This is Comedy Gold

Some dumb idiot named Ryu 238 just posted this gem of a comment –

I find it interesting that Larry hates the free market and doesn’t give receipts for any “SJW harassment” he suffered, nor for any proof of his “success.

to this three year old blog post

This puts me at quite the quandary. Normally one stupid comment would be too small to get its own blog post but I’d share it to the group on FB, but I’m currently banned off Facebook, none of the audience is going to see it a few hundred comments down on a three year old blog post, and its just too damned goofily entertaining not to share with you guys. It is actually kind of fun to see somebody this out of touch, with zero understanding of the nature of the audience.

Okay, regular readers… first up. How much do I hate the “free market”?

Next… In the many years I’ve been doing this, and many of you have been following me here and on social media, how many examples of SJW harassment have you personally seen? Dozens? Hundreds?

And I’m a big fakey fake who has shown no signs of my success! This one is extra funny considering the last dumb commenter was complaining about how I was throwing my success in her face. Show of hands, who saw the Yard Moose Mountain project documentary pics?

I mean, I’m not Brandon Sanderson (holy shit that kickstarter is bonkers!) but I get by. 😀

This post is because I love you guys. Enjoy the stupid.

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53 thoughts on “This is Comedy Gold”

  1. I understand the comment about your success. How many times has the Guardian announced that your career is over and your royalties are shrinking year over year? The nameless camel has also announced the end of your career multiple times.

    Also, you’ve never won a Hugo, only have a single Gemmell nomination, to Brandon Sanderson’s 2 wins in 10 nominations, so to the crowd that is only interested in those sources, and the “prestigious” awards, obviously your success is lacking. It’s a great measure of arbitrarily assigning success, because that way they can gatekeep who is successful or not without us wrongfans who have wrongfun dictating success with their free market dollars.

    Wasn’t that whole blog post the troll responded to about how the free market should decide whether a book is good or not, and not the social justice harpies who were mad about something like non-black slavery who harassed a new author into withdrawing a book?

    Hell, as far as SJW harassing, I still remember the post where you talked about people calling up your wife who haven’t spoken in years making her aware of abused wife services to protect her from you, not to mention the various posters who call you all sorts of names and got you kicked out of the convention you were the guest of honor, but either that doesn’t count, or we’ve hit a much weaker troll than usual. Sorry if that stirs up bad memories for you, but those were the more egregious examples that I could remember off the top of my head beyond the bog standard trolls on this blog and those who keep reporting you to our facebook overseers.

    1. Naw. If he had a sense of humor it wouldn’t have been on a 3 year old blog post. People only do that when they are angry.

      1. }}} Naw. If he had a sense of humor it wouldn’t have been on a 3 year old blog post. People only do that when they are angry.

        Depends on how you get there. I just posted on it, too. But I got there because of this post.

        I’d seen it when you did it (i.e., years ago), but hadn’t really gone into the whole thing (reading the link, mainly, including some of her own comments before the schrecklichkeit hit the fan…).

        So my post was about something she said, and how, unfortunately, she apparently did not listen to herself…

  2. Except that “free market” used to mean that people just don’t buy what they don’t like and now it means people harassing and hounding second and third parties removed to ensure no one gets to purchase a product they want to buy.

    Silly, Larry!

    It’s the same thing how libertarians are “authoritarian” for not letting other people live totally controlled by the state when they so desperately want to do so. And also how Constitutional protections only apply to government so government farming out enforcement to street soldiers is A-Okay and you’re a hypocrite for complaining about it.

    1. The market gets to operate that way too — book publishers and sellers who listen to the cancellers are bound to lose market share to those who don’t. This is one way freedom propagates.

      1. That’s where the second and third party pressure comes to bear. In order for publishers and sellers who don’t comply with the mob to prosper, they have to exist.

        It’s actually been a while (probably three years) since I recall a big push to harass and threaten authors who dare to try to publish the wrong thing. Usually the target was an in-group individual and socially vulnerable. But I believe we’ve seen more pressure applied at the publisher end with declaration of mutiny by (a few?) employees in the last couple of years. Add to that pressure on financial services providers, crowd funders, and distribution platforms if they serve the designated Bad Guy.

        The whole purpose seems to be to find ways to avoid having to battle it out in the marketplace of ideas and to stop the ideas from ever reaching the marketplace by whatever means.

        And I know, should anyone be trolling (in the sense of fishing from a boat) these comments that the answer would be that a Good Person Must do everything possible to stop the ideas from ever being heard because they are Bad in order to be a morally virtuous person. Attacking second and third party targets is what Good People do.

  3. I keep toying with the idea of writing. Maybe I will though I think I would do non fiction. My fiction…maybe I self edit too much.

    But if somebody complained about my book when I was just getting it started, I’d like to think I would be going “whoop! Free publicity.”

    And Larry, I pointed out your books to my students. They were looking at the free copy on Baen books. They like it. They enjoyed my comment of “he bought half a mountain” and “buys expensive rifles as ‘research.'”

    1. For a while there, people were trying to figure out how to make certain left-of-center bloggers mad, because when they shredded a book (or gave it one-stars on the ‘Zon) sales skyrocketed.

  4. I agree with Josh, Larry. You have so many of the woke against you that you must by now be pretty much an Untouchable: nobody will buy books or other merchandise, nobody pays attention to any get-togethers, and nobody wants to hear you teach struggling writers how to write. You must be nearly bankrupt, not to mention near-suicidal that you’re not the focus of everyone’s attention! After all, that’s how they are, and there can be no other reality.
    SJWs don’t give receipts, anyhow. Few of them know how to hold a writing implement. They’d have to text it to you (talk-to-text, of course).

  5. I forgot to ask–are you destitute enough to sell off any kids yet? I need some help around the property, and as a Nazi white-supremacist child-abuser, I’m sure you’ve trained them to work for their gruel. Tractor Supply has whips, if that’s the protocol to which they’re accustomed. I have an old smokehouse they can sleep in. The wasps aren’t awake yet, as it’s too cold.
    I’ll pay the shipping, if you box ’em up. Don’t forget to punch airholes.

  6. Wait, what is this guy even trying to say? I keep re reading it and it just doesn’t make sense.

  7. Larry hates the free market as much as the CCP hates genocide and the Washington Post hates bashing Trump.
    I’m sure Ryu238 is currently sitting in the vegan Cafe toasting xhir triumph over evil with an adoring crowd of 2 soy Jack’s and a bemused cat.

  8. I love it. Reading is FUNdamental! They must have taken the same English lit course being taught at Larry’s local high school.

    Yea, Sanderson’s thing is blowing up. Hollywood sure knows what people want when they ignore authors from Utah.

  9. Owing to the terrible education system we have in many places (because some parents just don’t care), people these days think free market means they are owed free stuff.

  10. Larry Correia: Family counselor. When your children lash out, he will be there with his fans to give them the attention they’ve been denied.

  11. Slightly OT but he was mentioned in the post so “Brandon Sanderson”. Love his work but I read that all the woke destruction of the story built into The Wheel of Time TV series was approved and encouraged by him. If you haven’t watched, a few choice tidbits:

    “the Dragon Reborn could be man or woman, we don’t know”
    Except that we absolutely do know because that’s how saidar/saidin works. It’s sort of the whole point of the story, that men and women will need to work together to defeat the Dark Lord.

    Perrin accidentally kills his first wife? Wait, what wife? He didn’t have one until later and the first one serves no story telling purpose.

    Girl from Two Rivers, untrained, can apparently immediately, within the first episode or two raise people from the dead with the one power, something that is impossible throughout the books “some things are beyond even the One Power”

    apparently Suian and Moraine are gay for each other (reportedly, I stopped watching long before that)

    etc, etc. The major changes were horrible if you enjoyed the books and completely unnecessary to the advancement of the story, and that was before the special effects and small details were taken into account. Much of it just seemed to be pure wokeness. Can’t have only men being able to be the Dragon Reborn, gurrrl power when it comes to healing, wife thing? Still don’t know.

    I quit watching and went back to re-reading the books.

    1. Regarding BS. I won’t get into this too much, since this is Larry’s site. 😉 That being said, I’ll stick to what BS actually did for that series which was wrap it up in a good way. I do agree the Amazon series is awful.

    2. How can they believe that taking a wildly successful book and changing everything that made it wildly successful will make the movie anything other than a steaming pile of crap?

      They’d take the guns and monsters out of Monster Hunter International, and make Owen Pitt a soyboy.
      “I’m afraid it has become a matter of future self-defense.”

      1. Because the point with these people is not to entertain with a story. It is to impart a message. Enjoying it is too cisheteronormativepatriarchalcolonial.

      2. “How can they believe that taking a wildly successful book and changing everything that made it wildly successful will make the movie anything other than a steaming pile of crap?”

        What I wonder is this: the business appeal of adapting a known work is the built-in audience. If you’re making radical changes to the work, that audience will be the ones who will know, and the ones who will take offense. So you risk losing them, which raises the question of what’s the point of the adaptation. By this point, you’re actually behind where you’d be for an original work. At least with original work you wouldn’t have a group of people you alienated who are highly motivated to speak out about it.

        It’s just so weird.

        1. I have a couple of ideas on what might be driving it – not sure what is the case, could be a combination of factors
          1. The point is to kill the memory of the original work. These works are by dead white men, therefore to the left people buying the books are removing money from a more deserving book. (Not how it really works, but it’s how they think the world works). Imagine if someone’s only exposure to Shannara is the MTV series, WOT the Amazon series, or Tolkien is through the Amazon series. All of them were horrible, so nobody will buy them without being convinced that the books are indeed much better than the series supposedly based upon them.

          2. They legitimately think that they are telling a better story. Remember that in intersectionality / CRT / other critical theory territory people who are good and bad are determined not by their actions but by combining their victim points (not white, LGBTwhatever, poverty level, suffering…) and whoever has the highest is automatically okay. It’s why they struggle with whether to allow Asians as POC (racist to me, but whatever) or as a super white group because they tend to outperform everyone on things like ACT, SAT, and as a whole are better off financially than a lot of groups. Therefore, for their group to be good, they can’t have the three dudes be the most important part of the process.

          3. The left can’t create. What’s that quote about the left destroying previously respected things, parading around in the skinsuit and demanding respect? This dovetails in with point 2, where they had to remake the story in their modern image, and actually expect it to do well

          4. Star Wars syndrome – they think that because many of them will like anything they are told to, and hate anything they are told to, the fans of these works will like them enough to watch, or will hate watch and then argue about it online, driving more people to watch. It actually worked okay for Star Wars for a little bit, (got through the most recent trilogy plus some extra movies) up until the market cratered on it and they had to stop doing movies.

    3. Actually had much of his input to the WOT thing shot down. I won’t watch the WOT thing and I think Sanderson was quite irritated by it. He tried to put on a good face, but I don’t really think he was overly pleased after watching his response.

      I would love to see someone back a dump truck of money up to Larry’s door to buy one of his IP’s then go full woke on it (with Larry not under NDA of course). Imagine his response to Owen the gun control advocate and transgender Earl.

  12. “Larry doesn’t support the free market”?

    *panoramic shot of all Larry’s readers rolling on the floor laughing their butts off as he continues to make significant bank*

  13. “Larry hates the free market”

    *looks at collection of Larry’s books*
    *looks at collection of MHI patches*
    *looks at MHI challenge coins*
    *looks at metal drinking mug with leather MHI symbol*
    *curses once again the personal failure in obtaining MHI branded ammo*

    Ryu, you are so out of touch with reality that only one explanation suffices. So what IS the worst part of being Creepy Joe’s speech-writer?

  14. @Cubert Nine

    “I would love to see someone back a dump truck of money up to Larry’s door to buy one of his IP’s then go full woke on it (with Larry not under NDA of course). ”

    Larry, If you really want to screw with Woke Hollywood, go ahead and contract for the rights to make the film. Under the Choice of Law provision, choose German law. This is important. Under Choice of Venue, choose Frankfurt. Or Berlin.

    Why choose German law?

    Germany does not have copyright. Oh, people say they do, but they are wrong. Germany has Author’s Rights. Big difference. The Author has the right to be attributed on all derivative works. Plus — and this is the biggy — the Author has the right to withdraw derivative rights if he does not agree with the changes made. In other words, if you don’t like the movie, you can tell ’em, “Nope. You’re not putting that out.” And you still keep the money.

    Yes, there is German case law of authors withdrawing rights from filmmakers because they did not like the films.

    Ran into problems with German law when I provided input to the Real History channel. They are based in Berlin and follow German law. I had US gov’t photos that they could not use. Under American law, these were public domain from the get-go. Under German law, they needed the name of the photographer to give attribution in order to use the photos.

    1. I would much rather see a good production of Grimnoir or Monster Hunter International than watch the ILOH get revenge for a shitty one.

      There are so many, many books that would make great movies, or series a la Babylon 5, that just won’t get made by the left-wing wankers in charge of Big Media. If they do steal the name, they destroy everything that makes them great.
      “They were the bad guys, as you say, we were the good guys, and they made a very satisfying THUMP when they hit the floor!”

  15. I noticed that you didn’t respond with evidence but mockery. You appeal to sycophants instead of giving evidence.

    Likewise your blog post was about how people didn’t want to associate with you…isn’t that how the free market works?

      1. If it makes stupid dipshits like you not want to associate with me, I’m calling that a win. 🙂

    1. And we noticed that not only did you post on an old thread, you won’t back any of your statements up with anything other than your feelings.

      Just for fun, let’s see you take on one item with evidence: Where do you get the idea that Larry is opposed to free markets?

      1. He is seemingly against the “marketplace of ideas” part of the free market in that rant of his. Also in that rant were no receipts showing his claims of harassment were true. You know, links and/or screenshots?

        1. Your ignorance of harassment doesn’t imply a lack of harassment. Many of us where here, have been for years, and saw it with our own eyes. There are years of blog posts here and elsewhere and you can have responsibility to figure that out yourself. Ignorance is curable.

          But more importantly, what do you imagine a “free market” is? If the Mob (capital M) leaves a “nice fruit stand you’ve got here, pity if anything should happen to it” brick through your window…is that a free market? Of course not.

          And yet anti-Free Market zealots, similar to anti-Christian zealots who do the same, will show up and start to try to “educate” people about the Free Market, something they actually hate, and insist that mob action, street armies, and mobs with pitchforks demanding compliance are, somehow in crazy land, a FREE market.



          1. I’ve noticed this relatively new trope popping up a lot more recently. “Boycotts and public shaming campaigns against businesses are free markets/capitalism in action!”

            No, that’s called coercion, geniuses; and coercion – whether it’s from the government, organized crime, or a mob of over-pierced, purple haired stink-factories screeching outside the main entrance – is the antithesis of “free”.

        2. Oh, you poor dumb desperate straw grasping motherfucker.
          Why would I need to provide links and screen shots of previous dumb SJWs to an audience that is mostly made up of people who watched those live?
          That would get super redundant.
          Plus it assumes I would care enough to put in that work, when frankly you guys are just kinda stupid and boring, so its funner to just tell the story and move on.

      2. Yes. I hate the free market because by laughing at fucking dopes who are clearly talking out of their ass, basically makes a Marxist. Price controls for everybody! 😀

    2. That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

      He did present evidence; you just missed it, which is positively shocking!

      See ya in three years, Sport!

      1. “That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

        He did present evidence; you just missed it, which is positively shocking!”,

        Ok the, show where he showed evidence when he gave these examples: “For example, in one of my books the bad guy was a charismatic psycho criminal mastermind villain. He was also gay. Eddie turned out to be an extremely popular character, and the audience loved him. But of course I got screeched at by some Social Justice Howler Monkeys because I had a homosexual villain, and that was homophobic and blah blah blah… But fast forward a few years and the same crowd was circulating a petition demanding that DC take the Joker—a charismatic psycho criminal mastermind villain—and make him gay. Because “representation”.

        Or another, I got attacked for another fantasy novel because it was set in a world loosely based on India, and how that was the dreaded cultural appropriation. Except the book sold well and was popular in the English language fiction market… IN INDIA.

        Plus, these SJWs are incredibly ignorant. One of them screamed at me because in Son of the Black Sword, I had someone eating a rice ball, and HOW DARE LARRY CORREIA ASSUME THAT ALL ASIAN CULTURES ARE THE SAME AND HAVE RICE BALLS REEEEEEEEE!!!!! And my response was the google image search for “Indian Rice Balls” which was like 20 pages of deliciousness. Because let’s face it, every culture that can grow rice has at some point in time discovered it is convenient to squish it into a ball.”

        Did these conversations with SJWs really happen? By your logic, we can dismiss them.

        1. Don’t be daft. What are you expecting, that Larry will produce video or audio for you? That he will link to the numerous posts where he has provided said evidence you haven’t bothered to apprise yourself of?

          Now, I can’t blame you for not doing a site search, or not keeping up with every post on the blog, but you might try it before swinging your little e-peen around and calling the man a liar.

          Right, Larry has a duty to Random Internet Asshole to provide citations for something, three fucking years after the fact.

          Stop digging, dipshit.

          1. “That he will link to the numerous posts where he has provided said evidence you haven’t bothered to apprise yourself of?”

            And even if Larry did that, the first thing to be heard was that the video was doctored, taken out of context or not from a reliable source. Almost as if I have seen this before.

        2. So you have nothing that backs up your assertion that he hates the free market. That’s all you had to day.

        3. Well, dummy, since of your chosen examples all three of them happened in public with witnesses… duh.
          Seriously, you stupid motherfucker, when I get yelled at by SJWs usually the first thing I do is post the link on facebook for the fans to have fun with. 😀 You’re trying to gas light the wrong audience.

    3. Of course I responded with mockery.
      Everything you said was so clearly ass backwards that it was immediately obvious to the audience that you’re a fucking idiot.

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