Responsibility of the Crown (The Endless Ocean Book 1)

Book plug away!

Scott Huggins is such a good writer that he’s the only person to ever win both the Baen Fantasy Award AND the Jim Baen Memorial Science Fiction Award.

If you aren’t familiar with those contests, they are blind judged, short story submission contests. Meaning that the judges don’t know who wrote what. The judges just get a giant stack of stories with the author information missing, so they’re judged entirely on how good and enjoyable they are.

I first read Scott when I was a judge one year, and his story was awesome (he was the runner up that year). In the years since he’s just kept practicing, until last year when he had the winning story in sci-fi AND a different winning story in fantasy. To put that in perspective there are hundreds of entries in each, and many of them are REALLY GOOD.

Scott released a new novel at FantaSci. Check it out.

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7 thoughts on “Responsibility of the Crown (The Endless Ocean Book 1)”

  1. Grabbed a copy. Your recommendation and the cover art, why not?

    You’ve never steered me wrong, aside from Hoyt.

  2. Picked this up only to realize I had read his first (I think) unrelated novel via Kindle Unlimited.

    I really enjoyed this novel.

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