15 thoughts on “The Founder Effect is out now”

  1. Reminds me of the concept behind “The Legacy of Heorot”, one of my favorite sci-fi books as a teenager.

  2. “The Loss of Beaver Flight” by Brent M. Roeder is short, but it’s one of the most powerful things I’ve read in a long time

    anyone have pointers to anything else he’s written

    1. From Baen check out Stellaris: People of the Stars. There is a good bit of overlap between the authors in that and The Founder Effect. My story in that is a very short one and is intended to be more humorous, but all the science in it is based on reality.

      From Chris Kennedy Publishing there is a Kindle book We Dare: Semper Paratus. That one is a longer one about a guy whose reaction to a zombie apocalypse is a bit, well, odd.

      There are also others in the works with at least one that should be coming out next year.

  3. Too bad. I’d thought the cover might be all the contributors trying to fit Larry into a pressure suit.

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