WriterDojo S2 Ep6: Supporter Spectacular (Round 3)

Hosts/Authors  Steve Diamond and Larry Correia return to answer yet more questions submitted by our wonderful supporters. Supporters, we appreciate you SO much- thank you all!

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This week’s episode is brought to you by Matthew Howe’s Waypoint

You’ve been abducted from your home. You wake in a strange hotel room to make a terrifying discovery—there’s a bomb strapped around your chest. You have 24 hours to travel a thousand miles and find a code that disarms the device

It’s about one question: How much do you want to live?


Also, big shout out to Nancy Frye for the awesome job on the ad- if you’re ever in need of a professional VO actress, I highly suggest you give her a shout! http://nancyfrye.mystrikingly.com/

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15 thoughts on “WriterDojo S2 Ep6: Supporter Spectacular (Round 3)”

  1. Am I missing something? This episode is WRITERDOJO S2 EP6: SUPPORTER SPECTACULAR (ROUND 3). I found no SUPPORTER SPECTACULAR (ROUND 2) . . . or (ROUND 1). I found one other ROUND 3: WriterDojo S2 Ep 2: Tweet Bashing Round 3- Canon.

    Oh, I see. I looked on Rumble. When I searched on YouTube, I found all the episodes I missed on Rumble. Evidently Rumble is the red-headed step child of WriterDojo.

    1. I upload to Rumble every week for BOTH of the people watching there.
      I just saw there are four episodes missing, which look to correspond when I was quite busy trying not to die. I’ll get those up there for you, and thank you for the heads-up

      1. I just looked and they ARE there. Not sure why they’re not showing up for you, but I’ll check into it when I get a chance.

      2. And I do appreciate that you upload this to You Tube for the SIX people watching there. 😀

        I suppose I should get an account on Rumble though.

        1. We do ok on YouTube- 344 subscribers. 😀
          We could boost our numbers (& make my life a lot easier) by not doing videos at all, but we know that’s where some folks like to listen and at the end of the day, we’re not actually doing this for the money; we genuinely want to help writers get better advice than most of what is out there, and we want readers to get a peak behind the curtains and maybe let them enjoy well crafted stories a little bit more. (Although we DO appreciate the heck out of the Supporters- don’t get me wrong! As RAH said ‘Money is the sincerest of all flattery’ but if we were only in it for the money, we could all go off and do more lucrative projects.)

          1. Do you guys get paid for views on the YouTube versions?

            Depending on what I’m doing, I tend to split between listening via Podcast Addict and on YouTube. Actually found the podcast through YouTube.

          2. Nope- I think you have to have 1000 subscribers before you can monetize. Being on YouTube is just there for the folks who find it more convenient (although picking up a listener here or there is nice too) 🙂

  2. The part on Farland makes me ask: How do you set up your unfinished work for your heirs in case you unexpectedly wind up like Robert Jordan or Kentaro Miura? Having your stuff destroyed like Pratchett seems easy enough to put in a will, but the alternative looks a lot harder to plan.

    1. I think that Craig Martel has some stuff out there on this subject. Probably on You Tube. I’m not sure how best to find it. He gets into detail though, such as being aware if you have recurring ad buys on Amazon that those won’t automatically turn off if you die and that the regular maintenance to keep your back-list selling isn’t something that your loved ones may even know how to do.

  3. LC,

    Thanks for answering my question about the sources of learning and advice that you and Steve sought. I’d read the Stephen King one but I’ll track down the Koontz one as well, just for fun. I don’t know if I was looking for more of a “silver bullet” but I had this (mistaken, apparently) notion that two accounting guys might have needed to seek out more structured learning to hone your craft on some of the stuff that you ably deconstruct on the podcast (story structure, world building, etc.). 100% agree that a lot of the “how to” sources out there are pretty mired in the specific viewpoint or philosophy of the author.

    I’d never met Dave Wolverton in person, but the warm and generous nature you described really came through in the videos of him in the “Writers of the Future” workshop. With due respect to the others, I think he was my favourite ‘guest lecturer’ over Tim Powers and Orson Scott Card.

    I’ll for sure attend some cons as you suggest, once the the world stops thrashing around in quite so much futility.

    Beyond the “collate blog posts into a book” notion, have you fellas thought about delivering an online workshop/webinar rather than just doing ’em at cons and such? I strongly suspect there’d be a market for such a thing.


  4. Did not know the fanfiction limitations. Good to know before talking ideas.

    One really bizzare thing has been going through stuff on writing screen plays. Currently chewing through Truby’s Anatomy of Story 22 Steps, and the Nutshell Technique and have been finding them really useful so far. Already seeing examples in my own writing where it felt off because I was missing pieces, or why a scene didn’t work, or a story I’m currently working on can be pulled together into a coherent whole.

    I’m realizing there really is a lot of institutional knowledge on how to make good compelling stories that can reach a broad audience. But I’m also looking at the recent strings of Hollywood bombs, and wondering how did they screw those up, when they already knew, in writing, that the things they were doing did not work? It’s almost like an engineer going into a construction project and knowing they’re using the wrong modulus of steel. I mean people aren’t directly going to die from it but burning down a billion dollar brand seems like it would be nontrivial either.

    1. It is because Hollywood is all screwed up. There are actual artists there, but there’s also a bunch of carrion feeding parasites who can’t create. They can just “reimagine”. Then its super monopolitical, and a bunch of a wannabe commisars have to stick THE MESSAGE into everything, whether it fits or not.

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