WriterDojo S4 Ep 20: Greatest Hits (Vol. 1)

Hosts/Authors Steve Diamond and Larry Correia are out writing against deadlines, so this week we’re doing the Best Of the WriterDojo. These are the bits and pieces that people like to refer back to, re-edited, condensed, and streamlined. All of these parts come from Seasons 1 & 2.

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4 thoughts on “WriterDojo S4 Ep 20: Greatest Hits (Vol. 1)”

  1. Nice highlights reel! I’ll use it to spread the word to potential listeners.

    Am I missing a gag with the big block of silence at the end? (on google podcasts)

    1. That is *SO* weird- it wasn’t there when I uploaded, but I see it now….
      I’ll get right on it. Thanks for the heads-up!

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