The eARC for World Breakers is out now

This is an anthology of sci-fi tank stories. I’ve got one in here that I really enjoyed writing. My story, A Tank Named Bob, is one of the free samples so you can get an idea what the rest of the anthology is like.

Bob was once a man. Now he’s a 200 ton killing machine. He’s got some issues to work out about that. 😀

This one is also set in the Gun Runner universe, but no relation to the events of that novel (it takes place on a totally different planet). Come to think of it, with the upcoming Lost Planet Homicide I’ve now got multiple stories set in that same universe, so it’s now become my go to setting for sci-fi stories.

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7 thoughts on “The eARC for World Breakers is out now”

    1. Nicely played, Almuric.

      Marginally more seriously, it’s fun in the same arm as Gun Runner, but not quite the same vein .. and Bob has quite a tale.


  1. You guys would like Brunhilde. She’s 33,000 tons of nuclear-powered fun. Her main gun’s output is measured in megatons per second, and she can stop faster than a Fiat 500. She’s got a social/scout drone that looks like Tricia Helfer, red dress and all.

    I even managed to work in a Monster Hunter reference. ~:D

  2. A Boy and His Tank meets We Are Legion (We Are Bob) meets the Bolo Universe (Keith Laumer), as I enjoyed all three, I may have to pick this up.

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