WriterDojo S1 EP15: Supporter Spectacular (Round 2)

This week we go through the rest of our supporter submitted questions. And I want to give a big thank you to all of you who back the podcast.

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WriterDojo S1 Ep14: Supporter Spectacular (Round 1)

14 thoughts on “WriterDojo S1 EP15: Supporter Spectacular (Round 2)”

  1. More good questions, though I have to admit when Steve talks about writing the prom scene I picture him laughing maniacally, and my concern grows. :p

    About pacing, I would find it interesting for you to elaborate in your Pacing episode about how ou find that this changes based upon the genre. I recall Larry saying something about how when he and John Brown wrote Gun Runner that Toni told them to info dump more, because Sci Fi readers expect that. I hadn’t realized that until I read it, and realized I do expect it in SciFi more than other genres

  2. I appreciate these so much that I hate to bring up a negative, but the volume between Steve and Larry is really BIG. And while Steve has a wonderful voice, very easy on the ears, I have to crank the volume so much to hear Larry that it’s sort of annoying. Maybe Larry just has to get his mouth closer to the microphone and that would solve it.

      1. That explains a lot. I love this podcast, but the volume levels on the last two have been so unbalanced that I have a lot of trouble listening to them in my car. Is it possible to go back and remaster them?

        1. In order to remaster those episodes, 1 of 2 things has to happen- either we don’t do a new episode for 1-2 weeks, or we get enough supporters that Steve and I can quit our day jobs so I can have more time to work on these. As is, it takes me about 2-3 hours each week to get the next episode ready to go and I have a very full time job, on top of all the side jobs… I’m swamped. (sorry)

          1. We appreciate you Jack!

            And we are all pleased that you’re feeling better. Being sick is awful.

  3. Book where the main character just randomly gets killed? Sounds like the novel version of Mobile Suit Gundam. I’m mentioning this without a spoiler warning because the novel version is infamous and remembered only for having done that, and it didn’t happen in the original cartoon that’s superior (Also I don’t recall if it was ever officially released in English or not).

    Also: I take it “Pirate Bob” Westover is the namesake for “Pirate Bob” Southunder?

    1. The MS Gundam novel trilogy did get a release in English back in the early ’90s. There are a couple of other reasons why Gundam fans remember it (including that the translator decided to spell Mr. Aznable’s given name as ‘Sha’). But that was the big one.

    2. Nanashi
      “Book where the main character just randomly gets killed?”

      Orson Scott Card, Empire. I like OSC, but I hate Empire for killing the MC that I was so much attached to.

  4. I really look forward to these podcasts. Not only are they entertaining, they’re insightful and a good motivator. I’ll listen and go… “Oh yeah. Oops. Well that makes sense, I need to do that. I need to stop doing that. Rewind, I want to hear that again. Hang on hang on… I’m writing this down, Hah! That’s hilarious! OMG they answered my question! What, it’s already over??? Time to replay.”

  5. Jack

    Can I write a message via email
    I don’t like leaving voice messages nor using the mike?



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