I started an Instagram page.


You guys know I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I interact with my fans way more than most authors, but the main place I’ve done that is Facebook. Problem is there, I’m on the naughty list so get banned for literally anything, and even when I am there, I’m throttled so only a fraction of the people who follow me see my posts. Plus, I hit the 5,000 person friends cap years ago.

My kids have been telling me to get on Instagram. Nobody their generation is on Facebook. They just mock it and call it a “boomer page”. I like selling books to people of all ages, so why not? πŸ™‚

And yes, I know that they are owned by the same people. Only they don’t share their Naughty List… yet. MeWe, sadly, the only time I’ve seen it have traffic is when I brought my own traffic with me, which kind of defeats the purpose.

I’m not leaving Facebook (where else would I get to hear the big brain hot-takes of ridiculous moronic internet randos?) but I think I’m going to try and use Instagram for regular updates and behind the scenes stuff. Of course, this blog will be where all the big things go.

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32 thoughts on “I started an Instagram page.”

  1. Oh, man… ‘The Big Brain Hot-Hot-Takes of Ridiculous Moronic Internet Randos’ was the best Steve Winwood/Traffic song ever!

  2. Don’t have a Fakebook page. Never been on Shitagram. Don’t plan too. There is no redeeming quality of either.

    1. I wish that I never joined either of them (for a while, I was only on deviantArt, but then one day in 2011 I joined Facebook-why, I’ll never know.)

      1. Yes, and it has been caught collecting biometric data as well as other stuff. I don’t know if they hare reformed or not.

  3. I’m looking into Locals (locals.com), started by Dave Rubin after being demonetized by YouTube one too many times. It gives creators full control, so it might be a reasonable alternative to the big name social media sites.
    I have not affiliation with Locals other than following Rubin on Twitter.

  4. I’m almost 60, did the facething for my daughter who lives with her mother but not for anything else.

    Why not put it here and then there? Here at least, nobody fucks with us much and we can see what you write and give a sage head nod or a profound who gives a fuck and you won’t ever even know it.

    We rarely comment outside of our blogosphere but there’ only about 10 now and you could be the 11TH!

    Just sayin.

  5. just a bit of feedback – my favorite of your MHI characters is Heather the Red Wolf. I really like the notion of a character with so much moral fiber that she can transcend the homicidal lunacy of lycanthropy. If she were a real person, I would seriously respect her.

  6. Do blogs count as social media or not? I go back and forth on this and would like here what other people think.

    1. Some of them count as anti-social media…
      Others are socialist media.

      This one wanders into mad-as-hell media from time to time.
      Maybe somebody who’s a decent artist can make a cartoon of a voting booth, an EEG machine, and a big sign:


    2. I generally see it as “websites, blogs, and social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram . . . ” and so on. I think blogs are neither fish nor foul nor good red herring, as far as if they are social media or “other.”

  7. So I’m curious, the painting station…
    Did you make the paint rack or buy it?
    And if you made it, do you have plans you could share or was it TLAR engineered?

    And I’d love to see what you could do with some old-school BattleTech minis!

  8. I do like your other works you have written, But I can never get enough of the Monster Hunter anything! Short stories, novels, etc… That line of books is a true winner!

  9. I’m not going to lie; my Instagram feed is mostly, “pretty nerd girls taking pictures of themselves.” So you’re a bit out of my carefully curated content. But I’ll see what I can do.

  10. What is the actual title of your Instagram page? There are quite a few named monsterhunterinternational.

  11. Just wanted to say that I love your “Monster Hunter” books. I didn’t catch onto them until about six months ago, but after finding “Monster Hunter Files” in our local library, I ordered everything else from our bookstore and totally binge read them.
    I also wanted to ask you: What is your position on fanfiction based on your work? I have some stories on other fandoms posted on a popular writing site, and have had a couple of ideas for stories set in your “Monster Hunter” universe, but I wanted to ask your opinion before I actually considered posting anything.

  12. Not really Insta-related, but I’m curious to know what your thoughts are regarding fanfiction based on your work. I have books related to other fandoms posted on a popular writing site, and have had a couple of ideas for stories based in your “Monster Hunter” universe, but I wanted to know your thoughts on the matter before I considered posting anything.

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