ass concern trolls too?)”

    Will Shetterly does, mainly because he dared to question liberal orthdoxy by writing (frankly excellent) takedowns of so-called “Social Justice Warriors,” AKA the nuttiest of lefty nutjobs.

  34. You know, I do social media consulting for a living, despite the fact that I really don’t have to time to use it personally or even think that risking exposing my idiocy for the world to see is the smartest thing to do, when that record will live on in infamy. Also, I have shit to do in the real world.

    To be the devil’s advocate, engineering social media to the hilt can be quite useful in connecting to a user base. Often a well managed social campaign can “kickstart” even a shitty project. I have to think that’s what that woman was going for (i.e. The doing it wrong argument).

    But, I found Larry when I was handed a copy of the self published MHI and you know what? I recognized that Larry could have just hocked the book on a street corner and still would have achieved success. He is and continues to be a great author. Compared to GRRM, who slowly grew worse as a writer and can’t end a series to save his life.

    This trend on the internet, where people are so god damn insistent that WE MUST BE NICE, is toxic. After coming back from Iraq and seeing what mean actually looks and feels like, having to withstand the odd insult (warranted or not) is not THAT bad.

    Anna is a plastic person, IMHO. loosely defined, this is a person who has never been punched in the face. A person, through the grace of our culture has never really experienced something really realllllllllly horrible and thus when they encounter someone being mean, that experience is likely to be a really bad experience in their personal spectrum of life events. Combine that with a twitter account and you get stupid. It’s people like this with their PC training wheels and retarded safety helmets that makes me facepalm as a liberal. I’m know you guys have these people on the right but, they normally are not so plastic.

    Reminds me when I got TONS of hate because I predicted that occupy (who’s motives I supported…kinda) would fail hard. So many bright people who just don’t get how the world works called me all sorts of fun things and then said nothing when my predictions of tear gas and a whopping came true.

    So let me apologize for people like that and reassure you that there are some of on the left who may disagree with you but, are at least a bit rational.

    -A Combat Liberal

    1. Explained reality to the ‘reality-based community,’ didja? My sympathies. Been there. Welcome aboard! Nice to have a sane lefty around.

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