Plushy Wendell update

Hey all- Jack Wylder here with your 10 week Plushy Wendell update; this week was our target to have them in hand so I thought I’d take a moment to bring you up to speed. As it stands right now, they ARE in production and we’re hopeful they’ll be done soon. Stupid Rona has slowed down every type of manufacturing and sadly we get no special exceptions. We’re as eager to get these out as you are to receive them! We’ll update you again as soon as there is anything to report. Hang in there- you’re not forgotten and things are moving forward. Thanks

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13 thoughts on “Plushy Wendell update”

    1. Once we complete shipping this latest project, we will reopen the shop for a limited time- we have all new stuff that y’all are gonna love (& yes, plenty of Happy Face patches) 🙂

  1. Isn’t it -amazing- how long it takes to get stuff done sometimes? You get a signed contract with a company, and you pay money, and then you wait. And wait.

    And your customers are all “Hey, where’s my grapple grommet dispenser?!!” but your supplier is all “soon, soon my friend you will have your shipment.”

    And then you wait some more. >:(

    1. Speaking as a manufacturer, we just got notified last week that the backordered parts we were told to expect in August will now arrive in January. We’re a Halloween company, and it does no good to get parts three months after the season is over. We want to deliver your grommet dispenser as much as you want to receive it.

  2. Thank you so much for the update as I was looking for one before I asked. I knew the 10 week thing was coming up but I did not want to be a best.

    You are so very wonderful Jack. Thank you.

  3. Wouldn’t dream of speaking for others, but as for me it’s less important when Wendell arrives but that he arrives. Nothing time sensitive or mission critical at Domus Kissell.
    Thanks for keeping us updated; much appreciated.

  4. I’m an idiot and missed the window to order the Wendell Plushy. I’m starting the begging to get a second window to order again. Please! My daughter will kill me if I don’t do everything possible to order one.

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