Audible Book For Monster Hunter Bloodlines will be a month late

Okay, people have been asking about when the Monster Hunter Bloodlines audiobook will be out. Normally they come out the same week as the hardcover (until 2020 at least!). But I just talked to Audible and it’s not going to be out until early September, possibly earlier, and I should know the actual release date in a few days.

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36 thoughts on “Audible Book For Monster Hunter Bloodlines will be a month late”

  1. Ugh, I know it’s not your fault Larry, but after DoW being delayed too the pattern is getting annoying. It can’t be great for sales, either. Hopefully things will work out better going forward.

  2. A reading problem, a recording problem, or an administrative problem?

    Doesn’t seem like reading a book into a microphone and then uploading the file to the internet should be that complicated. So maybe Audible is having corporate issues?

    1. Looks like a combo of scheduling issues and new contract timing.
      Which is a bummer for me, because all that is out of my control.
      Oh well. Shit happens.

      1. Rather get peeved because of a slight delay, than the alternative. I’d give postal a new definition if Audible decided to switch performers just to meet the deadline. Oliver rocks!

          1. Especially when it was read by a kisck@$$ narrator like Oliver Wyman, R.C. Bray, or Mark Boyett, then they bring in a bad reader. Then you’re pulled out of the story.

      2. It does indeed. Appreciate the info. Still looking forward to it, September or whenever it arrives. Your books are one thing Hubs and I can both agree on. ????

    2. Reading into a microphone and uploading it isn’t really complicated… unless you want it to be professional quality, with any mistakes edited out, time stamps coded in for chapters, volume balanced, background noise minimized, quality control observed, and so forth.

      That’s tangential to why this particular book is delayed, but it demonstrates that producing something worthwhile is actually a fair amount of work.

      1. That, and Oliver is one of the best in the business. I don’t even want to think about what his schedule looks like.

        1. Oliver is second only to Rupert Degas, he’s not brilliant at non-American accents but he is so precise and versatile within American accents that I’d put him definitely in my top three readers, probably top two. Monster hunter guardian was extremely disappointing with a reader with entirely the wrong accent so I’d rather wait then risk screwing this up.

  3. As you say, shit happens. Thank you for the update, and I will still have the Hard Cover on the 3rd of August so life is good 🙂

  4. My jam is listening to fantasy and crime fiction while playing video games. The Pandemic been really hard for Audible fans. The books are always DONE but some nebulous quality check will keep the book delayed usually for months. It might not seem like it but 30 days is really good compared to other authors.

  5. Thank you for the answer… you are such a rockstar oh lord of hate… in my mind….. it was shocking to see you at b&n venues for your tour …. hope you hit SA or Austin in the future… 14hrs on the road would be worth it but cant round trip is killer. Got 3 copies of the hb and we’ll buy 2 audible copies once theyre up. I’m glad my larry got his head stuck in a mailbox and became an author.

  6. Audible has studios in two places: New Jersey and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

    Guess which states have governors that did big lockdowns.

    Go on, guess.

  7. Aw man, I always like to listen to your books in audio first, in part because it fits my schedule better, and in part because the narrators always do such a great job.

    Audible has been really weird lately, for some reason, and it’s not just your books. You’d think their business model wouldn’t be hindered by lockdowns and supply chain disruptions at all.

  8. Thanks for the update, I can let my Father in law know. I was truly worried something had happened to Mr. Wyman.

  9. Well, it’s a good thing I’ve gotten into the habit of pre-ordering a signed copy from Uncle Hugo’s in addition to the audible version. If I hadn’t… I’d be rather annoyed right now.

  10. Talk about embracing the concept of delayed gratification. Still, it’s worth the wait. Oliver narrates two of my favorite book series— MHI, and Tim Dorsey’s Serge Storm (utterly recommended it if you get a chance, Mrs. Correia). The month is shaping up to be a rather nifty one. Great new flicks, and a couple books I’m dying to read.
    Let us know, cause my earbuds are itching for it.

  11. As long as it is being released, I’m happy.

    There so so many moving parts to get one of these out on the market, just glad they are able to do it.

    Learned a long time ago to be patient.

  12. Thanks for the info! I’ve been checking Audibles Coming Soon and was wondering why it wasn’t there. Excited for the new book! I love the Monster Hunter series!

    1. My audible app has been so obnoxious lately, I kept thinking it was somehow my fault or my phone, kindle… something! Just gonna have to be patient a little while longer.

      1. Thank you Larry, I have listened to everything you have done at least 50 times each. I have about wore out my MP3 player it is filled with nothing but your books. Keep them coming!

  13. Thanks for letting us know.
    My Audible credit is ready and waiting.
    Your books are [mostly] awesome, whether on paper or read by such geniuses as Oliver and Bronson.

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