WriterDojo S2 Ep25: Supporter Spectacular (Round 4)

Hosts/Authors  Steve Diamond and Larry Correia return to answer yet more questions submitted by our wonderful supporters. Supporters, we appreciate you SO much- thank you all!

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7 thoughts on “WriterDojo S2 Ep25: Supporter Spectacular (Round 4)”

  1. Jack, just as an FYI it still hasn’t appeared on Google Podcasts.

    On a related note, does letting you know actually help things, or is it “I can’t do anything about it, please don’t nag me” type?

    1. Thanks!
      Google podcasts sometimes run a day or two behind.
      Unfortunately I really can’t do much about it other than jump through the hoops to tell them it hasn’t gone through.
      Historically, it’s caught up long before anyone reads my emails about it.

      1. I’ll hold off on my complai- I mean telling you then, though I’ll say it usually appears on Wednesday morning for me.

        That said, it’s still not on there as of today.

  2. I really appreciated the episode. My only gripe is Steve’s recommendation for In design. It’s simply too expensive for regular people to afford.

    Is there another book design software more affordable that ever Steve or Larry can recommend?


    1. My understanding is that Amazon (at least) takes the book in PDF form so it doesn’t really matter how you get the PDF file.

      That said, and I haven’t actually done the process beginning to end, Serif Affinity (Affinity Serif?) has an InDesign type program ‘Affinity Publisher’ that looks like it’s got the same functions and a similar-ish interface. It appears to be just over $50.

      There are photo and drawing programs that go with it and I bought the set (and the Publisher text book). I just haven’t used it enough to really say if it’s a good choice or not. Seems functional.

      I’m trying to set up a coloring book and have formatted several pages. I haven’t exported them as a PDF. Seems to do all the things that I’ve tried to get it to do so far.

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