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  1. Great interview! I know Ed from the Canadian science-fiction community and he’s a wonderful person.

  2. So, we should thank that panel question guy who made you mad and got you to brainstorm the Grimnoir setting and story?

  3. So, MH Gaurdian is like a supernatural version of “Taken”? Does that mean that Julie gets to give the “I have a specific set of skills…” speech over the phone? Because I think that would be totally awesome.

    1. Much as I’d love to claim either beast- or saint-hood, I use a great service, http://www.sonix.ai. It does a great job as long as the audio quality is decent (although there’s still a lot of editing involved, it’s WAY faster than typing it for yourself).

      1. Well, even that is something the vast majority seem unwilling to do, so I’ll get the paperwork rolling on canonization.

  4. The Black Sword series must be an interesting experience for you as a firearms afficianado, working in a world where guns are unheard of.

    It makes me think of a Youtube vid I once watched (sadly, the creator’s channel has since been deleted) that contrasted the effect of the gun on society/the types of stories told, with that of the sword or other melee weapons.

    Essentially, the argument was that the gun enabled individualistic civilizations and stories, while the sword engendered hierarchical ones.

    Compare the Westerns to the Samurai/chivalry tales. To be a swordsman, you must train constantly and utterly devote yourself to the art, which in turn requires that the swordsman have a lord to pay for him to pursue this, and the swordsman must devote himself completely to that lord.

    Whereas anyone with a gun can be dangerous and lethal. The old saying about Colt making all men equal. Thus the more individualistic stories of the Westerns.

    I must confess to feeling a bit torn when reading your Black Sword books. On the one hand, I can’t help but admire the craft and devotion of the warrior caste and the protectors, but there’s another part of me that sees them bullying the lower castes and wants to see one of these ‘inferiors’ whip out a gun and blast the arrogant swordsman Indiana Jones style…

    But still, having such exceptionally skilled warriors made obsolete strikes a tragic cord.

    (by which I’m getting around to saying: please don’t introduce firearms in the series, at least until the very, very end, please???)

    I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts ( possibly in a later post?) about what ideas and conclusions you’ve drawn from writing this series.

    1. Since he’s already introduced us to existence of the island of Fortress and “Fortress powder”, I can’t really see him not bringing firearms into the series. In this case, Chekhov’s Gun is a big pile of guns.

  5. Dear Larry,
    Regarding opening chapters – the opening chapter of Monster Hunter Int’l sold your entire body of work to me. I remember reading that with my jaw dropping open little by little by little, until at the end, I knew I would buy everything you ever wrote forever. Thanks once again for that amazing chapter and for all your cool worlds, love you!

  6. So, bad manners here, but can I ask a question about something you mentioned three posts back? I’d ask there but the comments are closed…

    Amazon sales – is it better to get a bunch sales all at once than the same number of sales spread out over a longer period of time? For example, two scenarios: Scenario A) I publish a book. Over two months I get 3ish sales per day and sell 200 books. Scenario B) I publish a book for 1 month 29 days no one notices it and I don’t sell anything. Then, on the last day, they talk about it on a radio program and 200 people buy it. B is better because it makes Amazon go, “Wow this is a hot book I better link it in a bunch of places”?

    I would have assumed they were the same. But you, and everyone else, talks about sales rank and sales momentum and a bunch of other stuff that’s calculated daily.

    Anyway, sorry again for bugging you about this on an unrelated post. By the way, just finished “Son of the Black Sword” and it was great. (I bought it on day one – helped with that sales momentum stuff. 😉 )

  7. Larry,

    your Son of the Black Sword is on sale in Audible’s $5 deals. Was a steal so I picked it up even though I’ve read it already. Want to hear the narration and see if it’s different than my imagination. Have a road trip coming up that it’ll be perfect for. I believe the deal is good for another 3 days.

  8. Larry,

    I SWG you have to describe Stricken as having “Glenn Gould hands, they look like long legged spiders.”

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