The Kickstarter is Over!

I’ve got a little thank you video at the link for all our backers-

That was an astounding run. We finished at $340,027, which is 7 times what we needed to fund the project!

The backers will be getting update emails through the Kickstarter as Everything Epic works on getting this awesome game out.

I just want to say that I was blown away by the response we got. You guys rock. I’ve got the best fans in the business. And I can’t wait for you guys to get some nifty miniatures. 😀

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13 thoughts on “The Kickstarter is Over!”

  1. Dear Mr. Correia. I want to write comics in the same genre as you and I have a question. How do I include Fey into my story without it becoming silly. I’m currently reading nemesis but in John Ringo’s MH memoirs. He described them as almost Lovecraftian horrors. Cause I don’t want my story to turn into a comedy or something super angsty like half of urban fantasy. Cause in a world of vampires, werewolves, and Old Ones the idea of a monster hunter’s strongest opponent being a homicidal fairy always seemed silly to me. Thank you for reading this and congrats on the kickstarter.

  2. Still waiting on the boxed Hard Magic special editions, but that’s been pending for years “because COVID”, and isn’t really a priority any more I guess.

    1. I did an update on that not that long ago.
      Book #2 is waiting in line with a new printer.
      And there is no need to put “because covid” in quotes, since that is what put the first printer out of business. (and I don’t think you grasp how niche highly specialized limited edition fancy book printers are).
      Don’t know what to tell you beyond that. Refunds for the 2nd and 3rd book have been available.
      As far as your snide bit about priority (like I can just make the global supply chain work if only I cared hard enough) I can’t exactly stop doing new business entirely because one previous business venture got stuck.
      So for you I’d suggest emailing Vault, cancelling your order, and requesting a refund.

      1. And as of this week-
        “Spellbound just had all the interiors, foil stamping, and the cover approved. Barring any last second issues they will be printing soon.”
        But yeah, that’s me, just making up that whole global pandemic thing to stretch out a project until it became non-profitable just because of my lack of priorities. 😀

    2. I’ve been pretty open about the struggles Covid has caused Vault. As for it not being a priority, that’s just not true. I mean, I could have had it done sooner had I not asked for matching materials… or used cheap paper… or not used some of my own money… or learned layout myself to save a few hundred bucks. As it is, I was able to secure the right materials, even though everything costs nearly twice as much now. And not just for this book, but for book 3, which I already signed a contract for.

      Just understand that the entire team of people working in this book is just me. That’s it.

      So yeah, Spellbound is finally being printed. Cover looks awesome. Interiors look awesome. Layout is pretty rad (if I do say so myself). I’m pretty excited for you all to have it on the shelf next to your copies of Hard Magic.

  3. Imagine what that Kickstarter could have made if you weren’t some random C-list author…


    Full game and minis here, and already preordered the new non-fic, on top of Wendell, all the challenge coins, the RPG, most of the patches, and all of the books I already own. I’m part of the problem. 😀

      1. Wait, I thought you were D List, when did you get upgraded? You have a book in the Airport or get to play poker with Castle?

  4. I know this is a weird question but I went to play monster hunter international rpg and my dice are missing. What do they look like?
    I found the six sided dice but not the others. I backed the rpg and got most of everything but I think I mixed the dice with all my other ones.

    Sorry this is off subject but backing the new game made me really want to play the rpg with the kids.

    1. Which one? Savage Worlds uses a standard deck of cards for RNG and (IIRC) is entirely diceless. I think the HERO version uses standard gaming dice.

      1. The savage world rpg.

        The deck of cards is used for initiative, I have the custom deck for it. You do need a variety of dice to use for weapons and feats. It came with a d6 die with the happy face logo for the number 6 side. I just can’t remember what the rest of the set looks like that I received when I backed the game on Kickstarter.

      1. Thank you some much! I thought that might be them. I just have too many dice to remember where I got them all. Lol.

        Thank you again!

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