Special Limited Edition Leather Hard Magic Available Now, limited quantities only

Vault Books has shipped all of the preordered copies of the limited edition, leather bound Hard Magic.

The rest are available here: https://www.vaultbooks.pub/store/p19/Hard_Magic.html

And I’ve just got to say that these are quite literally the prettiest book I’ve ever seen. These would make amazing Christmas presents. I’m not joking, these are gorgeous. I’ll put up some pictures but they don’t do the books justice.

The lettered copies with the slip case are all sold out. The numbered copies, I think there’s like 200 left. So if you want one you should probably snag it sooner rather than later.

There is an outer slip cover that uses the Vincent Chong artwork from the French edition. That’s still my favorite cover I’ve ever had.

This is the heavy duty cover for the lettered editions. There was only A-Z of those.

We got Vincent Chong (who is amazing, and a fan of the series) to do a bunch of new full color interior artwork.

I’m talking full page too. 😀

And every copy has been autographed.

To give you an idea of how solid these look, Steve showed me the first copy at SpikeCon. David Weber saw it and thought it was amazing. David got the next copy out of the box.  There are perks to being David Weber!

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10 thoughts on “Special Limited Edition Leather Hard Magic Available Now, limited quantities only”

  1. Those are gorgeous. The artwork is so atmospheric and, to use an overused phrase, just cool. Congratulations, you must be pleased.

  2. “There are perks to being David Weber!”
    Dangit! I work in a library. I not supposed to be laughing at the desk!

  3. I got mine, and for once I think Larry’s words have failed him. It is a truly gorgeous book, a bibliophile’s dream.

    The contents are pretty damn good too. Worth every penny I paid for the preorder!

  4. These are pretty, and this is my favorite series of yours. I seriously considered getting a set, but I haven’t yet been able to justify such a splurge to myself.

  5. As an FYI, Vault should have confirmed delivery addresses and used something a bit better than “media mail” to make deliveries.

    My copy was left at what is now someone else’s house for several weeks while everyone was away. Just dumped off at an old address with no signature.

    The cheapo media mail isn’t even forwarded. Same low budget delivery as a magazine.

    All my addresses were properly updated, and I notified them ASAP as I saw the email, which according to the USPS was a day or so prior to actual pickup, but I guess they didn’t catch it to readdress it.

    They did reply but about ten days later.

    Had meant to let you know, but this comment thread seemed a good place.

    Book arrived okay after I had someone retrieve it from what technically wasn’t my street side mail box for me.

    Great book, and now has a personal adventure!

  6. Can you do an article doing a frisking of the church banning guns? From what I know of the Quad, there’s exclusive stuff that says it’s stupid than than just the universal Samuel 13:19.

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