Enter For a Chance To Win a Bunch of Books By Six Fantasy Authors


This big giveaway will be running for 12 days. There’s books by me, Michaelbrent Collings, Dave Farland, James Artimus Owens, Mercedes Yardley, and Adam Berg.

In addition to giving away a bunch of books, if 2000 people sign up they’re giving away a Kindle too. And by signing up for the authors’ mailing lists, you get a more entries in the drawing.

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6 thoughts on “Enter For a Chance To Win a Bunch of Books By Six Fantasy Authors”

  1. As a avid book reader and collector I would love to add these book to my library of 1k books.

  2. I kneelbefore the alter of the bookgods and pray to be blessed with this and pray that my fellow readers are happy and safe in whichever world a book has taken them

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