5 thoughts on “Catalyst – the end of Steve Diamond’s Jack Bishop trilogy”

  1. This whole series is fantastic and this is a great and satisfying finale. I hope the audio book is available soon because the first two were great as well and I would love to have all three.

  2. Been waiting eagerly for this. He has a gift for writing young adults as people instead of barely hidden plot points. Just a few more years and the nephews will be old enough for this and I cant wait to share with them.

    1. I’ve tried to get into the first book a few times but it hasn’t quite caught my interest enough for me not to shift to something else.

      I think maybe it’s the kids (they’re like 17 right) doing adult things way about their life experience level that pulls me out.

      I’m sure I’ll finish the first one eventually and hopefully it’ll pull me the rest of the way into the trilogy, the concept and world seem right up my alley.

  3. I really enjoyed Residue, but I didn’t realize that book 2 was out, let alone that book 3 was about to release. I know that Steve did a big edit of Residue after it came out originally. Should I read the new version before the other books, or is the original fine, and just expect some differences when I start book 2?

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