WriterDojo S2 Ep11: Mandatory Diversity

Hosts/Authors Steve Diamond and Larry Correia return to tackle the question- what’s  the difference between natural inclusion and Mandatory Diversity? What  should be the focus of writing? How did Larry almost die? All that and a sneak peek behind the scenes of MHI!

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11 thoughts on “WriterDojo S2 Ep11: Mandatory Diversity”

  1. So I can support the “Steve and Jack ditch their day job and Larry buys some ammo” fund with a single time donation instead of a subscription, and if so, where do I send it?

  2. I had missed Steve’s references to being a psychopath in a few of the previous episodes, so I greatly appreciate him making multiple references this time. I found it very amusing, and the dude doing rows next to me probably wondered why I was laughing so hard.

  3. The bit on mistaking Mormons as pacifist reminds me of Honest Hearts, which makes very explicit in the opening bits the religious community in Zion Canyon you’re visiting are NOT pacifists with lines like “But don’t think that just because they’re religious that they’re pacifists. They take care of their own, and they’re damn fine marksmen too.” and “This type of .45 Automatic pistol was designed by one of my tribe almost four hundred years ago. Learning its use is a New Canaanite rite of passage.”

    1. Larry quoted Roadhouse on a prior episode and I think it applies to LDS folks as well. They’re nice and they give you A LOT of leeway until it’s time to not be nice. I’m glad LDS folks are armed to the teeth. They were literally victims of something called the “Kill Order.” I just think it’s odd they don’t allow guns in church. I think church is where you’re most vulnerable. Vikings Season 1, Episode 3 is a fantastic example.

  4. I would love to see a clip of Larry’s table flip speach! Anyone got a link? Google has failed me.

  5. Oh, great theme, guys! I’m so sick about artists/writters being scared to post their amazing works, because some internet warriors are screeching and bullying authors about what they can and can’t write/draw. -_-
    It’s getting stupider every year – few months earlier I’ve came across a blog post on tumblr about how to write black characters so it would be appropriate and cultuary sensitive. It was literally a check list what you (as a white author) can and can’t do with you black character (long story short – nothing xD). I was looking at it with absolute disbelief and shock, because it was big pile of flaming bullshit and the scariest thing about it is that it was not a joke.

  6. Since you mentioned Bass Reeves, there is apparently a recent comic book adaptation about the man. I’m not sure exactly where to find it but I’m pretty sure that it’s currently possible to look it up and get the books.

  7. As a black person I wish more creative types would learn that unless a black person older than 60 we all went to the same schools, lived in the same neighborhoods and had the same jobs as white people. Some of us choose to conform to certain stereotypes and manner of speech but that a stylistic choice. I appreciate the effort but I think they’re trying way too hard

    1. I have more in common with a black person who enlisted in the military than a white person who didn’t. I have more in common with a black person who grew up small town/rural than a white person who didn’t. I have more in common with a black person with ADD than a white person without it. I have more in common with a black person who likes action movies than a white person who doesn’t. I have more in common with a black person who got school clothes for birthdays than a white person who got a car when they turned 16. I have more in common with a black person who grew up in a fundy church than a white person who didn’t.
      And on.
      And on.

  8. Great episode! Literary agencies have been hijacked by AWFLs (or people of at least three of the four categories in their background) for quite a while now and are completely out of touch. I know I previously posted this on Larry’s FB page, but 2020 really made me lose faith in the literary agent industry and I think I’ve gotten to where I will only pursue big publishers like Baen that do not require representation or just self-publish. I’m noticing there’s a reason why conservative and libertarian presses do not require representation. I’ve seen literary agents refuse to represent you if you’re not a leftist, agencies have terminated agents simply for being conservative (look up Colleen Oefelein who was fired for posting her MSWL on Parler), I’ve seen some agents actively cheer on the 2020 race riots, endorsed bailing out the rioters, and condemned/terminated agents who condemned the 2020 riots. It’s sickening.

  9. I got a copy of the advertised ‘Story ideas that beg to be written’ – I’d give it a 4 out of 5 stars, worth buying and reading. It’s helped me diagnose some of my own starting blocks, in that I have a million ideas but they’re all just flashes of zing – and this has helped me pad them out into something more useful.

    Thanks for sponsoring, the ad got you at least one new sale!

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