WriterDojo S2 Ep5: Pacing (Round 1)

Pacing can make or break a book and it’s something that many authors struggle with. Hosts/Authors Steve Diamond and Larry Correia return this week to discuss the different approaches to pacing and provide some helpful tips on how to pace yourself.

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9 thoughts on “WriterDojo S2 Ep5: Pacing (Round 1)”

  1. As for Disney Wars blowing up planets we’ve never heard of and barely knew the name of, this episode had excellent release timing
    Allegedly Jar Jar Abrams wanted to blow up Coruscant, because blowing up the franchise wasn’t enough, but was told no. He supposedly responded by making a stand-in planet and never making it clear it wasn’t Coruscant. It’s a completely believable claim, but given how he failed to establish literally everything else about the world (What’s a first order? Why doesn’t the New Republic care? What’s the lead character’s personality? Who knows! Who cares!) it could just be the man incompetent enough to ruin both Star Trek AND Star Wars at work.

    As for going back to the funniest character to break pacing, my favorite example is from Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict (American English and European English versions have completely separate translations with vastly different styles for unclear reasons), which also shows funny character doesn’t have to be lighthearted. The main villain is an unhinged clone of a pre-disaster arms inventor/dealer who spends most of the early acts off screen working through underlings, but when you get to the darker endgame he shows up more and more and showcases his sick (but still funny) sense of humor nearer to the end (the way he kills a sub-villain is GLORIOUS.).

    1. Nothing happened in the last SW trilogy without Kathleen Kennedy’s approval. She pushed for all the woke and Mary Sue from the moment she became the new head of Lucasfilm. No directing or writing has been final without her – at least until the movies lost money for Disney and she was pressured to not renew a contract and “retire to pursue other passions”. No director had the power they would under another studio. She’s also the reason why the Obi-Wan project went through so many delays.

  2. 1. On MHN, the title says Pacing is S2Ep4. YouTube says Pacing is S2E5. Rumble says Audio was S2Ep4, so I think YouTube is right.

    2. Perhaps you should delete the Breaker link. All I got from it (5 attempts) was
    “This site can’t be reached
    http://www.breaker.audio refused to connect.”

    3. Did not find an entry for WriterDojo S2Ep4 Audio in MHN. ?

  3. The link after “with a small monthly donation to help sustain future episodes at:” shows the correct url but links to YouTube “are you sure you want to leave” thing.

    As for the episode itself, I mentioned this in a post that’s in mod que (likely because it has a link to an article on the thing) but it came out the day before this released (meaning after recording) Jar Jar Abrams wanted the planet blown up in the first Disney Wars film to be Coruscant, but he was vetoed (why that one single thing of all the terrible things in that terrible movie, I have no idea) so in response he created a stand in planet and avoided mentioning what it was so people would think it’s Coruscant. He’s enough of a hack I believe it, but he never explained (and seemingly never had an explanation for) virtually everything in the film so that being the same case here is an equally plausible option.

  4. The comment on making sure the reader cares reminded me of an issue I was having with a fight sequence. I just couldn’t seem to make it work. I went over the character motivations, and they fit. How the characters were interacting seemed reasonable, and should have had tension.

    At first I thought I’d done some villian decay. (The hero had previously beaten that villian in a straight up fight, so why should the reader take them seriously now?) But given it was more of a hostage situation, that seemed to be taken care of.

    What I finally realized was, the audience had no reason to care about the hostage; they didn’t know them, and did not have an anchor for why this was the main character’s berserk button…

    So, now I’ve got the idea for a slow scene for that arc, a second half for another scene that was too short and needed more to more that also foreshadows it, and another short story that gets to start with a cold open of otherwise calm and reasonable main character threatening to dice someone up into small cubes of assorted sizes.

    Backstory is fun 🙂

  5. On Larry’s comment about using the count down. I think his best example of that is in Book 4: Monster Hunter Legion with Owen running the stairs up the Last Dragon. Each flight of stairs ramps up the action.

    I think this was also the books I started to wonder if Larry had a history of repetitive ankle injuries.

  6. And I just realized, this is where I hit the slog… There a road trip I need to write. It’s going to have key character development. It’s supposed to be a silly break between trauma things.

    I personally, have no interest in road trips. The central character has no interest in road trips. However, the instigating character is the sort of person who would spontaneous drag everyone off on a road trip, and it fits their motivations, and is an ideal to elaborate the dynamics between several characters.

    So, I’ve got to research and write a road trip, and I don’t wanna…

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