Destroyer of Worlds, book 3 of the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, eARC available now

The eARC for Destroyer of Worlds is available now:

For those who aren’t familiar, an eARC is the electronic advanced reader copy. This is the early version that goes out to critics and book sellers, but Baen makes them available to the public so you can get your fix early.

These are usually early, less edited versions. However, I’ve got a history of turning in really clean manuscripts so none of my eARCS has ever had a major change from the final version.

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35 thoughts on “Destroyer of Worlds, book 3 of the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, eARC available now”

  1. Augh, I’m so torn right now. On the one hand, I really want more Ashok in my life right now, but on the other, I LOVE your narrator Tim Gerard Reynolds and kind of want to wait to experience it first through the audiobook.

  2. If we buy this at Baen does it come in a kindle format I assume? Sorry if this is a dumb question

    1. You can get it in about any format for ereaders. Kindle, Nook, just about all of them. And you can get mutiple copies and formats.

    2. I belive there is 4 formats available, i may be wrong on the number, but there is usually several formats.

      1. For those who don’t know: Baen monthly bundles include eARCs. $18 for 7 or 8 books, 4 or 5 of which are new publications, the rest from the back catalogue. The eARCs are replaced by the release versions when the final versions are published. V.s. $15 for a single book or eARC.

        Even discounting the back catalogue books (I pretty much always already have them) this is a good deal.

          1. Crud, sorry, I thought they did. It’s only a partial release of the eARC prior to the publication date.

            I’ve got so many books qued up that I always just buy each month’s bundle and move on, only looking again when the publication notification shows up.

    3. Baen normally provides all the formats so you can go with whatever one works in your e-reader.

  3. Also, Larry you are the best! I’m grateful every day that I saw that article about the idiots at Origin whining about you. I immediately went and found your page at Amazon and starting buying and reading your books. Fantastic!!

  4. Yay! I’ve been holding off on reading the second one because I want to read the rest of the trilogy in one go (I’ll probably have to reread the first one at this point). Thanks so much for working consistently and reliably.

    1. Great book but doesn’t conclude the story. More like game three of a good seven game series????.

      1. I read on another of Larry’s post that it was proposed by Larry as a trilogy, but his editor told him it would probably be 5+

    2. This is about the third time I have heard it said that the series is a trilogy. I’m certainly hoping that isn’t true and that there will be regular updates for Ashok and his … umm “friends”? At least until I’m too old to hold a book and too senile to read it. Then I’ll make one of my grand kids read it to me anyway.

      You are a great entertainer Larry. Please keep entertaining us.

      1. I was here to ask about the same thing. I keep on hearing this is a trilogy, but surely this isn’t the end? It seems like its right in the middle of the story! if anything, it ties things up even LESS then the other two! I hope we find out what happens next.

  5. Eagerly waiting for the audiobook. Tim Gerald Reynolds has absolutely knocked them out of the park so far.

  6. Yesssssssssss

    Guess this will push in front of Holding Action and Savage Son, once I finish True Believer.

    Probably time to take a real if near modern military anyway, swords and magic sounds nice.

  7. Finished it about an hour ago. Awesome work. Hooked start to finish. Super pumped to find out what happens next. Will push this on everyone I know as well.

  8. With Uncle Hugo’s gone (hopefully only temporarily) how will I get an autographed hardback copy? I’ll get it and the Audible version, but I’ve got the first two in hardback and signed so I want to keep the series going.

          1. At least 4, anyhow. Destroyer of Worlds certainly doesn’t tie up the story!

  9. Just finished this, loved it. One comment there is a line that says fire doesn’t care about up or down it just destroys. Not true, Fire loves up a grass covered hill, it preheats the fuel load as it climbs. I was told not too answer when the question was asked does fire burn faster up hill or down hill in a class on grass management because the teacher knew I came from an area that burns pastures every year, and he wanted to see what the inexperienced would say. But the sentiment is pretty much dead on. Can’t wait for the next book whatever it is, and I hope you come through Kansas on a signing tour for this one too,

    1. I knew that fire burned faster uphill as well. In which case, it would be even MORE effective in chasing the Akershan soldiers as far as the story went, and make Ashok’s strategy even better, and had a vague thought that I should say something toMr Corriea somehow, but its probably too late anyhow, and really, does anyone care? But I thought about it too.

  10. Any idea of when the audiobook comes out?

    Honestly, this is a great storyline. I feel like this is what REH would have written if he were born in today’s time.

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