A Murder of Manatees – Free this month on Audible

A Murder of Manatees is free this month on Audible.


AMOM is the 2nd episode of the Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent.  All 5 episodes are bound together in a collection called Number One In Customer Service. (so if you love this one, check that out).

All of them are narrated by Adam Baldwin, who is friggin’ hilarious.

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I've got an MHI story in the Overruled anthology, which is out today

10 thoughts on “A Murder of Manatees – Free this month on Audible”

  1. That’s some amazing company there, ILOH.

    /sarc on

    I guess Clarke, Heinlein, and Niven are just other wannabee white men, CHORF fodder, who’ll never make it in the big time.

    /sarc off

    1. Sorry, meant for Disorder!

      It’s OK, my interdimensional insurance policy covers random micro-jumps within the same plane. Thanks, Tom Stranger!

  2. An FYI, Larry. I’ve subscribed to this page twice, got the subscribe notification and approved it and still am not getting notifications of new material.

    And, yes, I checked my spam folder.

  3. I think you have to have a monthly membership to get it for free? (I’m being told $7.95. Am in the USA, but can’t afford a paid membership.)

    1. I am also seeing “Free with 30-day trial” or “Buy for $7.95” (and I am also in the US).

      1. You have to be a current member to receive this month’s free books. So if you’ve already signed up for an account you won’t have that option.

  4. Question for you since I’m not sure how the Audible monthly thing works for authors. Do you get some payment for each “purchase” if it is free to the user? I already have the Adventures of Tom Stranger anthology so I have no need to “purchase” this but am happy to if it brings you something of value.

  5. I didn’t realize this was a compendium when I purchased it months ago. Still was well worth the listen and Adam Baldwin does an excellent job.

    Any chance we’ll be getting a full length story anytime in the future?

  6. We listened to the full collection on our last big pre-covid road trip at Thanksgiving. The kids still talk about different events and stories. I highly recommend Adam Baldwin as a narrator and we all enjoyed the heck out of the stories.

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