October Update Post

My wife scratched that into the floor of our new garage last night.

It has been a busy month. House stuff has been the most time consuming thing, but I know most of you are here for the books, so I’ve got to lead with the important stuff:

Book Releases: 

The Monster Hunter Files anthology just came out in paperback last week.

My last release was Target Rich Environment, which is a collection of my short stories.

My next release is House of Assassins, sequel to Son of the Black Sword, which will be out in February 2019.

What I’m working on: 

Right now I’m working on the finale of Monster Hunter Guardian, which is a collaboration with Sarah Hoyt. It’s about Julie Shackleford, and takes place at the same time as Monster Hunter Siege. It will be released in 2019 (and it is awesome).

The Noir Fatale anthology that I’m editing with KC Ezell is pretty much done. We’re just gathering everyone’s bios. It will be out in 2019.

I’m compiling short stories for Target Rich Environment volume 2. I think it’s going to be a 2019 release also, but I’m not certain about that. I just saw the rough draft of what Kurt Miller is doing for the cover. It’s in the same spirit as the last one, but now with more Bridget, and more manatees.

The last thing I need to do for TRE2 is that I’m waiting for permission to reprint on a couple of stories, just because I really liked the ones that I did for Predator and Aliens.

I started working on Destroyer of Worlds (3rd book in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior series, after Son of the Black Sword and House of Assassins) and got 35,000 words into it, but then had to pause when I got MHG back from Sarah. Once Guardian is sent off, I’ll be back to work on DoW.

Except… I also owe Mike Williamson another Freehold universe short story this month for his next anthology. But I’ve got to get Guardian out the door first.

Also while all this is going on, I’ve got two other active collaborations where my coauthor is currently working on the rough draft now. John D. Brown (space pirates who specialize in stealing giant fighting robots) has sent me the first few chapters, which I reviewed and sent back, and now he’s… I want to say… about 30,000 words in.

And Steve Diamond is working on our Trench Fantasy (think WW1 eastern front, in a world with dark fairy tale magic) The first look you’ll get at that world is a story that he did for Noir Fatale set there.

Ancillary Projects:

The MHI RPG eARC was made available for backers so they could provide comments and feedback. We’re pretty much good to go, and just waiting for Savage Worlds to finalize their new edition so we can go to print.

The limited edition leather bound Grimnoir are moving along. Vault Books put up an update last week about where they are at. They had some delays because of their fancy paper supplier but it sounds like they’ve got that worked out.

People keep asking me if I’m going to publish Gritty Cop Show: The Game. Yes. But only after the MHI RPG has been delivered.


I will be doing a few weeks of book signings in February for House of Assassins bouncing around America. I will post the dates and locations when we have them finalized.  I’ll be going to some of my regular stops, but also trying to hit several cities I’ve never signed in before.

My next convention will be LTUE in Provo Utah, in February. Well, actually I’ll be going to a convention for neuroscience, but that’s just so I can take notes for future science fiction projects.  🙂

Yard Moose Mountain Update: 

If you follow me on Facebook I’ve been putting up detail pictures of our new house project the whole time. I’ve not been putting these pictures on the blog because WordPress crashes if you look at it funny. But here are a couple of pics so you get an idea of where we’re at. That view I’m looking out will be one of my bedroom windows.

Every window is like that. It’s a 360 degree Bob Ross painting out there. The worst basement window view in my house is still awesome.

This project has taken years, but it’s rather big. The last time we built a house (8 years ago) we built on a normal lot, where there was a road, and electricity, and water, and all that other nice stuff most builders take for granted.

This time, we were the developers. Which meant we were working with a lot about the size of our current neighborhood, and after almost two years of hoop jumping and permit getting,  we put in the road (and like a thousand tons of gravel), dug a well, put in half a mile of electrical cable,  moved I don’t even know how many tons of dirt (seriously, it was like 200 dump truck loads, but we used that to build a shooting range better than most police departments have), and so much more (the septic system on this thing could handle a football team). It’s Project Overkill.

That pic? That ain’t even half of it. This house is nuts.

But it’s coming together finally. The basement is entirely framed. Now it’s just a race between us and the winter to get the roof on and buttoned up. Because since we’re way up in the mountains, once it snows it is really going to slow things down. Everybody else in Utah is praying for moisture, and I’m like, okay sure, but how about NEXT month?


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32 thoughts on “October Update Post”

  1. A Septic system the likes of which God Himself has rarely seen ??

    Or a convenient place to stow door-to-door salesmen (or is that mountain-to-mountain salesmen ??) ??

  2. How do you make a Larry Correia book more awesome.

    “…now with more Bridget, and more manatees.”

  3. Appreciate the updates, Larry. Thanks for sharing your journey on Yard Moose Mountain with us. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I do know that I enjoy every picture you post.

    Here’s hoping that Cleveland and/or Columbus is one of your signing locations in February.

  4. Sure wish you’d take this writing thing seriously. I bet you couldn’t even fit 500 fans in that septic tank.

  5. So, “Target Rich Environment” is just another piece in your mad plan to take over the world…isn’t it? ISN’T IT!?

    Enjoyed the book (MHI Ed/Tanya story was great!) and the GrimNoir short inspired me to go buy the entire series, which I have since read and reviewed. Stellar work, señor. You’ve become one of my all-time fav purveyors of the written word.

  6. I liked that you hung the landscape painting before putting up the drywall and that minimalist frame is on point.

  7. At least you didn’t have to take the trees off first. I only developed 5 acres but got a lesson in old growth stumps.

    1. Old growth stumps? But that just sounds like an excuse for playing with BIG fireworks! 🙂
      Seriously, though, it sounds like someone with old growth stumps is probably legally required to do it in a prescribed manner that makes it boring enough to take any potential fun out of it. Am I guessing right?

  8. Serious question: How are you going to get decent bandwidth to your fastness atop Yard Moose Mountain?

    I have a co-worker that tried to do satellite internet because their options on the west side of the Puget Sound were pitiful. It flat out didn’t work for real-time interactivity for remote presentations.

    Eventually, it was cheaper for him to rent on his own dime a one room office within walking distance of the Bremerton ferry dock, get internet service to that room, and as a bonus he got a parking spot so he saved on both parking and ferry costs in case he had to come into the Seattle office.

    So, inquiring minds want to know: How are you going to keep up in World of Tanks?

  9. Cool stuff, and congrats on such a great home site.

    Really looking forward to HoA and Guardian.

    Enjoyed TRE1, especially the stories with Alonzo and Jake Sullivan. I’d love to see more in the D6 universe someday.

    Oh, and will we ever learn what really happened at the Crossroads? 🙂

  10. Lots of GREAT info! I look forward to reading more and seeing more of your house project! Better start sac’ing some chickens to keep the winter weather at bay!

    More Manatees!

  11. In Monster Hunter International, if holy symbols wielded by a true believer are an effective weapon, what’s stopping someone from loading shotgun shells with those tiny full-print bibles and just going to town on some undead?

  12. ” Steve Diamond — Trench Fantasy (think WW1 eastern front, in a world with dark fairy tale magic) ”

    Does this mean everyone is wearing Geas Masks?

    1. Go try that at the AccordingToHoyt blog next. I’m pretty sure they’ll pelt you with figurative carp as a reward.

  13. Question for builders out there. What’s the point of framing a windows that the studs end about a foot above the window opening and then having a stud free zone directly above the window?

    I’ve seen it elsewhere and I’d like to know the reason.

    1. stud free over the window? doesn’t sound right. the point of the studs is to spread the weight around the window frame so everything above it doesn’t sag and deform (shatter) the window and cause the roof and/or second floor to collapse. it can be done if you go straight to the header beams, but not usually done, at least from where I’m from.

    2. The alleged stud-free area above the window is actually a header. It’s two pieces of lumber sandwiched together and set on edge, each end resting on the short studs to either side of the window. Its function is to transfer the load of the wall and roof above the window to the studs on the sides.

    1. Not necessarily. I’m not sure about Utah, but I know that building codes in my state require a method of egress other than the stairs. My basement has 5 egress windows (roughly 14″ x 34x” scattered at various points along the walls.

  14. I enjoy seeing the progress on Yard Moose Mountain. My father swings a hammer for a living, so it’s interesting to see how construction goes in other parts of the country.

  15. I’m working my way through Target Rich Environment, and I just read the Green Beret vampire story. Holy crap, that thing is badass. I loved it! Seeing the stuff from the vampires’ POV was great and it really had me sympathizing with their side of things more than a little. Even after the rest of the story, I find myself a bit torn about who I’d want to win. (Well, actually, obviously I’d want them to find a solution where everyone survives and gets along, but you pretty clearly eliminate that as an option.) I would absolutely love it if you wrote a full novel (or series) with these characters. (Yes, I know it’s a shared-world thing. My desire stands.) Oh my goodness, that ending reveal. I am *dying* to see how this plays out. (This feeling is kinda why I don’t read many short stories. When they’re really good, I always want so much more.)

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