Noir Fatale is out next week!

Noir Fatale is out next week.

This is an anthology that I edited with Kacey Ezell featuring all new noir themed sci-fi and fantasy stories. And it came out awesome.

Some of the stories tie into existing franchisees. We’ve got a new Honor Harrington universe story from David Weber. There’s a new Anita Blake story by Laurell K. Hamilton. I wrote a Grimnoir story, set in 1954 to prep for the  next Grimnoir trilogy.

But then most of the stories are for new worlds you’ve not seen before.  And I enjoyed all of them.

Kacey Ezell writes about a post WW3 femme fatale. Christopher Smith and Michael Ferguson tell the story of a hard boiled PI solving a murder on a space station.  Griffin Barber takes a necromancer on a heist.

One that I was really excited about was Kuro, by Hinkley Correia, partly because she’s my daughter, but also because her story about a down on his luck, ghost hunting, detective in Tokyo was awesome. (and she’s working on a book in the setting).

Steve Diamond’s story is set in the fantasy world we are currently doing a novel collaboration in, and involves one of the Tzar’s secret policemen chasing after a golem smuggling ring.  Patrick Tracy’s story is great. Imagine playing in a D&D campaign where Raymond Chandler was the GM. That’s the world of Remnar.

Mike Massa gives you a look into his Genius Loci series with a really cool WW2 adventure story. Alistair Kimble has this atmospheric piece, crime story, that’s hard to explain but so good. Robert Buettner did a love story on the moon, and Sarah Hoyt’s missing person investigation takes some weird turns. I loved it.

Okay, I think I didn’t forget anybody.  But honestly, I had a great time editing this with Kacey, because all the stories were good from the get go, which really makes an editor’s life easy!

Noir Fatale is out now!
Monster Hunter Guardian, eARC AVAILABLE NOW!

9 thoughts on “Noir Fatale is out next week!”

  1. My money is now your money! Been looking forward to this and I’m really glad to be getting more Grimnoir.

  2. Read the eARC and the Moon love story was my favorite. All of the story’s were good reads.

  3. BTW, standard shipping from Barnes & Noble took six days from the evening I ordered in the store (pre-ordered, YMMV). Worth the wait.

  4. Thanks… was praying for something (anything) new from you or Wright, as it still feels too soon to re-read old stuff and am otherwise relegated to Serious Books. Did finally finish Moby Dick (worth reading but a bit overrated), and got through a lot of Ben Shapiro’s new book (recommended) and Le Morte D’Arthur (fun).

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