15 thoughts on “I’ll be at FantaSci 2021 in North Carolina this weekend”

  1. Is there a place that has your schedule for any other appearances coming up? Or maybe it’s too soon after the plague for you to have anything else scheduled in advance yet. Anyway, have fun at the Con!

  2. You should start using the picture of you being rescued from Pinelandian jail as your promo shot.

  3. Nice! Can’t wait for you to do another book tour. Hopefully you’ll still got up Beaverton, OR.

  4. Cool! Have a good time. WRAL says it’s going to be warm this weekend (see https://www.wral.com/weather/); up to 92 on Sunday.

    Looks like it’s not far from the airport, so you’ll probably like that. I haven’t hung out in RTP, ever, mostly just passed through so I can’t help you with good places to eat (except: Chargrill; there’s three around Raleigh). Considering it’s 20 miles or so from Wake Forest, you’re probably covered. 😉

    1. Chargrill is better than Snoopy’s but Cook Out is best. I’d die on that hill.

      If you’ve never had it, Smithfield Chicken and BBQ for the Brunswick stew.

      ‘Nice’ is The Angus Barn, off 70 near the airport.

      1. I think I ate at a Smithfield in Havelock a year or so ago. Cook Out or Chargrill? Hmmm; need more data. Albeit, there are only three Chargrills in existence (last I knew); Cook Outs are a dime a dozen in comparison.

        I’ve never gotten around to splurging at the Angus Barn.

    1. For some reason, every so often it moves new comments into the moderation queue- particularly if there are links. I have to go in and manually approve them from time to time.
      I’m going to be away from the computer this Thursday-Sunday so if you get sent into moderation this weekend, it might be awhile before it gets approved.

  5. And at the risk of being Polonius-like, I will point out that you’ll be 2-1/2 hours from the beach, straight down I-40 until you hit Wilmington, 30 minutes or so to the beach (and less for the battleship North Carolina) if you were staying over an extra day and flying home out of ILM (Wilmington). As I said, officious, and probably too late.

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