8 thoughts on “I got interviewed by Hollywood in Toto.”

  1. There’s no point to bowing to the harpies. They’re never happy, so every bit of ground ceded is lost forever, offers only a temporary reprieve, and even that is only probabilistic: if they smell blood, there’s always the possibility that they’ll decide no amount of appeasement will be enough, and move to destroy anyway. No negotiation with terrorists is therefore the only rational course.

    As for a writing-advice podcast? I may have to re-learn how to listen to those. Looking forward to it!

  2. “The best advice I can give to other artists is that if the mob comes for you, don’t back down, don’t apologize if you’ve done nothing wrong, and don’t forsake your principles. Giving in to bullies just makes them stronger.”

    I’m surprised this formulation still seems to escape some people. The only ones who don’t use this now are the ones still trying to maintain the good graces of people who will, at most, offer them table scraps out by the dumpster even after they bend the knee.

  3. Really looking forward to that writing podcast! Writing Excuses was great for the first few seasons, and they still occasionally have a nugget or two of useful, good advice, but wow have they gone over the cliff with the leftist insanity. Like that recent episode where Howard Tayler unironically plugged a book by Rachel Maddow, the queen of the Russiagate conspiracy herself… on an episode about author branding.

  4. “I can’t stand heavy-handed message fiction that beats readers over the head about how they should think.”

    I don’t think it’s equivalent, but I wonder how one would differentiate Heinlein or Herbert from “message” fiction. I picked up most my life philosophy and principles from the Dune series.

    1. Heinlein and Herbert Wrote good, Solid STORIES, that their personal Philosophies Complemented. I;m in the same boat Via Heinlein, But what got me into him was the Quality of the stories, The political aspects came in as more of a Slow Diffusion as opposed to hammering it into your face. In his later novels Heinlein had a bunch of we’ll say “Gender Fluid’ characters….thing is they were Good Characters, 3-dimensional, not just a token LGBTQ/Whatever to meet some Wokeness standard (Also BEFORE the Wokeness standard was really a thing). In Some novels, Such as “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” the Political aspect was Prominent, but it was also Integral to the Plot as a whole.

  5. I went back and listened to the interview Larry did with Ace of Spades HQ back in 2015 and I struck by not only how much worse the world as become but how much ground we keep losing.

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