5 thoughts on “Out now -Abbott in Darkness, a new novel by D.J. Butler”

  1. Bought and working my way through it. Laughed out loud at Cardinal Ruocchio. Can’t imagine what inspired that.

  2. haha, I was on the fence till I saw Larry’s review on the Amazon page

    somehow I ended starting MHI again, back up to Siege, but now I have something for after Guardian

    speaking of sieges, starting to feel like one, stay safe out there… jan 6 detentions are the tip of the iceberg, the secret (gag-ordered) 4AM “Wisconsin Jane Doe” style raids are now apparently happening all over the country and will only get worse through the 2024 elections

    FBI and DOJ seem to be declaring open season on virtually any public figure with guns and “insurrectionary” right wing views, but particularly those that donated money to the GOP… and their goons won’t be bringing bodycams, and might not even identify themselves

    prayers for the country and our children

  3. Abbott In Darkness looks to be one of the best science books of the fiction books of the year. Can’t wait to read it. Was just looking into it and amazed by the reviews so far and your post is certainly contributing to me wanting to read it as soon as possible. Thanks!

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