July Update Post

Okay, I’ve got to keep this brief because there is a crazy amount of stuff going on right now!

Kickstarter Update

We are heading into the last 4 days of the Monster Hunter International miniatures game kickstarter from Everything Epic. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/everythingepicgames/monster-hunter-international-the-miniatures-game/description

We are at a whopping $229k right now and have been blowing through stretch goals. Just take a look at all the awesome stuff we’ve unlocked-


More heroes, more monsters, and the more people who back in the final hours I’m excited to see what else we can unlock. Remember, there will be no regular retail on this, so this is your chance. And the more of your friends you tell, the more cool free stuff we can add.

You guys are amazing. I am humbled by how well this has gone. I’ve got the best fans in the business.

Secret Gun Book Project

Yep, it turns out when you have studied a topic for 30 years, you can write a book about it in 30 days! The non-fiction gun/politics book project is almost wrapped up, and I will be giving more information about it soon. This is not an indy project, it is through a major non-fiction publisher. More details to come.


Thank you to all our supporters, this has been cranking along. And, good news, the special story that Steve wrote specifically for our WriterDojo backers will go out TODAY. (If you don’t receive it in the next 24 hrs, send me your email. Supporters@WriterDojo.com -Jack)

And I am happy to announce that we will be doing a WriterDojo panel at FenCon, with me, Steve Diamond, and Jack Wylder all together in person. Which should be a lot of fun.

Upcoming Books

My next release is No Game for Knights, the second anthology of sci-fi and fantasy noir short stories that I co-edited with the amazing Kacey Ezell. It comes out in September, but the eARC is available now from Baen.com. (https://www.baen.com/no-game-for-knights-earc.html)

My next book after that is Tower of Silence, 4th book in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior. I do not know the exact release date of that, but I believe it is 2nd quarter 2023.

I’d love to talk more, but I’ve got to go do some final edits.

WriterDojo S3 Ep3: Writing Action (Round 3/2)
WriterDojo S3 Ep2: Writing Action (Round 2)

23 thoughts on “July Update Post”

  1. I am genuinely just as excited about your non-fiction book as I am about your other books. I hope it’s a bestseller!

  2. Am I understanding the timeline correctly? Six months between releases of new books? Damn. You must be ridiculously busy on other projects. Best of luck. Looking forward to Tower of Silence.

  3. Looking forward to the non fiction, the shorts with Kacey, the first book was awesome, everyone go get it, and Tower of Silence. I am wondering about the Grimnoir universe though, has that dried up?

  4. Hi! I just burned thru MHI 1-8 and Grunge, and got left hanging after book 8. While I am sure this has already been discussed, could you or someone let this newbie know if and when a Book 9 might appear? Thanks!

  5. Any new updates on the limited edition Grimnoir leather-bound trilogy form vault books?

    I know that they almost went under when COVID hit. Last I heard they were in line to print the books with a new printing company.

    1. Yep. They found a new printer and last I heard they were proceeding on book 2. As soon as I get any firm dates I’ll post about it.

  6. I have a question about the T-shirt sizes. It says ” *T-Shirt Size will be selected in the pledge manager”.

    I’m not familiar with Kickstarter, but I finally figured out how to get into the Pledge Manager. However, I can’t see where to set the T-shirt sizes. 10 years of Engineering School should be good for something, but in this case I’m striking out. It’s showing me ways to change the pledge, but not adjust the existing pledge to add T-shirt sizes.

    Can someone explain this to me in small words for the internet-challenged? Thanks for any and all help!

      1. Aha! So I’m not extra clueless today. Okay, well, I’ll just wait until the close. Thanks for clarifying!

        Hopefully, the project will fund to the Edward the Orc & G-Nome levels. Will the Chad level funding requirement be specified or stay a mystery?

        1. I only recently learned about the TShirt size thing with another project I recently backed. I see G-nome level has been hit. Fingers crossed for Chad.

  7. I can see a perfect title for the secret project now. “The Facts of Gun Laws and Crime statistics [and why prog commie pussies don’t like it] By The International Lord of Hate

  8. Finally went all in with less than 2 hours to go!

    The Larry mini finally pushed me over the edge. Now I’m going to have to start getting mini-painting supplies for the first time in about 22 years. (Maybe I’ll even drag out my 40K painted minis)

  9. Tower of Silence!!!! I am so exited!! I have missed all fo the people in Lok. TFW is by far your best work to date. And the message in it is so perfectly fitting to today’s world. I re read the Destroyer of Worlds, and re reading how Rada felt after Karno met back up with her in the palace, I cant wait to see if anything develops…. Im probably barking up the wrong tree, but she said she couldn’t lose him again, and he did call her beautiful. I have been thinking so hard trying to figure out what exactly the sci fi setting really is. They seem to be dependents from Earth, and the world is much like Earth. Same animals too. But yet, its not Earth, we know that from the suns. The demons are an alien race. But why are they involved in a war with humans? Are they? How intelligent are these demons? What happened to their homeworld? So many questions, and I love the books so much.

  10. I want to see how smart Radamantha is too. lets see if she can figure out whats going on. She and Karno are some of the smartest people there, and Jagdish as well as Harta are extremely clever too, and they are sort of together on the same side. They might well be able to at least get to the bottom of what going on with the inquisition. At least partially…Cant wait. Ill stop taking up space here.

  11. Missed the kickstarter by one day. Bah.

    Hopefully there’ll be another chance to sign up without giving KS their cut.

  12. If it is ok to ask – who is publishing the gun book? With all the beyond insane PC bovine excrement in the country today, I can’t believe that you found a company willing to put it into print!

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