My new novel servants of war – Out Now!

Servants of War is available now in hard cover and ebook. The Audible version is ready to download. I would say its available everywhere books are sold, but book stores that also sell healing crystals and new age feminist yoga candles tend not to stock my stuff. Go figure.


If you would like a copy autographed by both of us, you can get it here –

I am really proud of this one. Steve and I have been planning this story for a long time.

Please tell your friends and spread the word. I got banned on Facebook again last night so I can’t there (that’s my 12th 30 day!). That’s still where most of my fans congregate, so the timing on that is super convenient!

This is Comedy Gold
Coming soon - Monster Hunter International: The Miniatures Game

31 thoughts on “My new novel servants of war – Out Now!”

  1. Yay! I will be downloading the March 2022 Baen Bundle today. Also contains Valhellions by Tim Akers and Blood And Whispers by A.C. Haskins. They’ll have to take their turns after Servants Of War, though!

    Just ordered the April Bundle with Harbinger by Wen Spencer and Into The Real by John Ringo and Lydia Sherrer. I’ve been waiting a long time for Harbinger.

  2. I’m not sure if this has been covered before, but is there any talk about creating a MHI series on one of the streaming services? I’m thinking something like the Vox Machina series on Prime? Just curious.



    1. I’ve sold TV rights to MHI and Grimnoir, but it is totally up to the production companies if those things ever get made.

      1. Grimnoir is the one I’d love to see on screen, with the standard caveat that they don’t FUBAR it, of course. Always a risk with adaptations.

        1. Yes this.

          I mean just think of the visuals of inserting a magic Samurai MBT with a steel baseball bat of doom from low earth orbit.

          Or Faye vs the airship for that matter…

        2. I don’t know how they could ruin MHI, given its main cast are a half-pacific islander, a competent professional black man, a handicapped Asian man, and an ambiguously bi-sexual woman, but I’m sure they could find a way. Maybe make Trip a weak ineffectual and feminine man since they’ve been doing that recently. Despair aside, I wonder what they’d do with the name though, since Monster Hunter for TV/Movies has been taken by the terrible needlessly isekai garbage based loosely on the Capcom games.

          1. “I don’t know how they could ruin MHI,”

            NEVER say things like this!!! ????

          2. They could probably call it “MHI.”

            It’s short, sweet and to the point.

      2. who/when did you sell the rights? I have been wondering this myself.
        also You Rock. thank you for creating amazing worlds that we can escape to!

  3. Done and bought. Can’t wait to start. Oh and Dead Acre was awesome.
    That being said, I think Sanderson has something with his new announcement/kickstarter. Something to consider?

        1. 7 million, that’s crazy. I think crowdfunding is fascinating. Not only is it a way to push a product, but it also engages a fan base. This is coming close to rival The Chosen. 19,000 raised 10 million for a Christian show. EDIT: 12 million and counting.

          1. Aside from Brandon being a Great guy, the Sheer REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE From Jagoffs like Skalzi, and his ilk out of Sheer jealousy because there’s just NO way they’d manage that kind of response was utterly Delicious.

  4. After hearing about SoW on Writer Dojo, I’m totally sold. Big robots in “totally not Russia.” I’ll be getting it when I get caught up on MHI. You’re not kidding that collabs are a good gateway to other authors and I’m about to get into Steve’s solo work the same way I got into John Ringo, and Mike Kupari.

  5. Just purchased the Kindle/Audible combo.

    Do you have a punch card from Facebook? Maybe get a free sandwich after 20 bans?

  6. I already got the Baen March Bundle so I’m set. That reminds that I need to pick up the April bundle now. Congrats on the book birthday!!

  7. Another Baen Bundle here. Probably my most common addiction long term. Keep being yourself as I pre-emptively chose to not go Facebook years back and have been nothing but happy about it since.????

  8. Got it, started it l, love it so far.

    But I feel like I’m going crazy. I swear I’ve read something in a similar world with the golem words being power and looking for a complete word or something, but I can’t recall where or when.

    Perhaps an anthology? Anyone know or am I just going crazy?

  9. I’m almost finished with it and I’m very satisfied. Larry, please do everything in your power to produce more books in this world. I’m seeing so much potential for more stories.

  10. I read it yesterday and enjoyed it very much. Was it grisly? Yes, it was. That’s because you’re a talented writer who created the movie in my head. Thank you.

  11. This book was so good I read it in 2 days wow love the characters and all but that cliffhanger man lol

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