WriterDojo S3 Ep11: the Problem With Problematic Authors

Recently, Hosts/Authors Steve Diamond and Larry Correia found a list on Twitter of authors someone found “problematic”. Once Larry got over his sadness at not being included, they decided to explain why they have a problem with the list of problematic authors.  

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This week’s episode is sponsored by D.A. Brock’s Texas at the Coronation

For seventy years after a devastating war, the Republic of Texas kept to itself. But it would be rude not to attend the international naval review celebrating Britain’s new king, George VI. So with war clouds over Europe, Texas sends the elderly armored cruiser, San Antonio, and her new captain, Karl von Stahlberg.

While making new friends and meeting Texas’ ancient foe, can Karl and his men avoid sparking a war?

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Armstrong and the Mexican Mystery
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8 thoughts on “WriterDojo S3 Ep11: the Problem With Problematic Authors”

    1. Thank you very much, Bruce. I hope you enjoy it.

      I’m almost ready to publish book 2, ‘The Lone Star, the Tricolor, and the Swastika’.

  1. You didn’t mention the worst parts of Topaz: Charles Fahy concealed evidence FDR knew his claimed motives weren’t accurate, and the “Italian Service Units” that let PoWs freely run around the places it was supposedly too dangerous to let Americans keep living in. Actually connects with the bit on childrens book authors offending people: Not enough people are offended by Theodor Geisel’s disgusting collaborateur history.

    As for name pronunciation, you have it lucky: My surname is LITERALLY unpronounceable in ANY language because customs transcribed a “j” as an “i” many generations ago. At this point I just spell it with the NATO phonetic alphabet reflexively when asked my name over the phone.

  2. I’m finding an excellent side benefit of this podcast.
    In addition to getting advice that I think is helping me as an aspiring fiction writer, I am getting all kinds of recommendations of great authors!

    Thanks to a previous episode, I heard about Robert McCammon, so now I’m reading The Wolf’s Hour. Dang, but that man knows how to write about ripping flesh.
    Now the boys are raving about Joe Lansdale. Looks like I’ll be ordering The Bottoms.

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