15 thoughts on “The Founder Effect is out now”

  1. β€œThe Loss of Beaver Flight” by Brent M. Roeder is short, but it’s one of the most powerful things I’ve read in a long time

    anyone have pointers to anything else he’s written

    1. From Baen check out Stellaris: People of the Stars. There is a good bit of overlap between the authors in that and The Founder Effect. My story in that is a very short one and is intended to be more humorous, but all the science in it is based on reality.

      From Chris Kennedy Publishing there is a Kindle book We Dare: Semper Paratus. That one is a longer one about a guy whose reaction to a zombie apocalypse is a bit, well, odd.

      There are also others in the works with at least one that should be coming out next year.

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