Fun With the Oversight Board -Or- better sign up for the newsletter Before I get perma-banned

Would you guys do me a favor and share this, because I sure can’t. 😀

So I got banned from Facebook again, shocker. I believe this is my 7th or 8th 30 day ban. But this is the first time I got the option to appeal to the not at all Orwellian sounding “Oversight Board”. As you can see, I was totally polite and honest in my responses.

Facebook is a time suck garbage site that exists as the propaganda arm of the DNC/Corpo-Uni-Party, to spy on you to sell to advertisers, and to steal everyone’s personal information. After bamboozling all the content creators to go over there to build “community” they now hold them hostage because the content creators are scared to leave because they’ll take a financial hit (The Oatmeal’s got a great cartoon about it).

But I’ve got a pretty good system going. Come back from a ban, plug some stuff, remind people to sign up for my newsletter, piss off a statist, and get banned for another month. I’m thinking that maybe this response to the Oversight Board might earn me a perma-ban and then I can actually get some work done. 😀

I’m not joking about the hostage thing though. It’s fucking malicious and scummy. It was a multi-year bait and switch while everybody directed all their fans over and put most of their media presence in one convenient place that promised to be “community” but which turned out to be a sleazy trap of social engineering for profit. And now they all feel stuck helping a company that actively lies and hides truth behind propagandist “fact checks” (remember when fact checks said Hunter Biden’s laptop was fake, there was zero chance Covid came from a lab, and the idea of election fraud was just wacky conspiracy theories? Pepperidge Farm remembers)

When you do bail out completely (last time I did that for 3 months) you do actually take a financial hit because it’s still the place that reaches the most customers (even if they are only showing it to like 10% of the people who WANT to follow you). “Nice business you’ve got going here, be a real shame if something violated our community standards. You’d better pay up so we might maybe show it to another 10% of the people who want to follow you, if we feel like it.” So it’s a really awful way to try and reach customers.

So seriously guys, if you follow me over there and want to know about my new books, swag, products, or deals, sign up for the mailing list and make sure it’s not going to your spam folder, because the clock is ticking. I’m kinda shocked I’m not perma-banned yet.

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57 thoughts on “Fun With the Oversight Board -Or- better sign up for the newsletter Before I get perma-banned”

  1. I know Twitter is also highly arbitrary when it comes to suspending users, but by any objective measure it is still more fair and reasonable.

    Come back to Twitter, Larry. She misses you.

    1. They are not arbitrary in the least. if its a non liberal message they do not like it gets banned. As liberals have group think engaged

  2. Funny that this should happen right when the corpse-in-chief’s press secretary witlessly admits the fact that this admin _directs_ FB and Big Tech to censor people for things they don’t like. Blows 230 right out of the water for these collaborators, and demonstrates a serious breach of 1A by both of them.
    We had two (or was it three now, so many I forget) impeachments of the previous president over matters far, far less egregious, even were they remotely true. Time to demand a reckoning.

  3. You keep on complaining about Facebook and yet you keep on going back to it.

    I’ve deleted my Facebook account along with my Twitter account. I’m never going back to Big Tech and I’m better for it.

    At what point should I stop calling you crazy?

    1. Shrug. Probably the point where I stop making tens of thousands more dollars in sales off of the people who see my posts there only?
      It’s easy to talk shit when you don’t have any skin in the game, but the creators who feel trapped there aren’t stupid.

      1. And they’re still trapped. Me? I’m on there to watch the place burn itself to the ground. So far? I’ve not been disappointed. I’m waiting for my next permaban and lurk here and a few other Author’s sites and personal blogs for the real meat.

        It’s almost gotten to be useless to the likes of yourself and others. (I think Mike Z. got one of his profiles nuked from orbit finally… It disappeared off of my friends list and I’m pretty sure Mike’d not have blocked me…)

      2. amen Larry, ive been trying to get away from fb for my work, its almost impossible, the alternatives have 1/50th of the traffic and impact. and to be blunt, some of em like mewe for example are a driveby shooting of a head on car collision accident scene…clunky and confusing doesn’t begin to describe them.

      3. Yeah, know one who lost her business to Facebook (long ago, involved some scammer making false reports, or something). It’s rough if you’re already stuck in their model.

        Me, I get your RSS feed, keeps things nicely sorted out.

  4. Larry, that was a great response to Facebook’s “committee”, although I think it could have used a more F bombs.

    Also, as a side question, how close are those of us on the right to flipping the switch off of the Vote setting?

    1. It sounds perilously close to the switch getting flipped to, “Gratuitous Violence.” I really think the only thing stopping it is that people with sense realize it will make the Balkans and Yugoslavia look like a polite disagreement at a British tea party.

      1. I’m directly mentioning a previous post here. Larry’s statement was the left sees violence as a dial to be turned up and down but the right sees a switch labeled “Vote” or “kill fucking everybody”.

        And yes if it happens it will be real bad, but I will not let the pedophile pretender president march me or any member of my family to the gulags he’s planning for “dissidents trafficking in ‘misinformation'”. If that son of a bitch is saying us wanting votes properly counted it tantamount to “Civil War”, he’ll get his fucking war.

        The left thinks regular Americans are “angry” but they are wrong, very wrong, we are ENRAGED, and yet they won’t stop with their authoritarian bullshit.

    2. No one competent about “flipping the switch” would be yammering about it in public forum. Going to need to try a little harder to get your raise ossifer

      1. Let’s play another round of spot the “Glowy” !

        (If the Wisconsin Governor kidnapping plot is any indication, 50% of the posters in the comments here are federal agents…)

        1. It is worse than 50-50. The latest I heard on Viva Frei (Rumble and YouTube) is that the FBI infiltrated a hunters’ club of 6 guys with 16 agents. The Federal Bureau of Infiltration’s two best witnesses are now charged with felonies not related to this ‘kidnapping’ conspiracy.

          Question: Is it still a conspiracy when the gov’t does it? Or is it entrapment?

          1. I think there were 12 or 13 Feds or Federal CIs involved in the plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor.
            So if a plot is over 90% Feds, does it still count as a conspiracy?

  5. Hi Larry,

    I don’t do Facebook either, so how I’ve been keeping up with what you have coming up is watching this here blog. Old fashioned, I know. As far as the newsletter goes, is there info we’d get that way that we’re missing if we’re only following the blog?

    1. If you follow the blog, you’re good to go. Usually I do updates here first and then attach them to the newsletter. The newsletters only go out like every month or 6 weeks or so.

      1. Or you can get on, where calling someone a Nazi, a NKVD murderer, a Jewish shill or an FBI suprema-racist, or festering pustule of corruption, or claiming Holocaust isn’t real, in the same post, is basically a day ending in Y in any random user account, and won’t get you banned. Or even noticed.

        And if you whine about it the horde will descend and mock you mercilessly, sometimes with facts and statistics.

  6. And they are the DNC/Biden-Administration propaganda arm.

    Legal Insurrection reported: Psaki Admits Biden Admin Colluding with Big Tech to Flag ‘Disinformation’.

    That’s no longer a rumor or conspiracy theory; it’s a fact, confirmed by the Administration’s spokes-thing. “Big Tech” is taking direction from the federal government on what information is allowed to be shared by the American people.

    If that’s not cause to strip their “Section 230” protections and enforce the First Amendment against them, I don’t know what is.

    “Big Tech” is acting as a “government proxy”, doing what the DNC and Biden Administration wish they could do but can’t because of a pesky thing called the U.S. Constitution, and then hiding behind corporate protections. However, if they’re acting as a government proxy, they are subject to government rules, including the First Amendment.

    1. Yeah, I saw that. That’s insane. Actual fascism was a government/corporate alliance, and now we’ve got that from the same people who constantly call everybody else fascists.

      1. Projection. They accuse everyone else of doing what they are doing, to shift attention and blame away from themselves.

        Or as Grandma used to say, “Pot, meet Kettle.”

        The only difference is, the people they’re accusing aren’t actually doing what they’re doing. The Pot is calling the Kettle black, but the Kettle is, in (metaphorical) fact, sitting unused on the counter in pristine condition.

        Interesting times….

        Also, the people screaming “Fascist!” at all their opponents, have never experienced actual fascism and wouldn’t know it if they had. To them it’s just a word to grab attention and evoke an emotional response. But to those of us who study history, it’s a real serious thing, not to be bandied about lightly.

  7. Yep, at least Mewe is picking up the slack, although not as many people over there (yet). I’ve cut my FB time considerably, and my productivity has gone up! What a surprise. Do what you gotta, and yes, the newsletter works!

  8. I just read the screen shots of the Oversight Board’s Written Inquisition. Please tell me that, for the question “Which languages were used in your content?”, you responded with something akin to “Good Old Anglo-Saxon, in both the eloquent and foul dialects”. 😉

  9. I just told my nephew I will pay him $25 to read 1984. Especially after I heard that the Federal Government is telling Facebook which posts they have an issue with. I wonder if these people realize that the Socialists get rid of the agitators first?

  10. The struggle is real. I’m trying to build an audience for my podcast and blog without using FB, and it’s a grind. After all, what are my other options?

    MeWe? There are a few people there BUT the tighter way that things run on MeWe mean you don’t find things you aren’t looking for. Part of that is because of their commitment to privacy. And part of it, to be honest, is that they lack the powerful algorithm that FB has that serves up content that you might find interesting. That feature when you go to a FB Page, the top presents you with similar pages. MeWe has no comparable way to generate organic growth.

    Flote? Flote is, again, committed to free speech BUT thus far is home to the Moon Bat right. Mostly nice folks, but so busy yammering about Crypto and various conspiracy theories that I can tolerate it only in small doses.

    Twitter? Twitter is a toxic pool of sludge, and I’m fairly sure my target audience doesn’t live there.

    Insta? My platform of choice, since it does have some organic growth potential, allows a community feel to develop, and has a better signal:noise ratio than FB. But its still owned by FB. So it feels a little bit like sleeping with the enemy. I harbor a hope that at some point an antitrust suit might force FB to sell or spin off Insta.

    And even at that, whenever I look into various groups or folks who offer guidance on growing your audience on Insta, or Pinterest, or how to grow you blog… “Join my private FaceBook group where we share strategies!!”

    There is no escape. What is a Freedom-loving girl to do?

    1. Holly,

      In the long run, most of the people that do podcasts, websites, even writing. Do it as a hobby or at best a side job and never make money or not enough to live on. Most don’t get to be like the Lord of Hate.
      But growing slow means you get to know the people that care about your show and you can slowly build on that.

      Enjoy what you do and if others enjoy it too that is up to them.
      One last note on podcast. To quote Adam Curry the guy to helped create podcasting “you cant monetized the network.”

      If you have more questions about podcasting I would point you to Curry because he still doing it has been doing it for a long time.


      1. I am familiar with Curry, and he does good stuff. Even if it does make me sigh sometimes.

        I’m committed to a long-haul slow growth model. I’d rather have a smaller, sincerely interested audience.

        Sometimes I think Larry should start a podcast. And then I remember what a time suck it is, and I would much rather he write books. 😉

  11. I find Facebook frustrating. I have openly mocked Facebook, Zuckerberg, gun control, Covidiots. I had one post taken down because it mentioned dread social media website, MeWe. Not even an overnight ban. I feel cheated.

    Of course I am quite proficient with the damning with faint praise. Most humans get it. Algorithms apparently cannot tell the difference.

  12. You only have to look at how people use their phones to know a LOT of time gets spent on Social media of all stripes. There is always Tic tok Larry to hit that youth demo =)

    Thanks for all you do Larry. I know this is your job but I’m always glad your willing to fight the good fight. God bless.

  13. Could someone post the text of the responses by the International Lord of Hate ™? I can’t read them from the pictures.

  14. At least when you get banned for being “naughty” you get back in after a time period, and there are people to appeal to.

    When you get exiled because they think you’ve been hacked, there is no appeal, their automated system doesn’t actually work, and there is nobody to talk to.

    If any company deserves to be nuked from orbit…

  15. 5. Is there anything else you think the board should know?

    Shit from Shinola. A view of the world outside their rectums.
    I can provide more examples.

  16. Totally lulled me into thinking you were softballing your response until I got to “fetal alcohol syndrome”, and then I almost choked.

    Still laughing.

    I salted the earth where FB stood in my life earlier this year and haven’t regretted it; but I have the luxury of being a
    nobody who doesn’t derive a cent from that platform. Hate to see you and other sane humans caught up in this.

    I like “manually” checking up on creators anyway. Makes me feel slightly less lazy as I sit here on my ass.

    1. Since I’d gotten out of the habit of checking my favorite blogs the old-fashioned way, I started using Feedly to consolidate them. That way, I don’t miss posts, but I don’t have to visit each of them to see if there is anything new.

      1. Feedly is awesome, innit? 😀

        It’s my one-stop for most blog and news updates, but SEO being what it is, and because I don’t know if viewing it on Feedly counts as a “visit”, the ones I really like (like here) I visit the old-fashioned way: with a browser.

  17. There should be a unified push for everyone who has been blocked to appeal using the words “fascists” and “You’re the evil” in their responses. Then those responses should be repeated and reposted through other social media so the social media platforms are leveraged against each other.

    Under FB’s own theory, if they say something often enough it is true. It “trends” and suddenly everyone hears it. They are evil fascists and need to hear it over and over again until it sinks in that they are the thing they claim to oppose.

  18. You have to send a newsletter consistently or the audience goes cold and your delivery rate and open rates suffer.

    Authors – email is KING. Your subscriber list is the only outreach you own! Get Newsletter Ninja by Tammi Labrecque if you don’t know how to newletter or you’re struggling with making one successful.

    If you want a casual feel group, too, you can build one at Binge Books. It’s like Goodreads, but without the assholes, and owned and run by authors instead of Amazon.

  19. I have a lot people on I interact with on the right and left and EVERYONE hates Facebook. I’m not smart enough to know what is going to replace it but something will I am confident of that. Only the government can get away with everyone hating it and still prosper. I think the biggest issue for facebooks replacement is going to be a service that the political right and left half of America can adopt like Facebook used to be but once someone figures out how to to do that it going the way of Myspace and Live Journal.

    1. Facebook is currently a necessary evil.

      However, having successfully convinced all sides that it is an “evil”, now we only need to work on the “necessary” part.

      Once that’s done, it’ll be this generation’s MySpace: technically still around, but nobody pays attention, and whatever users it still has don’t admit to it publicly.

  20. I dich FB a long time ago. I rarely used it to begin with. From what I remember I only posted one post on how to survive a horror movie that got two like from some family members.

    I took one look at Twitter and like nope. I am not going down into that sewer. I’m just going to stick to my little blog. I don’t care if I have a small following. I already has to deal with a attempt mob attack on Goodreads and a blogger trying to dictate what I can and can’t write on my own blog.

  21. Sorry this inflicted a financial loss for you. However; since I don’t have Twitter/FB/ect. And, do enjoy your posts here, I consider it a win.

    A tad selfish, maybe. I’m looking forward to more posts and fiskings right here on your blog. I’d promise to buy more of your books, but I already get them the instant their earcs are out.

  22. Larry, I understand where you’re coming from. I ditched Farcebook in…April? May? Something like that… The only things I miss are the home butchery group I belonged to, and being able to see your delightful eviscerations of idiots.

    I really wish you were more active on MeWe, or maybe re-posting more of your Farcebook shenanigans here, but I also know you have a life as well as a not-secret-at-all identity as a super NYT bestselling author.

    So, I’ll continue to read the newsletter/blog, keep an eye on your MeWe page, and devour your books when they’re published.

    …. But I really **DO** miss the eviscerations and shenanigans.

    Especially when they’re combined 😉

  23. Hello Mr. Correia,

    newsletter is nice (and I’m subscribed) but it is even easier to add RSS feed into reader. Today I found that your site has RSS feed too (built-in from wordpress) and I immediately started following it. Shame it is not advertised anywhere on the page.

    Maybe adding an RSS icon next to the ‘Signup for the Newsletter’ link could give people more ways to follow you?

  24. I wander onto FB from time to time to stir up trouble and remind the zombies that not everyone is like them. Things I actually care about I access in other ways.
    It helps to think of FB as a whiny fight club – where the goal is to hit the whiners as many times as you can before they run off to mommy Zuck and get you put in time out.
    As for your books, I make SURE to tell anyone I even faintly suspect is literate that they should read them, and with the power of Audible, play the first chapter of MHI to them to demonstrate what they are missing out on.
    Your work speaks for itself. All I need to do is give the introduction and your writing picks up where I left off.

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