WriterDojo S2 Ep14: Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists

Cancel culture- it’s insidious and it’s everywhere. How do you handle the threat of cancellation? Our fearless Hosts/Authors Steve Diamond and Larry Correia return this week to share their thoughts on this trending topic and provide some insight and guidance. (Plus Larry does his Twitter Voice!) 

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20 thoughts on “WriterDojo S2 Ep14: Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists”

  1. I’m going to have to write Orc Job first, aren’t I? (Fantasy detective noir)

    Why yes, I do have a fascination with unexploded ordinance. Why do you ask?

  2. I got people at Amazon trying to cancel me. So yeah, know alllll about that. I can’t even take out ads there anymore.
    However I am now a ‘Traditionally Published Author!’ (or will be come December) which means I’m not ‘Indy Scum’ anymore.
    Usually that means a lot of the BS goes away (unless they’ve moved those goal posts again!).
    So do I worry about it? Yeah, I do.
    But at least I have contingency plans to (hopefully) deal with it.

  3. You know why the Nefarious They say that a story no longer belongs to the author once it’s been turned over to be published? It’s the only way they can kick JK Rowling out of the Potterverse. They have to convince themselves that she has nothing to do with it anymore, otherwise they’ll have to read a different book.

    Unfortunately for them, they’re wrong.

    1. That makes sense.

      It seems like so many things that were ordinary and insignificant, stuff like pointing out that readers bring something to a story after it is published and you can’t control that and maybe work that flexibility into a story rather than try to pin everything down so that the reader has to agree with your vision precisely…becomes readers have the right to make you change what they don’t like so that you agree with *their* vision precisely?

      Originally the sentiment was supposed to describe how every single reader experience of a story was different.

  4. Please in the future put in a warning before using Twitter Voice. I didn’t expect the one at about 13 minutes in and Dr Pepper hurts when it come shooting out your nose!

  5. Die Hard on the mind? Was this recorded before or after Bruce Willis’s retirement was announced?

    “and now video game money”
    Now? I’m told (never into the franchise) that there were various good games based on Harry Potter up till Goblet of Fire (which was really bad even for a licensed game). I’m guessing the “now” is because a Utah developer is making the new one?

    1. There were actually Harry Potter video games for each movie, as well as some LEGO games and a game centered entirely around Quidditch.

  6. Thank you for posting this. I have been listening to this on YouTube ever since I got serious about writing my first book, Texas at the Coronation’.

    One of the sub-plots in that book involves discrimination in the U.S. Navy in the 1930’s, as well as a run-in with the KKK. I have no doubt that the wokerati would not like what I wrote.

  7. Excellently done, as usual, and love the twitter voice.

    I always am amazed by people who think twitter is somehow meaningful. It’s weird to me, as it has the smallest market cap of all the big tech companies, and it has the most shallow engagement level. Yet it’s given so much credence as to it being representative of anything. I personally think it’s because journalists love it both personally and because it makes their job easier. “Elon Musk tweeted…” is easier than investigative journalism, so it gets elevated in the public discourse.

  8. Ask Linus Torvalds about needing wingmen in public..

    More than one feminist announced they were going to try get Linus alone with them and use that to accuse him of assault…

  9. … Why do I keep hearing Marvin the Internet Troll when Larry is reading the Lunatic’s rant? 😉 LOLOLOL

  10. Something worth knowing when dealing with the Twittler Universe is that there are not very many of them, and no one is listening to them.


    Looking at the Hugo nominees this year, we’re seeing another example of this, TOR managed a sweep in several categories. That’s not possible when the voting pool is larger than a couple hundred people. Nobody is paying the least bit of attention to them.

    1. I’m torn on this. I’d love to go back to my old default of “leave me alone and I’ll return the courtesy”. But the Left came to dominate the institutions because of the silence of the so-called “silent majority”, and they have no intention of leaving us alone. The original Axios article you cited tried to take the tired old “bot sides” tack by mentioning something about people “pick[ing] fights at school board meetings,” which is a tendentious mischaracterization.

      But the gender ideology and sexual exoticism training that’s being foisted on schoolchildren of all ages (that has little to do with sex education) is hardly some isolated incident or conspiracy theory. That’s just one example of pushback that’s come about precisely because of the few on the right who have been becoming more active or “noisy”. And the initial successes we’re seeing electorally is because of that success.

      The Left has won so much territory because of their 1% being noisy as fuck, that now that the Right is playing the same game, the Left is even more isolated. In short, that 1-2% matters.

      1. I see today that Elon Musk, he who is currently the largest single shareholder of Twitter, said that Twitter was about half ‘bots. That aligns nicely with observed reality.

        I’m not saying “don’t go after them,” but I am saying telling them to shove it is doable.

        Here is what “going after them” looks like in Canada, the formerly free country rapidly becoming unfree at a frightening pace.


        She’s basically kissing her nursing career goodbye because she can’t stand the bullshit anymore. She’s being slow-motion dragged by the government because she dared have an opinion. When you get past all the arm waving, that’s what is going on there.

        She’s going after them hard. Looks good on them.

        1. “I’m not saying “don’t go after them,” but I am saying telling them to shove it is doable.

          Ahh, that makes sense.

          Thanks for that link. Good article. I almost had to surgically extract myself from reading the comments section. Quillette is not what it once was. I haven’t been there in awhile.

  11. Just picked up my copy of SERVANTS OF WAR at Barnes & Nobel! Looking forward to a nice binge read. Good Job guys! Bravo! Kudos!

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