8 thoughts on “Target Rich Environment now in Paperback”

  1. Ordered.

    Easier for the freeloaders in my dnd group to steal a random paperback, thus ensuring more new MHI converts. I don’t even mind when they book doesn’t make it back if they enjoyed it that much.

  2. This was amazing! I loved Tom Strange more than I can possibly say. The awfulness of Jimmy the “gender studies” intern. CorreiaTech renamed N. Korea Commie Jerk face Land and S. Korea Gangnam style. And President Baldwin! If only this was true! All hail Larry Correia. (Not to mention his kids – Hannah Stone was brilliant.)

    1. Yeah, I really enjoyed the Hannah Stone story. Always nice to read about a badass heroine who isn’t described physically in terms that would fit a pinup model. Just saying.

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