Hashtag #servantsofwar to win books and Baen SWAg

My publisher, Baen Books, just posted this –

So the cats out of the bag now! Baen Books will be trying something new on Twitter tonight – a Tweet Storm, Author Q&A with Larry Correia and Steve Diamond, and Baen prize patrol. And because we love you mad, beautiful bastards, we’re sharing the details with you before we share it with anyone else.

We’re doing a big push on Twitter with the #ServantsofWar hashtag, and if we see it trending, we’ll share some more info on one of Larry’s upcoming projects, and Baen will throw more books and swag into the prize pool. Including copies of our April releases you otherwise won’t get your hands on for another few weeks. So here’s what we’re giving away. We’re giving out signed copies of Servants of War, Destroyers of Worlds, signed bookplates for the folks who already have books, Baen swag. Over on the official Baen Books Twitter, we will be doing a fan Q&A between 5pm and midnight with Larry and Steve.

The post will go live at 5pm EST, and Larry and Steve will be replying to questions as they come. We will be monitoring the Q&A and the #ServantsofWar hashtag for giveaways. Here’s how you get your lovely mitts on them, and what we want to see from you guys: Between 5pm and 12am EST, send out a tweet with the hashtag #ServantsofWar, with one of the following:-A picture of your collection of Larry Corriea and Steve Diamond books-A picture of a Larry Corriea book from the craziest place you can manage. Nothing dangerous please.-A few reasons why you love Larry and/or Steve as a writer-What is your favorite book by Larry and/or Steve?-What is it you’re most excited for about Servants of War?-If you’ve read it already, what were some of your favorite parts of Servants of War? No spoilers!-Dank memes! Hit us with your best related to Larry’s books, Servants of War or Baen.

Don’t forget that #ServantsofWar hashtag! We can’t pick winners if we can’t find them!Like I said, this is something new for Baen Books, and if it works out, we’re going to try it with other books and other authors. Here’s hoping you guys give them one hell of a tough act to follow.

And yes. My publisher did misspell my name. I forgive them as they are trying to sell books for me. 😀

So use the hashtag #servantsofwar on Twitter and tell your friends so Baen can give away a bunch of stuff. This is an experiment for Baen so let’s see how it shakes out.

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8 thoughts on “Hashtag #servantsofwar to win books and Baen SWAg”

    1. I haven’t “ditched” Facebook. I’m currently banned from Facebook (where most of my fans are unfortunately still congregated) during a book release, which is a pain in my ass.
      MeWe is too quiet. So Baen’s marketing people wanted to try something new using the other big social media place I’m not banned from (yet).
      Uh huh. Does me trying to sell my books offend you?

      1. I for one am deeply offended that a writer sullies his craft by attempting to sell it. If he was a true artiste he would be willing to starve himself and his children in order to remain true to his muse. Or at least work at a coffee shop.

        /Sarcasm if anyone couldn’t tell.

  1. I’ll delve back into the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is Twitter to do this.
    Twitter is full of the worst people in the world, so this is a sacrifice. 😉

  2. Good luck!
    But there’s no way in hell I’m signing back up for Twitter. I tried for about two years to delete my last account, which they eventually closed for me because I violated their ban about Hunter Biden.

  3. I just finished Servants Of War. WOW. Best book I’ve read in a long time. Please get to work on the sequels!!!!

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