21 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Guardian, Available Now!”

    1. Looks like they released it at midnight, I’ve downloaded and am listening to my pre-order currently.

  1. My insomnia thanks you! Now I have a reason to be awake at midnight!

    I may not agree with Larry’s politics or religion, but there is something infinitely satisfying when the bad guy gets what’s coming to them….

    Now I understand why my nephew had to go to all those midnight video game release thingies… At least I don’t have to leave my house…..

  2. For the MHI side books we have had a Earl Book, A Franks book, and now a Julie Book. Does that mean the next non-Owen book has to be about Milo because that would be Amazing.

    That said looking forward to reading this been listening to Audio books all summer preparing for this one. =)

    Thanks for the great books Larry and thanks Sarah for your work on this one.

    1. I don’t know; keep going down that road and we could wind up with —

      Monster Hunter Mainframe: The Exploits Of Melvin The I.T. Troll

      Aw, hell, Larry could probably even make that awesome…

      And if Melvin starts getting out of line, Julie could smile sweetly and tell him: “Don’t forget, this is Alabama. We can round up a dozen billy goats in no time.”

  3. Hope you can manage the same magic you did with Ringo, because I barely finished Darkship Thieves.

    Still gonna buy it, best of luck!

  4. Just finished it.
    Another fine tale! I especially liked the acronym for the Portuguese version of the MCB.


  5. Just finished it. Larry and Sarah certainly deliver the goods!

    To paraphrase Gandalf the Grey, “Buy, you fools!”.

  6. Bought it the day day after; got it yesterday. Thank you Amazon 1 day shipping.

    Just started reading and LOVING it. Julie has always felt a tiny bit flat compared to the other ladies and I really think having a female touch in the writing has helped a lot.

    Looking forward to Tom Stranger 3.

  7. Got to meet Larry, Sarah Hoyt, and Dave Butler at the book signing in Denver Wednesday night. Genuinely nice people and got to hear some funny stories as well. Dave Butler brought his guitar and sang us a song about soldiers fighting liches in the Scottish Highlands in the 1700s. Looking forward to reading MHG as soon as I finish my current read.

  8. Halfway into it.
    Very nice surprise that the action is set in my home town – Lisbon!!! 🙂

    Don’t know if there is any interest in me sharing some additional info from the convent and additional info about it.

    BTW Mr. Correia, Nice Touch linking up with the horror story about the Lisbon lamias.

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