26 thoughts on “I’ll be on Rekieta Media’s live stream tonight”

  1. Read it!
    The Mathew Harris deserves to have his perfect words dramatically interpreted by the the true ILOH.

  2. I’m almost excited enough to stay up late and watch. But the kids didn’t sleep last night so there’s no chance.

    Looking forward to our International Lord of Hatred reading some daily unbreaded.

  3. I’ve been watching Rekieta since he covered a comics related lawsuit back in 2018. He’s great – irreverent and hilarious. I’m looking forward to seeing you two together! I’m going to stay up late and watch this one live rather than catch it at 2x speed in the morning!

  4. Four hours in and tapped out. Will watch rerun.

    Odd to see someone actually talk about the Gundam novel for something other than what it did to Amuro or its early translation.

  5. Larry, I’ve been a fan of Nick’s and yours for a while now – tonight was the most fun I’ve had in (figuratively) literally forever! I have no idea if Nick’ll ever manage to schedule another stream with you, but I’d love to see one if he can get off his butt and schedule you again!

  6. Just finished the replay. Larry, you gotta guest read unbreaded more!

    Great show, got a lot of side glances from the wife as I sit in my chair giggling with headphones on.

  7. Oh man, just got to the chair part. You really should get yourself a better chair. Way more comfortable to get a decent professional office chair if you’re sitting typing all day.

    1. My problem is I’m a really big dude, and every chair I’ve ever owned dies, regardless of how much money I spent on it.

      1. As a guy who is getting smaller (slowly) I’ve found that the only chairs that last more than a year for me are the ones that are rated for at least 50lbs more than I weigh. But then again, I’m also shorter than you, so no idea if that would apply to someone of your height.

  8. Oof, a 5+ hour stream is brutal but I’m so happy to see this happening so I’ll make room in my schedule.

    1. A helpful person in the YouTube comments has broken out time stamp links if you want to skip around.

      Larry does a wonderful unbreaded reading, the best yet I think.

  9. A few months back I suggested to Nerdrotic that you would be a great guest for his show, or Friday Night Tights.

  10. I’m just going to throw thos out there, Larry. I would pay lots of money to be able to sit down and talk to you for 4+ hours. Hell, I would give you AMMO to sit down for a chat. I’m talking 10 rounds a minute. And not that corrosive ChiComm 7.62×39 I have laying about, either. I’m talking genuine greentip 5.56 BTH SCP rounds.

    You are one of a very select group that I wish lived next door, or down the road. I would even put my 40k addiction on hold to get into Warmachine, just so I could play a game with you whilst discussing the decline and fall of Western Civilization. Kudos for everything you have done, and continue to do. You are close to hero status to me.

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