Enter to Win 5 Book Giveaway

Five authors have gotten together and are each giving away five copies of our short story collections to five winners.


Since I’m currently banned on FB (again), I’d appreciate you guys sharing that link around. In fact, if you share that link on social media it gives you even more chances to win.

What’s in it for the writers? We get more people signed up for our mailing lists. The one place the social media overlords don’t ban us from… yet. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Enter to Win 5 Book Giveaway”

  1. What got you this time? I haven’t been on FB for a really long time. It’s entirely possible they’ve tagged me for something I posted years ago and I don’t even know it.

  2. Isn’t being banned by FB much like the old “Banned in Boston” meme? Hurts sales in Boston (via FB), but a boost across the rest of the country?

    [No, I DON’T claim to understand the reality of marketing to the ILoH’s fans better than he does. Rather, I well know that I don’t understand that reality at all! I was just struck by the similarity to “Banned in Boston”]

    1. The problem is that the rest of the country is on Facebook with this amazing site being Boston. I don’t want to pull numbers out of my butt but a lot more people would have saw this post on Facebook page then they would here.

  3. That question was really hard!

    I was going for the manatee, until I saw the “professor of creative writing” part.

    And that team of contractors really sounded real 🙂

  4. If someone is reading this and is a friend of Larry’s maybe they can put a link on his Facebook page? I just checked the announcement is not there

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