Get your autographed copies of Servants of War From Uncle Hugos

If you want any autographed copies of any of my latest books you can get them from Uncle Hugos –

Uncle Hugos got burned down during the riots. They’ve kept operating from the owner’s house selling books online, and are actively working towards reopening in a new location.

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7 thoughts on “Get your autographed copies of Servants of War From Uncle Hugos”

    1. Yep. As of the last update, Vault got fucked over by lockdowns, which their supplier didn’t survive, and now they’re waiting way way way way back in the line at one of the only other places in the world that still does that sort of thing.

    2. Supplies of paper are at an all time low across the world. Even regular books with cheap paper are having issues. For really nice paper? It’s like pulling teeth right now.

      I’m in a queue – but more established publishers are getting preference.

  1. Hey Larry and Steve. Will there be an audio version of Servants of War? I keep checking audible to pre-order but it doesn’t come up.

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