WriterDojo S2 Episode 21: Pitching & Acquisition

In addition to being a successful author in his own right, guest Dave Butler is also an editor for Baen Books. This week hosts/authors Steve Diamond and Larry Correia dive into it with Dave and explain how best to pitch your book to a publisher and get acquired.  

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This week’s episode is brought to you by Dave (D.J.) Butler’s Abbott in Darkness (available now on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3kXsr1x )

John Abbott is all in.

He’s up to his eyeballs in debt to pay for school, and he’s just moved his small family forty light-years from Earth for a plum job with the wealthy interstellar corporation, The Sarovar Company. John’s first assignment is to discreetly investigate possible corruption at the remote Arrowhawk Station, where Company traders buy the famous Sarovari Weave from the three-sided, crablike Weavers.

John finds evidence of theft and worse, but when the guilty parties realize he’s getting close, they come after him and his family. Can John catch the thieves and end their corrupt trade? Can he head off a war between the Company and the Weavers? Can he make a life for his family in this remote wilderness without corrupting himself?

With no way back to Earth, the only direction for John Abbott and his family to go is forward—into danger.

“Word Mercenaries” (the WriterDojo theme) is by Craig Nybo https://craignybo.com/

The music in the ad for Dave’s book is courtesy of https://www.purple-planet.com

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3 thoughts on “WriterDojo S2 Episode 21: Pitching & Acquisition”

  1. This was really good! Bookmarking this for later use. Usually just put stuff in my google drive but am bound and determined to change that.

  2. I saw your fisk and loved it so I decided to read your books. I am in the middle of the grimnoir chronicles book 1 its great.

  3. Finally got around to listening to this. Mr. Butler’s advice to set aside your dreams and write a slutty little novel to get on base was a laugh-out-loud, ‘Why didn’t I think of that before?’ moment. Brilliant.

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