11 thoughts on “Baen is having a sale on my eBooks”

  1. Terrible.
    Simply Terrible.
    There aren’t any new books for sale.
    I can’ts believe how slow thou are.
    Thou must stops spending time on frivolous things like building an EVIL mountaintop lair of HATE (that still lacks sharks with lasers on their heads, I reminds thou) with indoor sniper range and gets back to writing.

    1. Have you been waiting since the 80’s for the War Against the Cthoor? No?
      Or Book 3 of the name of the wind trilogy?
      Or Book 5 of the swords series? I d call out that writer, but she died.
      The McGill Feihnam series. (Been so long I forgot how to spell it.)
      (He died, too.)

      2 books a year is slow on our side, but compared to a certain Martin guy, it’s blazing fast.

  2. ¡CARUMBA! There was a book in the list that I DID NOT ALREADY OWN. When I think of both not owning one of Larry’s books, AND missing a sale price, I break out in a cold sweat.

    Fortunately, I managed to hold it together long enough to buy the missing volume. Now I think I’ll just huddle in the dark and whimper for a while.

      1. Oh man, I read the comments. You should never read the comments on other people’s blogs.
        I’ll take constructive criticism, but I wont’ take bullshit criticism. I did my blimp related homework. 😀

  3. Damnit, I have them all as well!
    I can’t give you money right now, but on ebay they have two running chieftain tanks for $425,000.
    They would look pretty good on moose mountain.

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