MHI Swag Shop Now Open!

From 12:00 noon on June 11th, 2022 until Monday June 20th the MHI swag shop will be open for business.

We’ve got some fun new stuff this time around so swing on by and take a look. After the shop closes again, we should be able to start fulfillment in a week or two. WriterDojo supporters should receive their early access email around noon today (Texas time) so be sure to keep an eye out for that. There are still a handful of Supporters who have not sent their email to us at they will sadly NOT receive their email. We have other great stuff planned so be sure to let us know how to reach you. If you are not yet a Supporter of the podcast, you can become one by going to – for just a small monthly tip, you too can help Steve and Jack quit their day jobs 😀

The Kickstarter launch of the MHI Miniatures Board Game will be live later this month- full details to follow. We are working with the good people at Everything Epic Games to put together a sneak peek session for the Central Texas hunters soon. (It will mostly likely be in San Marcos and involve both gaming and BBQ. Details on that to follow as available)

The next shop opening will be later in Summer- the goal is to have it open before the ILoH’s Guest of Honor appearance at FenCon

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19 thoughts on “MHI Swag Shop Now Open!”

    1. Sorry about that! It open tomorrow at noon. (I just did the post today to give the early access WriterDojo supporters a heads up) Apologize for the inconvenience…

  1. Ooooo, looking forward to the board game! Just got the Librarians card game from another Everything Epic Kickstarter, and their Big Trouble in Little China miniatures board game is a lot of fun.

    Also, this reminds me, whatever happened with the Wendel plushies?

  2. HALP!

    Ended up having to change my email since the last time I ordered and the system won’t take my password. How to I reset things?

  3. Seriously why don’t you have merch available all the time? You are a NYT bestseller multiple times over with a a few huge series it just seems really weird you only have official merch every once in a while it leads to scammers and scrubs making knock offs. I am just curious- A fan who would love to buy stuff year round.

    1. There are many reasons- some logistical, some psychological. Plus I have a full time job, a family, and a life to live outside of MHI swag. Maybe once Larry starts making Sanderson kind of money I can do this full time, but until then we do it this way because periodic swag is better than no swag at all.

    2. Me selling a lot of books does not correlate at all to how much work it is to continually deal with merch for my one guy who does all that work.
      We’ve had the shop open continually before. It’s a giant pain in the ass. Or we can open it once in a while and deal with all that stuff at once and then be done. And make a similar amount of money either way.

  4. Jack, quick question:

    I ended up having to reset my password – no problem.
    But, when I went to check out, it had me enter a Shop Pay reference code sent to me as a text to confirm it was me, before I could even choose a pay method.

    Before I had to enter that code, there were several ways to pay.
    After I entered that code, I HAD to use Shop Pay, and my credit card, instead of, say Google Pay or Facebook Pay (both appeared prior to that code being sent). Not that I was going to necessarily going to use either, but it was odd that pay options were displayed, then disappeared.

    1. In order to use Facebook Pay or Google Pay, you must use Shopify Payments (ie pay them even more money each month)
      So that’s why it showed as an option until you logged in.

  5. Everything seemed to be sold out but my boy Wendell, so I got a nice battle buddy heading my way. If they’d been in stock I’d have loved to get a hat and one of the MHI themed wooden dice boxes. Hopefully I’ll get in sooner the next time the shop opens, and be able to grab some more stuff.

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