Target Rich Environment- Now in Audio

The first volume of my short fiction collection, Target Rich Environment, is available on Audible tomorrow.

The hardcopy of the collection came out in 2018, but because many of the stories had already had audio productions scattered across a bunch of other anthologies, Audible passed on making it. However, the audio producer Tantor picked up the whole collection and produced it an all new version of all the stories.

John Brown and I Were on the Blasters and Blades Podcast talking Gun Runner
Songs of valor - New Anthology out Friday, with a new story by me

2 thoughts on “Target Rich Environment- Now in Audio”

  1. Finished it. The narrator did a great job. Dead Weight Streaming and The Great Sea Beast were great, and it was nice having Detroit Christmas in a less dramatized format.

  2. Wait, does that make Basil Sands Evil Tom Stranger? Now you have narrator for the Evil Tom Stranger adventures! Some how I feel this setting is almost built for this kind of crazy =)

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